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Diamond education

The modern diamond ring isn't just a thing of exceptional beauty. It’s the end result of thousands of years of development in technology and artistry and can only exist after the exhausting labors of countless individuals who dedicated their lives to work with nature’s strongest material. No other precious gem has inspired humanity to strive for such perfection, and so the history of diamonds and how they were cut is one that should be enjoyed as well as deeply respected. Originally known only in India before eventually being brought to Europe by Alexander the Great sometime after 325BCE, diamonds were used in religious ceremonies in their natural rough and non-too pretty state. To alter the gem any further was thought to bring bad luck - presumably because it was practically impossible and so would anger the gods by mocking the... more
Can a superb diamond be too big? Can a beautiful Princess be too regal? Well, those who have seen this spectacular, A CUT ABOVE® super ideal princess think neither is the case with this amazing diamond. At 3.512ct this G VS2 is the perfect size and quality for someone wanting an absolute show stopper! It is virtually impossible for a three carat princess to be any more beautiful than this one. 3.51ct G VS2 AGS Ideal Princess By design Princess Cut diamonds are a fu... more
The Princess Cut – Short History, Great Success The princess is a relatively recent addition to the menu of diamond shapes, having been first introduced in the 1960’s. Development of the princess cut created a fusion between the sparkle of the round brilliant and the square to rectangular outline of step cuts such as the emerald and Asscher cuts. It is generically referred to as a square or rectangular modified brilliant cut and encompasses a variety of similar faceting patte... more
It may seem like an odd question, but isn’t a diamond in many ways a reflection upon the wearer? So does the person make the diamond look special, or the other way around? With so many qualities, shapes and sizes it is impossible to have one diamond that will suit every person- each gem is as unique as its owner. Every diamond has a personality and a story to tell. It... more
Diamonds are the number one choice for engagement and eternity rings because they are the traditional symbol of love and romance. When we see the rows of glistening white in the trays in the window of the jewellery store, we probably don’t stop and think about how rare they actually are, how many thousands of years they have been sitting underground to be discovered or just how much hard work goes into crafting a solitaire diamond of such exquisite quality... more
Natural gem diamonds are rare. The most common have slight amounts of yellow or brown. Colorless diamonds are the exception and they are what most people think of when talking about high quality and expensive diamonds. But even more rare and valuable than colorless diamonds are those that exhibit strong attractive colors. They are known as Fancy Color Diamonds and are found in an extensive range of color including yellow, pink, blue, and green. Some of the... more
Just how rare is a 5 carat diamond of gem quality? It’s really hard to say. Most mine estimates indicate that on average 250 tons of potentially diamond bearing rock must be processed in order to yield a diamond of one carat. And only about 20 percent of diamonds found are of gem quality. The rest have only value for the abrasives industry. Approximately half the weight of the original rough diamond is lost in the cutting process- significantly more, if the diamond is cut to... more
*The following article provides an overview of the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) approach to cut grading of princess diamonds and was written in collaboration with the AGSL. Special thanks to Peter Yantzer in providing information and insight, Rachel Stark for providing graphics, and to Alethea Inns and Jason Quick for their encouragement and support. This article will focus on the particular issues involved in light performance grading specific to princess cut dia... more
Blue Nile* advertises its Signature Ideal Princess-Cut Diamonds with a number of lofty claims. Below is the headline statement from their Education page at In order to test the claim that these are in fact “the first and only princess-cut diamonds with ideal standards”, along with several other questionable representations made about the diamonds in this cate... more
Gem diamonds are rare. Of all the diamonds mined it is estimated that only one in a million will yield a finished gem of one carat. A three carat diamond is exponentially rarer and consequently, much more valuable. By some estimates only about one in 15 million mined diamonds are 3 carat. When you add additional rarity factors of high color, clarity and ideal cut quality, a three carat diamond in the upper grades is significantly rarer still. And diamond prices, mir... more
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