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F Color Diamond

By  , Wednesday, July 31, 2013

F Colored Diamond
F Colored Diamond
Colorless diamonds are those at the very top of the color grading scale – D, E and F. They vary only in degree of “colorlessness”! Just from that description it should be pretty evident that all three colors are extremely white. That is, they really have no body color that is detectable to the observer in the real world. And since D and E color will cost more, an F color diamond will look “icy white” like the other two members of the colorless range, while costing less.
Diamond color grading is extremely nuanced and must be done in a very controlled lighting environment by trained professionals using master diamonds. The AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) are the two most well respected laboratories. Not all laboratories have a solid reputation for accuracy and consistency, so the laboratory issuing the report does matter. For more on this subject please see the article AGS vs GIA.
While color acuity varies greatly between people, it is difficult for most folks to detect differences of a grade or more when the diamonds are set in jewelry and viewed in everyday environments. Shoppers looking for colorless diamonds will therefore often find the best value in F color diamonds.
Selecting an F color diamond will ensure that the diamond looks exceptionally bright, but only if the diamond is well cut. An ideal cut diamond, when paired with good clarity and a colorless grade, will display extraordinary brightness, fire and scintillation. In fact, although F is only the third best color, and Si1 is the sixth best clarity, an ideal cut F Si1 can look about as beautiful as a diamond possibly can, and at significantly less money than a D Flawless! This is why F color diamonds, in a variety of good clarities, are considered by many astute shoppers to outstanding values.
Choosing any diamond in the colorless range will cost a premium. If you are one of those people capable of discerning small amounts of body color in diamonds, you will certainly appreciate the rarity and beauty of these special diamonds. But it is important to remember that color is not the only value factor that should be given consideration. Certain clarity factors can negatively impact light performance and detract from the brilliance of the diamond. 
When evaluating F colored diamonds consider A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds. Not only are they cut to extreme precision, they are thoroughly vetted for any clarity issues that might diminish light return. You can therefore comfortably select Si1 clarity and know that you will have a top performing diamond of extraordinary beauty.
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