Wedding Ring Trends for 2011

The weather outside may be frightful, but inside, preparations for the Spring 2011 wedding season are well underway. If you’re getting married this year, chances are you’ve already planning so many details of the celebration—the venue, the catering, and of course, the dress.


But the wedding rings are one of the most important parts of your wedding day, the only souvenir of that special day that will remain when the last bite of red velvet cake is eaten. Although a wedding ring is a timeless piece of jewelry, there are some great trends coming up for 2011 that will remain classic forever.


Eternity Bands

Annettes U-Prong Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring Full Eternity Tsavorite Wedding Band Annettes U-Prong Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring
Annettes  Eternity Wedding Ring Full Eternity Tsavorite Wedding Band Full Eternity  Wedding Band


Eternity bands, rings that are fully or halfway set with a row of small stones, trace their lineage back a very long way. (Archeologists have found eternity bands in tombs in ancient Mesopotamia.) Although the full eternity band has a dramatic presence, many people find the half-set eternity band to be a practical and comfortable option for use as a wedding ring. Eternity bands are available in so many styles, colors, and gemstones, and the settings used to hold the stones can range from a classic channel setting to an innovative bezel setting. If you choose an eternity band as your wedding ring, make sure that the style coordinates with your engagement ring.


Wedding Ring Sets

perfect  engagement set "Infinity" Diamond Set "Katie Pave" Diamond Set
It's absolutely magnificent - I'm speechless! "Infinity" Diamond Set "Katie Pave" Diamond Set


Many customers today are looking for convenience and a stress-free shopping experience, and shopping online is definitely one way to accomplish that. Wedding ring sets, which come with a matching wedding ring and engagement ring, can be a great way to know that your rings will coordinate perfectly without worrying about it. In a matched set, the wedding ring usually echoes the design elements of the engagement ring band, whether that is a pavé or channel setting. There are many options available, so if you’ve already chosen your engagement ring, ask if there is a wedding ring to match. If that particular ring does not come with a matching wedding ring, a wedding jewelry expert will be happy to suggest a matching ring.



I Love you always and forever
I Love you always and forever

My Angel
My Angel
For several seasons already, weddings have been all about personalization, for everything from the cake flavor to the party favors. Wedding rings tend to be more traditional, and many people do not want to veer to far away from the tried-and-true classics for their wedding rings, but one great way to add a personal touch is with engraving. A special technician can laser-inscribe any words of your choice into the inside of your wedding ring band, giving the ring an added layer of personal meaning.


Diamond rings

princess diana "Skye" Diamond  Ring Verragio Bead-Set Princess Ring
Princess Diana Sapphire Diamond Ring "Skye" Diamond  Ring Verragio Bead-Set Princess Ring


Diamonds have traditionally been reserved for the engagement ring, but many modern brides are finding that they are gorgeous on the wedding ring as well! Diamonds can be incorporated into the wedding ring in many ways. Many wedding rings are set with a diamond melée, small stones set into a pavé setting that add a bit of sparkle to the engagement ring. But some wedding rings take this trend a step farther, utilizing more prominent stones set in three, five, or even seven-stone settings. Of course, these stones should complement, not overpower, the center stone of the engagement ring, so keep the size of your engagement ring in mind when choosing diamond studded wedding ring.


Flat Rings

"European Style Comfort Fit" Wedding Ring  Diamond Wedding Ring Men's Flat Wedding Band
"European Style Comfort Fit" Wedding Ring  Diamond Wedding Ring Men's Flat Wedding Band


A sleek, modern departure from the classically rounded shank of a wedding ring, many younger, trendy brides are opting for the wider look of the simple, unadorned flat wedding rings. These rings coordinate well with the more intricate engagement rings that are also popular right now, as well as being comfortable and easy to wear. Current styles in everyday rings include lots of finger-hugging designs, and bridal jewelry has followed this trend while remaining true to its timeless roots. If you choose a flat ring as a wedding ring, you should think carefully about its subtle design elements, like its polish and finish, to ensure that it will coordinate with your engagement ring. 

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