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Ring Setting Types: Prong

By  , Thursday, November 24, 2011


vatche-knife-edge-6-prong-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-from-whiteflash-31081_g3In writing, and in life, we are always told to avoid clichés. Writers try to avoid using the same tried-and-true expressions and metaphors over and over, seeking instead to come up with new and fresh descriptions. And in life, no one wants to be seen as boring or unoriginal. We try to give our wardrobes unique little twists to make them our own; we try to cultivate interesting hobbies instead of just following the mass trends.
royal-crown-prong-engagement-ring-settingBut sometimes, something is popular because it is good. Everyone chooses it because everyone knows it is simply the best choice. In those cases, relying on a cliché is not always a bad thing. When it comes to romance, some of the most popular ideas are some of the best—red roses, diamond jewelry, and the beach at sunset are no less romantic just because they have been done before.
x-prong-solitaire-engagement-ringAnd when it comes to engagement rings, experts nearly always advise couples to stick with the classics. With other kinds of jewelry, women often look for unique, trendy, or fashionable pieces, but with a piece that a woman plans to wear nearly every day for the rest of her life, classic is the way to go. And that’s why the prong setting remains the most popular engagement ring setting, year after year. It’s not cliché, it’s classic.
The prong setting has many attributes that make it a nearly ideal choice for the bride who wants to show off a quality diamond. The prongs are secure and hold the center stone safely, while they also provide the maximum diamond exposure for brilliant light performance. Prongs have a classic, elegant look that coordinates well with almost any ring style.
pear-engagement-ring-settingRather than trying to come up with a new setting type, many brides realize that they can personalize the design by adding creative touches to a classic prong setting. There are some nice variations available for the prong setting. Instead of the classic four-prong setting, brides can choose from six or eight prong diamond settings, square or claw prongs, even setting styles with prong shapes like a V or X. Prong settings are also a great way to give a unique or unusual ring style some classic appeal. For a bride with her heart set on a unique diamond shape like a marquise or pear-shaped diamond, the prong setting can include a V tip providing extra protection for the points of a fancy cut diamond.
In some areas of life, originality is key. But when it comes to a ring setting, and especially an engagement ring, you just can’t beat the classic elegance and performance of the tried-and-true prong setting.




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