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5 Carat Diamond

By  , Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just how rare is a 5 carat diamond of gem quality?  It’s really hard to say.  Most mine estimates indicate that on average 250 tons of potentially diamond bearing rock must be processed in order to yield a diamond of one carat.  And only about 20 percent of diamonds found are of gem quality.  The rest have only value for the abrasives industry. 
Approximately half the weight of the original rough diamond is lost in the cutting process- significantly more, if the diamond is cut to ideal specifications.  It is estimated that a finished diamond of one carat represents about a 1 in a million proposition relative to all diamonds produced.
And diamond rarity increases exponentially with size, so a 5ct diamond like either of the extraordinary diamonds below is likely to be one in tens of millions.  Not very good odds – unless you happen own one!  Then the odds are that you are very, very fortunate. 
 5 Carat Diamond
Check out the two stunning 5 carat diamonds below.  The combination of size, color and clarity with proven light performance at the extreme make these diamonds truly world-class.
The good fortune of owning such a diamond extends beyond the financial implication. In actual fact, large diamonds exhibit light performance aspects that smaller diamonds are not able to display as well.  This has to do with optical characteristics related to the size of the facets and the dispersion of light into spectral components which the human eye perceives as “fire”.  Assuming the diamond is cut into a classic arrangement such as the classic 57 facet round brilliant, the resulting facets on the 5 carat diamond will be physically larger by several orders of magnitude than those on a one carat.  Larger physical facets allow for larger “virtual” facets, multiple light rays reflecting from a single facet.  Light rays that are refracted with colors dispersed and reflecting off of a large facet increases the likelihood that a distinct portion or the spectral array will be “clipped” by the pupil of your eye and perceived as an individual color such as blue or green, yellow or red. This provides more opportunities for fire to be observed in fire friendly lighting environments.  Scintillation patterns are more easily observed in larger diamonds as well, and diamonds with a balanced mix of virtual facet sizes with display better scintillation – sparkles of white and colored light.
So, the argument can be made that not only is a five carat diamond bigger and more impressive than smaller diamonds, but can be more beautiful as well.  It must be emphasized that the beauty of a given diamond depends more on the quality of the cut than on any other factor.  Not all diamonds are actually optimized for beauty.  The sad fact is that most are not.  A certified ideal cut diamond is one that has been cut for top light performance, requiring more skill, more time, and the sacrifice of more carat weight in the process. But the results are without a doubt well worth the sacrifice! 
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