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Shop For Diamonds At

By Global Warning(Global Warning) Inc is a specialist on-line diamond boutique with a history of offering the discerning on-line buyer diamonds that exceed the world's highest standards for craftsmanship and performance. /diamonds_info.
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Diamonds Are A Grill's Best Friend

17 May 2007 by Vivian McInerney/diamonds_info. sells diamonds.  Loose diamonds.  Set diamonds.  Diamond bracelets.  Politically correct diamonds.  All kinds of permanent sparklers /diamonds_info.


3 Mar 2007 by I'm fatafelice/diamonds_info.  
The title of this post could refer to one of two things: 1. One of my favorite songs 2. The tiny rock that started all this madness The correct answer is #2. I'm talking, of course, about my engagement ring. Amazing, isn't it, /diamonds_info.
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28 Feb 2007
Ideal Cut Diamond e-tailer, has just announced a new diamond promotion and free diamond solitaire engagement ring giveaway in conjuction with the new romantic dramedy series by Fox called 'The Wedding Bells' /diamonds_info.
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Diamond from Online Store

24 Feb 2007 by Ice  
Besides getting a diamond from one of the stores in the coutry, one option that exists is to look online at the various more credible diamond websites. This will be a good option considering that quite a few of these sites have gotten /diamonds_info.
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Getting Engaged - I Helped (Part 1)

30 Jan 2007 by Miss Kiwi  
Before the actual engagement (Part 1). Mr. Kiwi and I were together almost exactly two and a half years before we got engaged. The year before that, Mr. Kiwi’s mom gave him the go-ahead to marry me. So, it was after that date I started /diamonds_info.
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A bride's engagement and wedding rings

26 Jan 2007 by Bill Edwards  
Picture this/diamonds_info. a historic mansion set in the snowy sparkle of a wintry landscape, 300 guests basking in the glow of candlelight and a bride whose glittering diamond is the stunning inspiration for the ceremony's dramatic winter theme. /diamonds_info.
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Review: Whiteflash Diamond Engagement Rings

24 Jan 2007 by Agathe  
It feels kind of strange to review diamonds because I have no experience with them. As any other girl I would not mind owning diamond jewelry, in fact I would love to, but as a student it just has not been a priority. /diamonds_info.
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Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are Loved on Valentine’s Day

10 Jan 2007 by Aria Munro  
HOUSTON, Texas — Like true love, a diamond is forever, and online boutique offers a specialized round brilliant that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whiteflash ACA diamonds are cut so precisely that facet reflections /diamonds_info.
enewschannels - - References Raises Awareness For Conflict-Free Diamonds

9 Jan 2007 by Judah Gutwein  
Diamond and jewelry e-tailer, has launched a campaign to raise awareness for Conflict Free diamonds/diamonds_info In conjuction with their campaign, has produced the 'Dreams of Africa’ diamond pendant to raise /diamonds_info.
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Finally recovered from flu/diamonds_info.

4 Jan 2007 by lmv  
I'm finally back after being sick for 2 whole weeks, flu viruses are so powerful these days, i think i just havent been so sick for a long long time/diamonds_info. literally unable to crawl out of bed, and even lost my voice/diamonds_info. thank gawd its over. /diamonds_info.

Diamonds Set The Stage For Winter Weddings

16 Dec 2006 by diamondemeraldring_318183  
Diamonds Set The Stage For Winter Weddings. Picture this?a historic mansion set in the snowy sparkle of a wintry landscape, 300 guests basking in the glow of candlelight and a bride whose glittering diamond is the stunning inspiration /diamonds_info.
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Blood Diamonds

15 Dec 2006 by alrdesign  
While the film Blood Diamond has gotten rather poor reviews, it has at least given the public more opportunities than ever to learn about conflict diamonds and the horrible reality of their origins. And while I personally think that we /diamonds_info.
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Dreams of Africa - Diamonds for Life: Not Blood

12 Dec 2006 by Aria Munro  
HOUSTON, Texas — The movie “Blood Diamond” opened last week, shocking holiday shoppers with explicit violence. Set amidst chaos and civil war in 1990s Africa, it will raise questions about diamonds being purchased this holiday season. /diamonds_info.
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Buy Her That Diamond/diamonds_info.

