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Can you buy loose diamonds online? In an era when you can seemingly buy anything from a car to a new wardrobe to a week’s worth of groceries over the Internet without stepping foot in a store, it is surprising that so many people are still skeptical about purchasing diamonds online.


Buying Certified Diamond OnlineTrue, the real sparkle of an ideal cut diamond can only be appreciated in person, and even the most dazzling diamond photography is never going to fully convey the brilliance of a hearts and arrows diamond. But there are several advantages to buying loose diamonds online.


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For discerning customers looking for high-end stones such as hearts and arrows diamonds, online vendors can provide a level of selection that is unmatched at most retail stores. For those living in far flung places or small towns, purchasing diamonds online can be the only way to have a high-quality diamond delivered to their door. And for people who are looking for an AGS certified diamond at a fair price, buying loose diamonds online can be the best way to get high quality certified diamonds at an affordable price point.


But what is the best place to buy certified diamonds online, many people ask. Without point at individual retailers, there are certain important features to look for in website where you can buy loose diamonds online. In many ways, these features are similar to the ones you would look for when buying ideal cut diamond at a bricks and mortar jewelry store, so many non-Internet savvy diamond buying guides will be useful to your search as well.



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  • Buy Loose Diamonds OnlineCertified diamonds.
    A reputable loose diamond vendor, whether Internet-based or otherwise, should only sell diamonds with a reliable independent certification. If you are not a diamond expert, it can be just as easy for an unscrupulous salesman to push an inferior diamond onto you in person as over the Internet. A reliable certification helps protect you from that kind of fraud, and also helps you determine whether a loose diamond you are buying over the Internet will have the sparkle you want out of a hearts and arrows diamond. AGS certified diamonds are the best of the best, especially for ideal-cut diamonds, but GIA certified diamonds are reputable as well.


  • Diamond education.
    A good diamond website should gently guide a first-time buyer towards an informed decision with a wealth of diamond education information, such as user-friendly articles, diagrams and even videos. Take advantage of this free information and make sure you are well informed before you even contact a customer service representative. Many websites also feature diamond buying guides that can help you maximize your budget while still walking away with a fantastic diamond. Most websites that sell loose diamonds online have tons of this kind of information available; for the best education possible, look at the diamond education section on more than one website.


  • Loose diamond specialists.
    Most websites that sell loose diamonds online also sell other jewelry, whether it is just engagement ring settings for the stone, a limited selection of fine diamond jewelry, or a full inventory of silver, pearl and gemstone jewelry as well. For the best experience when purchasing diamonds online, look for a site that specializes in the diamonds themselves. This doesn’t just mean looking for GIA certified diamonds and the like, but that you want a site where every sales rep and jeweler is a diamond expert; where the inventory consists of hand-picked selection of fine diamonds, and where a customer like yourself will be given all the help and attention you need to make an informed choice and an easy purchase.

 Best Place to Buy Certified Diamonds Online

If you are thinking about buying loose diamonds online, look for a website that meets these criteria to be ensured a comfortable, secure and pain-free process.



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