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Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring

By  , Tuesday, March 27, 2012

yellow diamond engagement ring
Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Ring
The concept of Infinity has been pondered by artists, scientists, philosophers and romantics alike. Whether defined as unbounded, unlimited, exceedingly great or immeasurable – there seems to be a moment we all share when we think of the concept of the infinite where we pause and are blown away by the thought. So many cultures and peoples have spent time to represent endlessness of time, from paintings, drawings, mathematical equations and many other mediums. Jewelers and artisans have also strived to create jewelry to withstand the test of time and to represent boundless love – and the Infinity Engagement ring is a perfect piece to covey this.


The infinity symbol has been credited to John Wallis, an English mathematician who lived November 23, 1616 through October 28, 1703. There has been much debate as to what influenced his choice for the infinity symbol: the Roman Numeral for 1000, the Etruscan Numeral for 1000 or the last letter of the Greek Alphabet, “ω” or omega. Regardless of its origin, the symbol has been recognized for its profound meaning – an endless connection. Much like a ring itself is without beginning and without end, the shape of the symbol seems to continue endlessly, yet is the combination of two halves meeting to be infinite.


Infinity Symbol Engagement Ring
Infinity Symbol Engagement Ring

Whiteflash Infinity Engagement Rings are not a direct replica of the symbol, but rather a take on the original design. In ancient India and Tibet, the symbol represents perfection between the duality of man and woman, similar to the Ying and Yang. The Diamond Infinity Ring accommodates a center diamond ranging from 0.50ct to 3.00ct, at the ends of the infinity symbol – allowing the center diamond to truly represent the endless love found between the couple – found between the end and the beginning of eternity. The Infinity diamond rings also feature 46 brilliant A CUT ABOVE ® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee, weighing at approximately 0.28ctw, F/G VS quality.



Infinity Engagement Ring
Infinity Engagement Ring
The number 46 is also significant to the amount of human chromosomes in our DNA – a building block of what we are as individuals. The Infinity Ring meaning is a combination of all of this, and of course the significance of the two people to be wed. The most beautiful aspect of jewelry design is the knowledge that many people, at times countless, have come together to create something to be used in the union of two souls, and this is particularly true in the case of diamond Infinity Rings.


So when you are considering styles of engagement rings – take a moment to consider the Infinity rings for women. Allow the right diamond to represent the spark of your love – nestled between all things beginning and all things coming to end. Let it stand for your endless love. Let your love be infinite.



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