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Below you will find reviews written by Whiteflash customers from Belgium to give you a sense of their experiences and the variety and quality of jewelry we produce.


November 25, 2016
Once again, we are very happy with what we have purchased. All of the rings look great. Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. As you already know, a lot of time and effort goes into choosing rings and it is nice when others can help you along the way.
Daniel, Australia
November 24, 2016
My family is very very happy with the ring. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone over there at Whiteflash that was part of this whole process. You guys are truly something else - exceptional diamonds accompanied by just as exceptional customer service. Again, thank you!
Martin, Philippines
November 23, 2016
My ring arrived yesterday and I have been enchanted with it ever since! It is just beautiful! Thank you again for your exceptional service. You made my shopping experience with Whiteflash fun and exciting, and continued to boost my confidence in the process each time we talked or exchanged emails. I have no hesitation recommending Whiteflash to my friends!
Irene, California, USA
November 22, 2016
From both our eyes, the inclusions are imperceptible, and I'm glad we did not let a non-eye clean stone deter us. It is nearly impossible to see through all the shine. Thank you for all your help!
Summit, Ohio, USA
Chocolate. Beer. Waffles. When the Belgians make something, they tend to do it right. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Belgium jewelry stores tend to turn out some of the most high quality and well-crafted jewelry available anywhere in Europe. The Antwerp, Belgium diamond industry is one of the most important centers of the polished diamond and gemstone industry worldwide—jewelers from all over the world come to Antwerp to buy their stones. However, perhaps because of the advanced level of the professional market in Belgium, it can be difficult for the average Belgian or visitor to find that perfect Belgium engagement ring at the retail level, especially if you are not an expert on diamond buying. However, if you do find a way to navigate the complex world of the Belgium diamond markets, you can feel satisfied in the fact that you are buying your diamond ring from the very heart of the world diamond market.
Located just 30 minutes from the Antwerp international airport, the Belgium Diamond Center consists of a single square mile packed with over 1500 diamond companies and four diamond bourses, or stock exchanges. International diamond prices are heavily influenced by the activity of these exchanges, and the level of activity and the vast quantities of money being traded are simply mind-boggling. The highly protected center employs thousands of skilled diamond workers, from cutters to graders, and houses billions of dollars’ worth of diamonds every single day. In this quarter, 500 years of Antwerp’s diamond cutting and trading traditions are both kept alive and improved upon with state-of-the-art modern equipment and techniques.
Since the diamond industry in Belgium is highly regulated by the government, it is safer to invest in a top-notch diamond here than in many other foreign markets. However, it is still imperative that even a high quality Belgium diamond be sold with a certificate from a reliable, independent diamond grading lab that will assure you that in every aspect of diamond quality, you are getting exactly what you are paying for.
First-time Belgium diamond shoppers often head to DiamondLand, the largest and most user-friendly Belgium jewelry store. While many Antwerp diamond vendors carry primarily loose stones, with a relatively small selection of engagement ring settings and other jewelry pieces, DiamondLand caters to a more retail-oriented clientele with a full range of fashion jewelry and the best-in-Belgium engagement rings. Customer service in Belgium jewelry stores can vary drastically, with some stores paying dramatically less attention to retail customers who need more guidance and advice than to wholesale or professional-level buyers who are much more informed about the industry. At DiamondLand, however, customer service is geared much more to a first-time buyer’s level, with trained sales associates available to walk you through every step of the choice and decision making process before you purchase your ring.

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