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Princess Diamond – What to look for in a Princess Cut Diamond

By  , Wednesday, February 27, 2013


princess diamond

 “Once upon a time there lived a princess… “   Unlike the fairy tale princess, this one was born in the skilled hands of a diamond cutter sometime in the 1960’s. Since then, the princess diamond has gained royal status and is now second only to the round brilliant in popularity.  The Princess cut diamond  has a brilliant style facet arrangement on the pavilion, much like a round diamond, but is square in shape.   They adorn the engagement rings of countless brides-to-be and are seen in every other imaginable kind of diamond jewelry.   The angular shape of the princess diamond makes it very compatible with jewelry designs, both modern and vintage, that feature straight lines.
The best princess cut diamonds exhibit outstanding fire, brilliance and scintillation (diamond sparkle).  Unfortunately, most princess diamonds on the market today are cut for yield and not for light performance. To learn why there are so few ideal princess diamonds on the market please see our page discussing AGS vs GIA in terms of cut grading.

princess diamond engagement ring

For ultimate beauty and light performance you should consider a Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Princess.  These super ideal  cut princess diamonds live up to their reputation as being among the finest diamonds in the world.  The Whiteflash website features a large inventory of A CUT ABOVE® Princess diamonds, complete with actual photos, light performance images, and full gemological details on each.  In addition to their extraordinary beauty, you will find that princess diamonds are considerably less expensive than their round counterparts when comparing comparable size and quality. This is because a rough diamond crystal will yield a larger princess cut than it will a round cut diamond, thus making the princess an outstanding value due to a lower cost per carat. Getting more diamond for your dollar is a big advantage to most of us! 
A princess diamond has pointed corners that are more vulnerable to chipping during the setting process. When looking at clarity features, be sure that there are no serious inclusions on or near the corners that will increase this risk. It is also advisable that the setting itself is one that will protect the diamond’s corners. In the Houston area Whiteflash Showroom you will find many exquisite designer engagement rings that will do just that, and are a perfect match for a beautiful ideal princess.  
There’s a little bit of princess in every woman. If you want that “happily ever after” feeling for yourself and your loved one, an exquisite princess is sure to be a royal delight.   And by knowing what to look for in a princess cut diamond, you can find a diamond of great beauty AND value.  Socially conscious shoppers concerned about the issue of conflict diamonds can also rest assured that Whiteflash is sensitive to the issue and deals only in conflict free diamonds.
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