List of 15 most expensive items. Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive items in the world might be? If you had all the money in the world, how could you spend thousands or even millions of dollars in a single purchase? We scoured the Guiness Book of World Records and the web for the 15 most expensive items of all time—with one rule. These items had to be simple, everyday objects that had been taken to a ridiculous, diamond-encrusted extreme. We’re not looking at houses, cars, yachts, or private islands—we all know those are expensive. Instead, we wanted to see what the world’s most expensive sweatshirt, TV, and tea bag might look like.
Most Expensive Items
Diamond beauty
If you had all the money in the world, which one of these over-the-top diamond-encrusted objects would you want?
1. Bluetooth headset – For men who want a little dazzle with their Wall-Streeter headset look, or for women who want a Bluetooth headset that will complement their earrings, there is this incredible Bluetooth—or maybe it should be called a Goldtooth, being that it is made of 18 karat gold and is encrusted with small diamonds. It can be yours for a mere $50,000.
2. Knife – Some serious chefs swear by diamond-blade knives for the enhanced durability that the world’s hardest material brings. But only the Nesmik diamond studded knife has not only a diamond-dust blade but is also encrusted with small diamonds set into the sides of the knife—and comes with a keepsake box and a matching ring—all for $39,600.
3. Sweatshirt – You can pick up a cotton hoodie sweatshirt at Target, but it probably won’t be decorated with a skull-and-crossbones design made of Swarovski crystals, and it definitely won’t have a 3-carat diamond adorning the zipper pull. It probably also won’t take $10,000 out of your annual sweatshirt budget.
Most Expensive Items to Buy
Most expensive diamond
4. Wedding dress – Many brides plan to splurge a little when it comes to a major purchase like the wedding dress. Some might spend extra on a dress from a designer label, while others may even have the dress custom made. But none of those splurges can match up to the luxury of the wedding dress sold at the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal Show in 2006: studded in 150 carats of diamonds, the dress sold for $12 million.
5. TV – Forget high definition, plasma, or LCD. The most expensive TV in the world is the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose TV—it’s made of a whopping 61 pounds of 18-karat rose gold and is encrusted with 72 1-carat diamonds around the perimeter of the screen. With all that dazzle, we can’t help but wonder if you can still see what’s going on onscreen—and for $2.25 million, you have to hope it’s a functioning television set!
6. Sushi – No matter how much your local sushi joint overcharges for the really good specialty tempura rolls, we are guessing those prices don’t even come close to the sushi platter dished up by Phillipines chef Angelito Arameta Jr. $2,000 gets you a mere 5 pieces of top-quality nigiri garnished with diamonds and wrapped in “nori” made of 24-karat gold. We can only suspect that those are meant as souvenirs and are not meant to be smothered in wasabi and eaten!
7. Pacifier – This item is probably not at the top of most new mothers’ baby registries, but pop star Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were reportedly gifted with a diamond-encrusted Cartier pacifier worth $20,000. Although the new parents said they donated most of their gifts to charity, they reportedly kept this very special pacifier for Baby Blue Ivy.
8. Cell phone – You might have shelled out a few hundred dollars for a top-of-the-line smartphone, but chances are it isn’t this limited-edition Peter-Aloissan-designed Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Made of platinum and rose gold and encrusted with 80 diamonds, including a few rare blue diamonds, and with a navigation button made of a single 12 carat diamond, this incredibly expensive phone can be yours for a mere $1.3 million.

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