National Jeweler notes Whiteflash’s reasonably priced Platinum Engagement Ring  Settings

Katie Holmes has one. So does trendsetter Beyonce, country princess Carrie Underwood, and rocker Gwen Stefani. We’re not talking about the latest “It Bag”; we’re talking about platinum engagement rings.
Although platinum has been around for thousands of years, it has recently become the most desirable metal for bridal and fashion jewelry, renowned for its rarity, its durability, its luster and its hypoallergenic qualities. In fact, a recent report in National Jeweler documented an even newer trend –the entry onto the bridal jewelry market of “entry-level” platinum, priced at ranges affordable to the average consumer. Look out, Mrs. Tom Cruise and Mrs. Jay-Z. Platinum isn’t just for superstars anymore.
The price of platinum has undergone some drastic ups and downs recently, as reported on The whole precious metals market has been through some radical changes, and platinum prices were certainly affected.
Nevertheless, jewelers are well aware of how price-conscious the 2011 consumer is, and they have introduced more affordable platinum designs to bring high-end fashion and high-level quality to even their non-celebrity clients. “Designers from A. Jaffe and Bulgari to Tacori and” reports National Jeweler, “have started offering more affordable platinum designs.”
But affordable doesn’t have to mean bargain basement,, for example, an e-tailer jewelry boutique specializing in bridal jewelry, offers in-house designs, custom design work, and platinum engagement rings designed by legendary jeweler Vatche. These designs bespeak elegance and opulence, even as the company strives to present prices that are accessible even to the average American. Entry-level platinum is a big part of this effort, especially in the quickly-rebounding bridal jewelry market.
diamond solitaire ring
The ever-popular Amphora engagement ring features a full 2/3 of a carat of melée diamonds set in platinum—all for under $2,000
“Entry level” means high quality designs with a limited amount of diamond embellishment and hand engraved filigree, bringing prices down to the point where every bride can proudly hold out her hand and show off her platinum. Even traditionally high end jewelers like A. Jaffe and Bulgari are finding ways to make their notoriously pricey baubles a little more accessible to the average folk.
cameron diamond engagement ring
The Cameron engagement ring offers high-luster, durable platinum in a bezel setting for under $1,600
“Platinum is still the aspirational bridal metal of choice,” says Phyllis Bergman, CEO of Mercury Ring Corp. in National Jeweler, “I think entry level is most important today because platinum jewelry at entry-level prices provides an extraordinary value proposition for today’s consumer.”
Platinum eternity bands, in particular, have never been hotter. Celebrities like Megan Fox, Carrie Underwood and Emily Blunt all wear this opulent and romantic style, so it isn’t surprising that fashionable brides are scouring the Internet to try to find their own platinum eternity band at a price point that doesn’t require a movie star’s budget. At, a three-quarter platinum eternity band featuring A Cut Above® diamonds and sapphires retails for $800; A Tacori brand platinum and diamond eternity band can be found for around $2,000.
As luck would have it, the recent trend of gemstone engagement rings happens to be a little easier on the pocket than traditional diamonds, leaving a little more leeway in many couples’ budgets—and a great opportunity to enhance a simple ring with a platinum setting. The famous ring that launched this trend is the platinum and 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring Prince William used to propose to Kate Middleton. The ring’s previous owner? Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. Similar platinum ring settings from A. Jaffe can be had from $2,500, without center stones, although a recent surge in popularity has made sapphires harder to come by.
three stone rings
Three stone rings are generally more pricey than solitaires; this three-stone beauty from Whiteflash can be had for $2,795. Diamonds not included
The entry level bridal consumer looking for value and enduring quality has never had more choices at his or her fingertips than today, as the bridal market races to provide innovative and top-notch products at every price point.

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