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Hearts and Arrows – Fire Up Your Diamond Passion!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Cut Above Super Ideal DiamondsSweet hearts and Cupid’s arrows have more than a symbolic and mythical connection to relationships and to diamond engagement rings. Hearts and arrows diamonds represent the pinnacle of cut quality and light performance. If love is in your heart, then fire should be on your mind!


Heart Diamonds

For the ultimate symbolism in a diamond engagement ring, one can purchase a heart diamond; that is, a diamond cut and polished in the shape of a heart. The downside of doing so is the loss of potential brilliance and fire; that intense brightness and those spectral sparks of blue and green, yellow and red. No other diamond shape compares to the ideal cut round brilliant in terms of light performance and dynamic eye appeal. To exhibit fire diamonds must be crafted in a way that light is fully refracted as it travels through and among the diamond’s facets. A round diamond cut to exacting proportions, with every facet polished to a perfect mirror finish, is capable of returning the maximum quantity and quality of light to the eye of the beholder. Such a diamond can mesmerize a viewer from across even a dimly lit room.

A CUT ABOVE Round CompositeDiamond Brands

Diamond “brands” are typically differentiated by their unique shapes and/or facet patterns. The patented square cut Lucida by Tiffany is an example of one such brand. Sometimes diamond brands are differentiated simply by the quality of their cutting and light performance. Perhaps the best known example of the latter is the Hearts on Fire* diamond – a round brilliant diamond cut to AGS 0 Ideal specifications. With a strong marketing operation and network of retail jewelry stores serving as distributors, the Hearts on Fire brand is well known and well respected and quite expensively priced. Other branded diamonds sold by lesser known merchants or marketed through different business models share many of the same qualities and are just as beautiful, but do not carry a severe price premium.


A CUT ABOVE Diamond Image

Best example of an extraordinary quality diamond

So what are these mysterious ‘Hearts and Arrows’ that some diamonds possess? It is visual patterning that serves as an indication that the diamond has been cut to outstanding three dimensional symmetry, also known as “optical symmetry”. With special viewers it is possible to clearly see a pattern of eight symmetrically spaced arrows when observed from the top, and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom of the diamond. By combining optical symmetry with outstanding proportions and impeccable finish, diamonds will perform at peak levels with regard to brightness, scintillation and dispersion (otherwise known as brilliance, sparkle and fire). The A CUT ABOVE** Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamond is the best example of an extraordinary quality diamond that is both accessible and reasonably priced.





* Hearts on Fire is a registered trademark of Hearts On Fire Company, LLC.
** A CUT ABOVE is a registered trademark of Whiteflash Inc.


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