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By  , Thursday, April 19, 2007

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From AGS, Las Vegas, Nevada - AGS Laboratories announced today that they are adding user-friendly explanatory information to their Diamond QualityTM Document (DQD) that is aimed at benefiting retailers and consumers alike. The enhanced DQD explains all eleven factors of the AGS Performance-Based Cut Grade System.

AGS Labs’ primary goal with this enhanced version of the DQD is to help retail sales associates in their presentations to consumers. During their sales presentation, associates can easily explain all of the factors of the cut grade with the information now readily at hand. The information has been purposefully included in a fold-out data flap located on the side of the document. Sales associates have the option of either displaying the information on the new flap if the consumer wants or needs more detailed information on the cut grade, or they may opt not to show or discuss it, depending on the needs and comfort level of the consumer.

The new data flap shows the Cumulative and Net Lowering Factors of the cut grade. The values given for the Cumulative Factors are totaled together, and include Brightness, Contrast, Dispersion, Leakage, Weight Ratio, and Durability. The values given for the Net Lowering factors affect the cut grade only if they are greater than the Cumulative Sum. Those factors include the Girdle, Culet, Polish, and Symmetry.

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Additionally, AGS Laboratories’ has educational material that sales associates can use if they need additional tools to further explain the cut grade to the consumer.

“The AGS Performance-Based Cut Grade System has been a giant leap forward from the Proportion-Based System,” says Peter Yantzer, Executive Director of AGS Laboratories. “Because we went from analyzing three factors to eleven, there are additional challenges for the sales associate at the counter in trying to simply and concisely inform the consumer. Our goal with this new DQD enhancement is to make it easier to explain the cut grade. At the same time, we saw the importance of giving them a choice in how they present their material. The new data flap accomplishes that goal.”

In 2005, AGS released the Performance-Based Cut Grading System for both the round brilliant and princess — the first-ever cut grading system for a fancy shaped diamond. AGS recently added emerald cuts to its cut grade mix, and plans are under way to release other shapes in the near future.

The science supporting the AGS Performance-Based Cut Grade System reflects AGS’s transition from a proportion-based to a performance-based cut grade system, where all facets of a diamond are measured in three dimensions rather than two dimensions. The Lab uses state-of-the-art ray tracing software to trace light traveling through a diamond. The software demonstrates the quantity and quality of the light being returned to the viewer.

For more information on the AGS Performance-Based system, or any of AGS Laboratories’ products and services, please visit or email

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