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November 25, 2016
Once again, we are very happy with what we have purchased. All of the rings look great. Thank you so much for your help throughout this process. As you already know, a lot of time and effort goes into choosing rings and it is nice when others can help you along the way.
Daniel, Australia
November 24, 2016
My family is very very happy with the ring. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone over there at Whiteflash that was part of this whole process. You guys are truly something else - exceptional diamonds accompanied by just as exceptional customer service. Again, thank you!
Martin, Philippines
November 23, 2016
My ring arrived yesterday and I have been enchanted with it ever since! It is just beautiful! Thank you again for your exceptional service. You made my shopping experience with Whiteflash fun and exciting, and continued to boost my confidence in the process each time we talked or exchanged emails. I have no hesitation recommending Whiteflash to my friends!
Irene, California, USA
November 22, 2016
From both our eyes, the inclusions are imperceptible, and I'm glad we did not let a non-eye clean stone deter us. It is nearly impossible to see through all the shine. Thank you for all your help!
Summit, Ohio, USA
As India becomes one of the fastest growing economies in the world, tourists are flooding into the country like never before. Tourists from the United States and Europe are fascinated by the rich cultural and religious lore, the incredible natural beauty, and the shopping. Handmade Indian handicrafts are not yet available around the world the way artisanal goods from other countries are, and so tourists are able to find unique handmade jewelry and art pieces for excellent prices while supporting the local economy and communities.
Buying jewelry in India is a great way to support local crafts and artisans, and also makes a wonderful souvenir for friends and family back home. But before you make a big India jewelry purchase, it is helpful to be aware of some tips and tricks for safely buying jewelry in India.
The industry for jewelry in India is not well regulated—shopkeepers in India jewelry stores can misrepresent the quality and materials of their jewelry. Make sure to inspect pieces carefully for quality and workmanship, and stay resistant to even the most persuasive sales talk. In fact, although the India diamonds market is one of the biggest in the world, it can be difficult to find authentic India diamonds for sale locally because of this trust issue. If you do buy a diamond in India, make sure it is certified by a reputable international certification agency.
One of the best places to find authentic India jewelry is in Jaipur. This city has several well-reputed jewelry merchants, most notably Gem Palace, which sells directly to the public as well as wholesale to several notable American department stores. This is a great place to find those India rings and bracelets that adorn the hands and arms of all the local women. If you are specifically looking for an India engagement ring, you would do best to stop at the Jewel Emporium, one of Jaipur’s best jewelry stores with a distinctly Western focus.
If your travels in India will take you only to Delhi, you can find all your authentic India jewelry at the Cottage Industries Emporium, a government-run mall of sorts that houses dozens of vendors selling authentic local handicrafts of every kind. You can pick up home decor, art, religious items, clothing, and jewelry that has been handmade in India, and be assured that you are getting quality products for a fair price.
Although many Western tourists are afraid of shopping in India jewelry stores, you can find authentic, quality India jewelry at good prices if you stick to stores that have an established reputation, inspect each piece for quality and workmanship, and buy only diamonds that are certified by a reliable international agency. With these precautions in place, you will be able to be happy with your India jewelry purchase for years and years to come.

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