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She is happy about the ring and keeps saying how shiny the stone is. I believe it's all because of the perfect cut offered by Whiteflash.
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Insured shipping is FREE within the United States, Canada and the U.S. Territories. All diamonds and jewelry purchased from Whiteflash will be shipped via Federal Express Overnight® Monday through Thursday. Shipments made on Friday for Saturday delivery are available for $20. Due to the high value of the items being shipped, all packages must be shipped to an Authorized FedEx “Hold for Pick” up location. (FedEx Staffed Only). Photo ID and signature are required for anyone picking up the package.

On the day of shipment customers will be notified by email confirming the expected delivery date, address, telephone number and operating hours to the FedEx location where the package is shipped to. Customers paying by Bank Wire Transfer... read more >>

Return Policy

The Whiteflash mission is to deliver A Brilliant Diamond Buying Experience® to each and every customer.  To assure your complete satisfaction we proudly offer a “no questions asked” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all in-house Whiteflash certified diamonds, including diamonds from our A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select categories. The 30 day guarantee also applies to all regular catalogue settings into which these diamonds may be mounted, as well as all regular catalogue jewelry... read more >>

To help reduce the stress of your diamond buying experience we offer a One Year Buy Back Guarantee on the purchase of any Whiteflash in-house certified diamond.  Diamonds from our A CUT ABOVE® , Expert Selection, and Premium Select categories are automatically covered by this benefit.

If you should need to sell your diamond after your 30 day return period, Whiteflash will buy qualifying diamonds back at 70% of the diamond’s purchase price.  This benefit is guaranteed for one year from the date of your invoice... read more >>

All diamonds at Whiteflash are certified conflict-free, secured through legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions, in accordance with the Kimberly Process and the USA Patriot Act.

There is more you should know

We are deeply concerned with exploitation in areas where natural resources are rich and people are poor. This is a first-order problem in the world we all share. At Whiteflash we are proactive; taking initiative not only to bring conflict free diamonds to our... read more >>

By virtue of our state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and our meticulous inspection procedures you can be confident that your jewelry will be delivered in impeccable condition.  All Whiteflash orders are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.  With proper care and maintenance you can expect to get a lifetime of enjoyment from your Whiteflash jewelry. 

Your Whiteflash jewelry is built to be durable and should be worn and enjoyed.  However, gold and platinum and even diamonds can be damaged and will experience some level of wear and tear.  Important information relating to proper care can be found on the Jewelry Care Essentials page... read more >>

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Netherlands Jewelry

Netherlands-JewelryThe Netherlands has long been known for its incredible artisans, craftsmen, and handicrafts. Dutch furniture, clothing, enamelware and candles have been known for their solid construction, high quality components, and loving, hand construction. But until recently, you had to travel deep into a small Dutch village to find the kind of Netherlands jewelry, decor and furniture the country was famous for. Only recently have some Dutch trade associations began creating websites to help local artisans and jewelers sell their ware online to a much larger international market. This transition has put some stress on the local market, as international buyers often demand lower prices than the locals are willing to pay, and higher demand can sometimes overwhelm smaller manufacturers.


Nevertheless, the transition to online shopping has been a boon to the Netherlands jewelry industry, and to the economy in general. While the Netherlands is a beautiful region with incredible natural vistas and sights, tourism has suffered in the last few years of global economic crisis, and many small artisans and jewelers were forced to close up family businesses that had been operating for generations and look for other kinds of work. Thank to the marvel of online marketplaces and sites like Etsy and CafePress, even an artisan producing only a few items a day can compete with international corporations for shopper’s dollars. Capitalizing on this, many Netherlands jewelry makers are opting for fun, tourist-oriented designs that celebrate the national iconography of this ancient land. You can find a Netherlands ring or necklace bearing a windmill motif, quirky slogans such as, “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much,” and the national flag etched into a pendant necklace. For a slightly more subdued take on national themes, some jewelers offer pieces made with the signature colors of the Dutch flag or even the sunset. While travelers and Dutch expats once had to travel to the country itself to find these items, they are now available online for purchase anywhere in the world.


If you are looking for Netherlands jewelry online, try major online retailers like Amazon and Ebay, but look at the seller names carefully to ensure that you are purchasing from a real Netherlands jewelry store, not a mass-produced imitation. Alternatively, you can find many reputable Netherlands jewelry sellers on sites such as Etsy that specialize in handcrafted goods. Finally, some Netherlands jewelry retailers operate their own sites, although these sites may be difficult to navigate and may not have English translations for important policies such as shipping and returns. For this reason, a well-known internet retailer such as Etsy or Ebay may be your best bet—you get the quality of real made-in-the-Netherlands goods, the knowledge that you are supporting the local industry, but also the security of shopping at a well-known site. No matter where you make your purchase, buying Netherlands jewelry online isn’t just a fun, innovative idea—it’s easy and affordable!

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