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Jewelry Problems: Most Common Problems with Jewelry

By  , Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Jewelry-ProblemsJewelry a problem?  Seems like a contradiction in terms to most of us!  In fact even the finest and most cherished pieces of jewelry can eventually need refurbishing, repair or upkeep from time to time.  Jewelry problems can range anywhere from minor adjustments to major restoration.  With today’s modern technology, almost any item can be made to look like new again.  A few years back I experienced this first hand.  My late mother-in-law’s antique diamond ring was missing for some time.  It was found very unexpectedly after many months, mangled and badly misshapen. It clearly seemed to be a total loss; however, this was not the case.  The jewelers were able to completely restore our precious family heirloom and the results were quite miraculous.


Many jewelry problems can be avoided with proper care and upkeep, but even the most vigilant can experience some of these more common problems with jewelry.


1- Worn metal.  This is sometimes an issue with wedding bands and engagement rings that are worn constantly.  Friction between the metals can cause it to wear down and weaken.  This kind of repair needs to be done by a professional gold or platinum-smith.


2- Broken prongs in diamond and gem settings.  Gems and diamonds are held in place by prongs that can wear down or break off.  This type of jewelry problem can result in a lost stone if not taken care of promptly.


3- Broken chains and links.  Clasps and links in bracelets and necklaces sometimes weaken and may break. This is not a difficult thing to repair and in some cases, replace, but it also should be tended to quickly.  Take it from one who learned the hard way.  I procrastinated repairing a loose clasp link on my beautiful Whiteflash diamond bangle bracelet.  My frantic search was to no avail.  Let’s just say I will never make that mistake again!


4- Lost stones.  One of the problems with jewelry is a lost stone. It’s often very upsetting to notice stone missing from your favorite piece of jewelry.  Precious and semi-precious gems are usually fairly easy to match and replace so don’t hesitate to take care of this when it happens.


5- Bent rings.  Have you ever noticed a ring has become strangely oval and misshapen?  This is typically caused by gripping things.  Depending on the metals and construction of the ring daily activities like gripping your steering wheel, carrying a  tote,  or holding a hand rail may cause a ring go "out of round".  Rounding out a mishapen ring can often be easily corrected by your jeweler.  But if you keep pumping weights with your ring on, it will happen again.  It is best to match lifestyle activities to your jewelry choices.  Wider, thicker rings take much more pressure to bend than very thin delicate rings.


6- Spinning rings.  This can be irritating, but due to seasonal fluctuations in finger size or weight gain and loss, rings sometimes “spin” to one side or another.  First make sure the ring is sized properly for your finger.  Your jeweler can also add “speed bumps” (small metal beads) to the inside of the shank to correct a spinning problem. 

We all have our favorite jewelry items that we just love to wear.  Whether it’s costume or fine diamond and gemstone pieces, problems with jewelry are often easily solved so that you can enjoy it for years to come.


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