11 Dec 2006 by Drew  
If I was looking for a diamond for Allison right now and I didn't have a jeweler as an uncle then I might get some Diamond Education from This website has a very comprehensive Diamond Education series of videos that you /diamonds_info.
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Expensive rocks

11 Dec 2006 by maRLinda  
I drool when thinking about the baby blue designer shopping bag. Yes, the one that you get when you inside their flagship store over in Rodeo Drive. I drool and I drool, but then, I knew that my husband is not some hot shot millionaire /diamonds_info.
Daily grind/diamonds_info.daily spices/diamonds_info.daily routines/diamonds_info.d/diamonds_info. -


Love is in the Air

11 Dec 2006 by Anais  
It was two years ago this Christmas that my sister got engaged and there's rumors circulating in the office about a few people who might be doing the same this year. So exciting! When my sister was looking to get engaged, /diamonds_info.
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11 Dec 2006 by Becky  
Everyone needs a Diamond Education when buying a diamond. makes that possible with the information they have available on their website. They have quite a team of experienced people working for them - such as geologists, /diamonds_info.
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Buying diamonds online

11 Dec 2006 by Christine  
If you're browsing sites this holiday season wishing you could treat yourself to something nice but are wary of buying gems online, there's a reliable site called WhiteFlash that provides great information about buying diamonds online. /diamonds_info.
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Conflict Diamonds And The Kimberley Process

9 Dec 2006 by blackdiamo_874557  
Conflict Diamonds And The Kimberley Process. As the world's most concentrated, portable and anonymous form of wealth, diamonds make an ideal vehicle to launder money from and raise money for criminal and terrorist operations. /diamonds_info.
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What's shiny and clear and harder than steel?

29 Nov 2006 by Chad Smith  
I've been looking at Engagement Rings lately, and let me tell you, there is a lot to take into consideration. First, there's the four Cs. That brings me to my own personal 5th C - cost. The cost of diamonds varies greatly from place to /diamonds_info.
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Details That Adorned Us

6 Dec 2006 by Mrs. Bird of Paradise  
Earrings for ceremony purchased from They are resting on my cousin’s vintage purse. It was what she wore to her prom in the 50’s or so. I used it as my money holder for our money dance. /diamonds_info.
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Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

28 Nov 2006 by Beth  
The following is a paid review from When I was seven years old, my grandmother bought me a pinky ring with a tiny diamond chip setting. Being so young, I didn’t know the difference between a diamond chip and a real /diamonds_info.
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Diamond Buying: Emotional Experience Or Math Problem?

28 Nov 2006 by bnewuser_386848  
Diamond Buying: Emotional Experience Or Math Problem? Professionals in the diamond industry hear warnings about "commoditization" at our trade conventions. We hear the warnings from traditionalists, from sellers and suppliers, /diamonds_info.
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Designer Diamond Engagement Rings at

28 Nov 2006
This is a sponsored review. A diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of ever lasting love, devotion and commitment between two people. According to 70% of brides receive a diamond engagement ring. /diamonds_info. - - References


Design Trends: Diamond Engagement Rings

16 Nov 2006 by asschercut_205158  
From the grace of halo to the sophistication of micro pave, design trends in diamond engagement rings and wedding band settings are changing, reflecting today's busy lifestyles. Ergonomic designs reign supreme in today's market, /diamonds_info.
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Our Rings 2: My Wedding Band

7 Nov 2006 by Miss Bird of Paradise  
Since my engagement ring was purchased through Whiteflash, we decided to go to them again for my wedding band. We chose to go the custom route so that the w-band would fit snuggly with the e-ring. The custom process is fascinating. /diamonds_info.
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Our Rings 1: Branded Diamonds

7 Nov 2006 by Miss Bird of Paradise  
Miss Apple blogged about Whiteflash so I thought it may be nice timing to blog about our rings. Like Mr. Apple, Mr. BOP went to Whiteflash for his special purchase. He ended up hand picking a Whiteflash ACA - Hearts & Arrows diamond. /diamonds_info.
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7 Nov 2006 by Miss Apple  
When my fiance first mentioned that he was going to purchase my e-ring off the internet, I almost fell out of my chair. I was horrified that he would even consider purchasing such an expensive and meaningful item online. /diamonds_info.
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Diamonds Set The Stage For Winter Weddings

11 Oct 2006 by World of dating  
Picture this a historic mansion set in the snowy sparkle of a wintry landscape, 300 guests basking in the glow of candlelight and a bride whose glittering diamond is the stunning inspiration for the ceremony's dramatic /diamonds_info.
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Getting Married? A Step-By-Step Guide To Picking The Perfect Diamond

11 Oct 2006 by World of dating  
Proposing is tough enough, but finding the perfect ring, set with the perfect diamond is even tougher. To eliminate the headache, here are step-by-step instructions from, an online diamond and jewelry /diamonds_info.
The World of Dating - and Lionsgate Films Congratulate Jessica Simpson /diamonds_info.

