January 11, 2022
My new 2.3 FVS2 ACA is beautiful beyond belief. It was difficult to trade in my last gem of an ACA, but even when dealing with ideal diamonds, I have discovered that there are rock stars among that select group. You don’t really know what you’ve got until you can compare it to others and wear it around in different environments. I will never let go of this diamond, as it sparkles like no other I have ever seen. Just last night my husband remarked that it was flashing red, blue, and green at him as we were watching TV. I think he enjoys it as much as I do!! I see people checking it out and some just ask me about it. Sometimes I take off the ring and let them look at it up close. Beautiful things are meant to be shared. What is funny, too, is how often I get compliments on the keystone setting. People want to see it up close as well. They say it is so unusual and simple and are fascinated with it. I guess I would encourage your customers who are purchasing slightly larger diamonds to consider the setting if halos and micropave are not their thing.
Rebecca R, California, USA
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