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How to Choose Three Stone Ring

By  , Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Three-stone diamond rings are becoming an ever-more popular way for brides to proudly wear their heart on their fingers. The three stones on a traditional three-stone diamond rings are said to represent the past, the present and the future, making it a perfect choice for the couple who wants to celebrate their shared history, treasure the present moment, and look forward to a wonderful future together.


Three Stone Pear Engagement Ring
Three Stone Pear Engagement Ring

How to choose the setting and diamonds

But if you’re choosing a three-stone diamond ring, you’ve probably noticed that while some three-stone settings come with the side stones already in place, others are labeled “setting-only” and encourage you to choose your own stones. What is the difference between these two kinds of three-stone diamond settings and how do you choose the setting and diamonds that are best for you?


In most cases, three-stone diamond rings with unusually shaped side stones will be sold with those stones already set in place in the band. These stones are often not sold loose, and are not often used as center stones.

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For example, this glamorous Art Deco style three-stone diamond ring features two baguette diamonds as accent stones. They are bar-set into the ring before it is purchased, while the head of the ring, a classic Tiffany-style setting, remains empty until the buyer selects the stone he or she loves for the center.


Three Stone Trellis Engagement Ring
Three Stone Trellis Engagement Ring

“Setting-only” style

However, some three-stone diamond rings are created in a “setting-only” style, allowing the buyer to choose three gorgeous diamonds according to his or her taste and budget. This option is often used for three-stone diamond settings that are created for three round or princess-cut stones, often of similar sizes. That way, the buyer can opt for three perfect A Cut Above stones for a truly stunning ring, or choose one spectacular A Cut Above stone for a center stone and two beautiful Expert Selection accent stones.


Radiant DIamond Engagement Ring
Radiant DIamond Engagement Ring
If you opt for a setting-only three-stone diamond ring, it can seem challenging to find three stones that complement each other perfectly. Of course, you will probably want to devote a significant portion of your budget to the center stone, which will be the focal point of your ring. Follow all the regular guidelines for choosing a diamond when you choose the center stone, keeping in mind that you will also choose two accent stones!


Make a right decision

Then, based on your budget, determine whether you want to match the cut and clarity levels of the center stone in your accent stones. Of course, a trio of A Cut Above stones will look fabulous, but if you opt for Expert Selection accents, your three-stone diamond ring will still look superb. It is important that the color grades of the three stones match, as a stone that will not look visibly yellow on its own can betray hints of color when placed alongside a more colorless stone. Try to choose a stone that is not more than one color grade beneath that of your center stone.


Three Stone Emerald Engagement Ring
Three Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

And of course, carat weight will be influenced by the style of three-stone diamond ring you are looking for. You may want side stones that are nearly the size of your center stone, in which case you should look for a similar carat weight and proportions. If you want the look of smaller accent stones, choose a lower carat weight, and make sure to keep the two side stones as similar to each other as possible!


princess-cut diamond ring three-stone
Princess cut diamond ring three-stone

Happy Diamond Hunting!

Of course, a decision like this does not have to be made on your own. A trained diamond expert is always standing by at, available to look over your choices with you by phone, email, or instant messaging. Happy Diamond Hunting!


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