11 Oct 2006 by Aria Munro  
HOUSTON, Texas — Jessica Simpson was greeted by flashes and photographers as she arrived at an exclusive party celebrating the pre-screening of her film “Employee of the Month” by Lionsgate. worked with Lionsgate to throw /diamonds_info.
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Dreams of Africa: Names Necklace Design to Honor /diamonds_info.

25 Sep 2006 by Aria Munro  
HOUSTON, Tex. — On Friday, September 15, 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners gathered in Denver, Colorado to voice their desire for the building of education and peace in impoverished and war-torn areas of the world. This was the largest-ever /diamonds_info.
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Fashion Week Extras

22 Sep 2006 by Ayoka  
Calling all fashion die hards! Let’s take a mental trip to NYC’s Olympus Spring’ 07 Fashion Week past. Of course, all of the main fashion and celeb news is currently plastered on all media fronts but I hunted down a few things that /diamonds_info.
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Whiteflash ACA - Launches New Website

20 Sep 2006, a web based company selling ideal cut diamonds and fine jewelry, has announced today the launch of their newly revamped website. is a retail jewelry website that sells superideal cut and hearts and /diamonds_info.
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The important question now arises: Had all these dogs

19 Sep 2006 by Administrator  
a common origin in a definite parent stock, or did they spring from separate and unrelated parents? Half a century ago it was believed that all the evidence which could be brought to bear upon the problem pointed to an independent /diamonds_info.
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Diamond Buying: Emotional Experience Or Math Problem?

17 Sep 2006 by akmal  
ericakmal[dot]com -


Whiteflash Jewelry Shines on Mira Sorvino at 2006 Olympus Fashion /diamonds_info.

13 Sep 2006 by Aria Munro  
HOUSTON, Tex. — Actress Mira Sorvino, famous for her starring roles in “Human Trafficking,” “Mimic” and “Romy and Michelle’s High School Wedding,” hosted an exclusive Fashion Week party on September 12, 2006 for fashion designer Jason /diamonds_info.
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Even More Celebs Trading Up For Conflict-Free Diamonds

30 Aug 2006 by michael  
Meat and diamonds are very similar. Both are desired and enjoyed and both are widely misunderstood in terms of how they’re produced, where they come from, and at what expense. Do you think people would feel a little different if they /diamonds_info. :: celebrities caught green-handed -

Party with Ciara & Missy/diamonds_info.

30 Aug 2006 by Cake & Ice Cream  
On August 29th Ciara, Missy Elliott, Dre, and Chamillionaire were spotted partying at the "Dripping in Diamonds" after-party. Check out pictures of them below/diamonds_info.
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24 Jul 2006 by arasto  
Lindsay Lohan got a visit from beau Harry Morton on the Los Angeles set of her film 'Georgia Rules' on Friday. The couple have been practically inseparable since they began dating on earlier this month. /diamonds_info.
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Lindsay Lohan Stuns in Bangles From Life & Style /diamonds_info.

20 Jul 2006 by monte  
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 20th birthday in style, and her favorite gifts were stunning diamond and sapphire bangle bracelets created by Life & Style hosted a "roaring 20s" celebration with a 1920s-inspired theme and /diamonds_info.
MBN, The Monte Bubbles Network, Your News/diamonds_info. -


Wedding Bands - I-pod weddings

4 Jul 2006 by Administrator  
Jun 30, 2006 Hawthorne, 45, are among a growing number of couples tossing traditional wedding music options out with the bouquet. They are shunning DJs and bands in favor /diamonds_info.
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Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight Get Hitched

28 May 2006 by TinaB.  
Adrianne Curry decided on a Gothic wedding theme when she married her Brady Boy Chris Knight yesterday {Saturday May 27th} in Joliet, Illinois. According to reports, the couple were expecting more than 250 guests, among them former /diamonds_info.
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WhiteFlash Diamond Video Tutorial

8 Mar 2006 by Judah  
The folks at Whiteflash have put together a really excellent selection of diamond videos designed to educate consumers on the four diamond "C's", better known as diamond cut, diamond, clarity, diamond carat, /diamonds_info.
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