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Fire Up Your Hearts: A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds on the Scene

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


By all accounts Hearts on Fire* brand diamonds are beautiful. They are ideal cut for excellent light performance. As the market has become more educated about the importance of diamond cut quality there is much more demand for ideal cut diamonds. There are tons of diamonds in the market that have the potential for outstanding brilliance, fire and sparkle, but they are simply not cut as well as they could be. The reason- it costs more to cut ideal diamonds.


Today the demand for ideal cuts is growing and the market is starting to see more factories cutting to ideal standards and more companies offering ideal cuts including “hearts and arrows” diamonds. The natural question then becomes whether there are any real differences between well known hearts and arrows brands like Hearts on Fire, and other diamonds crafted to an equivalent level of cut quality. And how would a consumer be able to tell?


Hearts and Arrows Super IdealTo shed light on this question it is interesting to compare and contrast the A CUT ABOVE** Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal to Hearts on Fire diamonds. They are both backed by a certificate of Ideal by the American Gem Society Laboratory. Hearts on Fire also provides their own certificate showing their diamond to be “superlative” in every way. Each A CUT ABOVE diamond, on the other hand, comes complete with ASET and Ideal Scope images directly demonstrating perfect light performance.


Hearts on Fire states that their “cutting method is a secret as big as Coca Cola’s recipe”. On the other hand, Whiteflash publishes their cut guidelines for A CUT ABOVE. Both are traditional 57 facet round brilliant cuts. To produce a diamond with top brilliance, scintillation and fire, diamond cutters must craft that traditional arrangement to an extremely high level of perfection.


Hearts on Fire claims as a differentiator that their diamonds are cut under 100x magnification and their cutters use “Rolls Royce” technology. So what does that mean for the end product and how is that a value for the customer? If the diamond is perfectly proportioned, the facets perfectly aligned to create the heart and arrow pattern, and each is polished to a mirror finish, does it really matter what equipment the cutter used to achieve it? If the carpenter that builds your cabinets uses one brand of hammer over another does it really matter if in the end the cabinets he builds for you are flawless? Would you want to pay more for the same cabinets if he were to use a different hammer?


These are questions that consumers naturally ask as they shop for fine quality diamonds trying to understand value. Because of information technology consumers today expect more in terms of transparency and logical, verifiable information about the products they buy. Whether they are shopping for a heart diamond or a hearts and arrows round diamond, they want solid information. They do love brand names, but only if those brands add the value to which they lay claim.


* Hearts on Fire is a registered trademark of Hearts On Fire Company, LLC

** A CUT ABOVE is a registered trademark of Whiteflash Inc.


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