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You are looking for a diamond with a good cause. You're a diamond lover. You've got countless pieces of jewelry studded with diamonds. You are looking to find an engagement ring with the right cause. You are one of those people who just can't resist the glitter and brilliance that goes with a diamond. Then you learn about the existence of blood diamonds. Your world is suddenly turned upside down.

That may be a satiric narrative but the subject is dead serious. Blood diamonds are used to fund wars and other brutal activities in certain parts of the world. Diamonds sold in this illicit trade promote violence and kill people; you want to make sure that your own non conflict diamonds.

Many sectors emphasize the difference between "clean" diamonds, often called non conflict diamonds and "blood diamonds". Even the UN General Assembly was quick to point out that diamonds mined and sold legally help the economy and promote prosperity in certain parts of Africa. In a resolution made in December 2000, they were also emphatic in stating that the sale of blood diamonds only brings about pain and suffering. That is why restrictions and standards have been put in place to differentiate non conflict diamonds from the blood diamonds.


Non Conflict Diamond Detection Points

The useful question would then be: How do I know if a diamond is a conflict diamond or a conflict free diamond? For practical purposes, the answer would really be: "There is no absolute way you can tell, especially if the diamond has already been polished." Difficult? Sure.
This is challenging   if you want to know whether or not the diamond you already own is "tainted". However, there are still some precautionary measures which are in place and which you can take in order to avoid purchasing a conflict diamond. First of all, the international community has established a system wherein a "Certificate of Origin" is required. There are known areas from where blood diamonds originate. With these certificates, you can have a way of knowing the origin of the diamond. Of course, certificates can and have been forged. Stricter measures and even stricter implementation is needed in order for this system to work efficiently.

In addition to “Certificate of Origin”, some countries have set up their own measures in order to ensure that blood diamonds are not released in their markets. Amnesty International advise is asking four questions when you are out shopping for diamonds. First, ask the salespeople how you can be sure that what they are selling are non conflict diamonds. Second, ask them if they know where their diamonds come from. Third, ask for the company policy on purchasing diamonds. Fourth, ask if they can show you a written guarantee from their suppliers. Most likely if they are unwilling to help you out with your questions, they might have something to hide. They might be unable to answer you simply because they themselves do not have assurances as to the nature of their goods. Additionally, the jewelry company may not have educated their sales people on what conflict diamonds are about. In such instances, Amnesty suggests that you go some place else.

These questions should give you assurances that you purchase only non conflict  free diamonds. Unless everyone from source to manufacturer educates and cooperates and there is international transparency, there are still chances that some blood diamonds may get through.

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