Diamond Quality vs Quantity - Why the Bigger Diamond is Not Always Better

diamond qualityBuying a diamond for an engagement ring will probably be one of the most important purchases you ever make. Deciding if you want “bang for the buck” or higher diamond quality and less diamond carat weight depends largely on what matters most to the person who will be wearing the diamond. The majority of people try to find a “happy medium” between diamond quality and diamond carat size.  
Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are exactly the same. They are created by nature and their unique beauty and individuality make them a treasured symbol of love and commitment. Diamond value is determined by a combination of several elements known as the 4 C’s. A diamond price guide can give you a general idea as to what type and size diamond you can expect to find for the budget you have in mind. It’s also a good idea to use a diamond education guide to help you recognize the various aspects of the 4’C’s - carat, color, clarity, CUT. Once you are familiar with these and have a basic understanding of diamond grading practices, then you will have a better ability to be able to juggle the 4C’s to get the combination that is just right for you. 
Almost anyone in the diamond industry will tell you that “cut is king” and the most important factor in the beauty, brilliance and brightness that a diamond will exhibit.  Diamond cut craftsmanship determines the diamond’s ability to handle light optimally.  Defects in cut quality will result in diminished light performance and will ultimately affect diamond value as well as beauty.  Ideal cut diamonds reflect light in a way that seems to come from every part of the stone. For many people, a smaller well cut diamond is far more desirable than a bigger diamond that appears lifeless and dull. Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamonds are consistently praised by experts worldwide for their outstanding light performance. To qualify as A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, both round and princess cut diamonds must first be certified by the AGS Laboratories as Ideal cut. They are also put through a rigorous series of evaluations by our in-house gemologists. These diamonds are the “best of the best”, no matter what their carat weight. Diamond carat size has nothing to do with the stones ability to reflect and refract light back to the eye. And, after all, it is the play of light that makes diamonds beautiful and mesmerizing.  
Fortunately, for those who do want to go big and do not want to compromise on cut quality and light performance, Whiteflash also stocks many large super ideals!
 ideal cut diamond  round diamond
Ideal Cut Diamond Non Ideal Cut Diamond
Natural diamonds come in almost every possible color in the rainbow. The majority of people in the market for a diamond are interested in white diamonds. It takes expert grader years of experience to color grade a diamond. While there may be a slight difference between the two major labs (GIA vs AGS diamond laboratories), it is almost universally agreed that people prefer diamonds in the colorless (D, E, and F color) and near colorless (G,H,I,J) range.
Minor flaws and blemishes in a diamond will determine its clarity grade. Almost all diamonds contain tiny inclusions. The nature and number of these will affect the clarity grade of the diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the more expensive a diamond will be.
Diamond carat size is how the size of diamonds is discussed, with the actual weight having some correlation to its apparent size. As the diamond carat weight increases, so does its rarity and that makes it more valuable. Even so, very small diamonds can have amazing eye-popping sparkle, and bigger diamonds that are poorly cut will not measure up. Diamond quality and diamond value is a combination of all 4-C’s.  Whiteflash experts take the guess work out of this decision for you. When a certified diamond achieves the brand of A CUT ABOVE®, that is exactly what it is- the best of the best!


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