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Princess Cut Diamonds


Custom Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring The princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape. The traditional round brilliant shape still outsells the princess cut by a large margin, but princess cut diamonds outpace all other “fancy shape” diamonds in popularity today.

The reasons for the popularity of princess cut diamonds are many. First, they have a brilliant style facet arrangement on the pavilion of the diamond that produces sparkle similar to a round. Secondly, they have a symmetrical linear shape that works well with many modern architectural designs. And most important of all, princess cut diamonds give you more diamond for your dollar than any other shape on today’s market.

Princess cut diamonds are of special appeal to buyers interested in lab certified ideal cut diamonds. The American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) performs cut quality analysis on the princess cut (and several other diamond shapes), while the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) issues cut grading reports only on the round brilliant. AGSL cut grading criteria are so stringent that only a fraction of the princess cut diamonds on the market can boast an AGS 0 (Ideal) certificate. But astute shoppers who seek them out are rewarded with sparkle and fire unmatched by ordinary princess cuts.


  *For an in-depth look at this subject please see our article about princess cut grading at AGSL . A summary version of the article can be found here.


Princess Certificate

In terms of value, the princess cut may be unsurpassed. Because the shape is very compatible with the shape of the most common type of rough diamond crystal, the carat weight yield of a princess cut is generally much greater than for round. For example, a rough diamond that would produce a .75ct round diamond, might produce a princess cut of 1.00 carat. With the cost of the rough the same for both, the bigger princess cut can be sold for same price as the smaller round, which is significantly less on a per carat basis. Therefore, buyers looking to get the biggest stone for the money often find princess cut diamonds to be of outstanding value.

Princess Diamonds ASET Idealscope
Whiteflash Light Performance Images of A CUT ABOVE® Princess

With diamond prices continuing to increase, many buyers are being forced to make trade-offs in order to afford a diamond of the size they are interested in. Most buyers are comfortable making small concessions in color as long as the diamond appears white, and small compromises in clarity as long as the stone is eye-clean. Many buyers today understand that diamond cut quality is of paramount importance and are more often seeking ideal cut diamonds. For those buyers AGS 0 certified princess cut diamonds are the answer, delivering maximum brilliance and fire and the largest size possible within their budget. For ultimate beauty and light performance in a princess cut the A CUT ABOVE® Princess Super Ideal is considered by many experts to be the finest princess cut in the world.


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