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November 25, 2016
Once again, we are very happy with what we have purchased. All of the rings look great. Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. As you already know, a lot of time and effort goes into choosing rings and it is nice when others can help you along the way.
Daniel, Australia
November 24, 2016
My family is very very happy with the ring. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone over there at Whiteflash that was part of this whole process. You guys are truly something else - exceptional diamonds accompanied by just as exceptional customer service. Again, thank you!
Martin, Philippines
November 23, 2016
My ring arrived yesterday and I have been enchanted with it ever since! It is just beautiful! Thank you again for your exceptional service. You made my shopping experience with Whiteflash fun and exciting, and continued to boost my confidence in the process each time we talked or exchanged emails. I have no hesitation recommending Whiteflash to my friends!
Irene, California, USA
November 22, 2016
From both our eyes, the inclusions are imperceptible, and I'm glad we did not let a non-eye clean stone deter us. It is nearly impossible to see through all the shine. Thank you for all your help!
Summit, Ohio, USA

Hungary Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Buying an engagement ring in Hungary is not as simple as it is in most other places in the world. In most countries, when a man wants to propose to a woman, he goes to a jewelry store (or goes online) and picks out a diamond engagement ring setting, either a solitaire or a more decorative diamond setting, and a single center diamond, and has an engagement ring made up. While the couple is engaged, the bride wears that engagement ring, and then once the couple is married, she adds a wedding band—usually either a simple gold band, or a narrow band decorated with a small row of diamonds. Here in Hungary, though, things are a bit different.
In Hungary, engagement rings have only been a major part of the engagement tradition for about 200 years. Until then, couples used the same ring for both engagement ring and wedding band—the bride switching the ring from her left to right hand after the wedding ceremony. Even today, some couples in more rural areas use only one ring, usually a decorative diamond ring that looks like a cross between the classic wedding band and more complex, intricate engagement ring. Although in Hungary, diamonds are plentiful, not all couples opt for a ring with a single center stone.
Interestingly, today in Hungary, engagement rings have evolved into a three-step process. When a couple first begins dating seriously, the man will often present the woman with a simple silver ring, often decorated with a small heart formed with three small gemstones. This ring functions much like a promise ring—announcing the couple’s seriousness and commitment to each other without the significance and ramifications of the engagement ring. Once the couple does decide to get engaged, they will often go together to a traditional Hungary jewelry store and choose a gold engagement ring together. In one particularly sweet engagement tradition, the woman typically presents the man with a beautiful handkerchief that she has embroidered herself as a part of the proposal. Even today, when many women no longer embroider, many young, successful women give their fiancés a gift of a tie pin ,a pair of cufflinks or a watch around the time of the engagement. Finally, at the wedding ceremony itself, the man will present the woman with one more ring—the wedding band, which is usually a plain, unadorned band of yellow or white gold. After the wedding ceremony, the couple will often have their names and the wedding date engraved into the inside of the rings.
Most Hungary jewelry stores nowadays are prepared to handle this Hungary jewelry tradition, as well as to cater to the preferences of the younger, more modern Hungarian couples in the bigger cities who come in looking for American-style engagement rings with center diamonds. In Hungary, diamonds can be more expensive than in other European countries, because of the lower demand, but recently, increased interest in American-style engagement rings has created more of an incentive for Hungary jewelry stores to keep them in stock.

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