Five Easy Ways for bringing social media to your engagement plans or wedding day

Twitter, Blogs and Forums, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr can create a simple way of broadcasting your engagement and wedding day plans to the world.
Make sure you use these social media venues as great resources to ask questions about proposing, shopping and wedding day ideas. Try out the numerous resources available to you as a new bride or groom from wedding planning inquiries to groom speeches or great toasts during a dinner party. With social media you have a connection to world wide experts that can chime in with upcoming ideas to insuring a perfect engagement and wedding.
Below are 5 favorite ways that social media can help put together pieces of the puzzle on the biggest event of a bride or groom’s life.

Finding your unique wedding resources

Wedding Vendors and planners have gone social. Literally, there are millions of them. Have a question or need a basic consultation? You can start the process of locating and finding your favorite vendors online. Loads and loads of blogs are available to point out the best vendors out there. We recommend using google or yelp reviews to verify the service level of advertisers. You can even create a Twitter list to compile names of vendors you want to follow up with.
Try a basic Twitter search for the topic you’re researching. For example: “Save the Dates.” Doing this will show you everyone who is tweeting about this topic RIGHT NOW. Browse tweets and hash-tags to see the latest buzz and trending topics. Lots of vendors run Twitter of Facebook specific promotions like Whiteflash’s “11th Heaven” engagement ring setting discount! There’s no telling what kind of deals you might find.

Get advice from wedding experts and planners from around the world

OK, preferably ask the ones who are still married. Chances are you have many Facebook or Twitter friends that are married or engaged. If you’ve got a wedding question bogging you down or you need a vendor recommendation; post it on a status update. You’ll be surprised how many responses you get Brides (and grooms sometimes) love to share their wedding planning experiences.

Get on the band wagon for ‘Freebies’

When you see ‘free’ run to that website! Websites that cater to the wedding market like to find sponsors to give away free wedding day accessories or even honeymoon vacations. Check out the daily wedding twitters for ideas and 'give aways'. We are sure you can find at least one promotion or even multiple 'give aways' in a week. Just enter Facebook or twitter to get notified of upcoming sweepstakes. Here’s one from This holiday season Whiteflash is showing off its branded hearts and arrows diamond, A Cut Above, by having a promotion of 11% off on any setting by purchasing one of their world renowned diamonds. introduces “11th Heaven” this holiday season. As an online e-tailor we know that it is all about your peace of mind and your wallet. Right now if you order any Whiteflash conflict free diamond, A CUT ABOVE® or Expert Selection during the period of November 11th December 31st you will be able to take advantage of that that ring you need when you make your special proposal night plans. Ok, so it’s not free, but it is a big savings when you consider you would be spending about 40% more for the same branded diamond in a brick and mortar store. You even get a life time upgrade to boot.

Follow the yellow brick blog to your wedding day preparations

You want the wedding to be on a tropical island? A lot of friends won’t be able to afford the travel. However, don’t fret! You can stream your wedding day on your blog for all your friends and relatives to share. You can even be so creative that your video may be watched by millions of others who want ideas on how to plan their wedding. There’s your fifteen minutes to fame and having a great time too! From photographers, to jewelers to gown designers and cake makers – all these people are blogging about where to find the best in class services.
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Look to the subject matter experts...

We asked one of our favorite wedding twitters to share their #1 piece of advice to grooms and brides who want to use social media to help plan their wedding:
@WFDiamondDebi – Follow me on twitter. Or fan Whiteflash on facebook to get the newest update on the wedding buzz. Basically, as a diamond e-tailer, buying a diamond is an interactive experience. That’s why we focus on social marketing techniques to engage our past, present and future customers. Customers are closer than ever to the people who actual create they products they buy and use. With live chatting on our website as well social sharing of our articles, we have increased our market share by 12 percent, and we have been were featured in Entrepreneur magazine as well as DM news for our innovative social marketing tactics.
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