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October 05, 2015
The ring turned out beautifully and she absolutely loves it. Thanks again for the great experience and customer service you've provided along the way. I'll be sure to recommend Whiteflash to any friends who may be in the market for diamonds in the future.
Mark, Indiana, USA
July 28, 2015
Just picked up the ring and it is just beautiful. I can't believe what a difference the new setting makes. I absolutely love the Legato Sleek line setting. It really makes the center stone a star. Thank you and the Whiteflash team. You guys rock.
Dana, Indiana, USA
April 02, 2015
The ring is stunning. You guys are a class above the rest! Thank you again
Dusty, Indiana, USA
November 12, 2014
Just received the single earring. I love the color of the blue sapphire. I didn't realize how delicate the 3 prong martini setting would be. I really, really love it. Please the entire Whiteflash team. You guys are the best, and that's why I keep coming back to you. Thank you for taking such good care of me.
Dana, Indiana, USA
Valentine’s Day may be the day set aside on the calendar by Hallmark and the florist companies to celebrate love and romance, but true romantics that February 15 and 16 can be just as special as the 14th. In fact, that one day of full-time romance may be just the thing many couples need to realize that it is time to take their relationship to the next level. The day after Valentine’s, Google searches for engagement rings tends to skyrocket—but whether that is an informed decision or just the lingering glow of good food and good times, we will never know.
If you find yourself in the post-Valentine’s proposal mentality, you are probably wondering where the best place to engagement rings in Indiana is—should you head to your nearest mall, seek out a fancy boutique, or maybe try one of those charming family-owned shops? Rest assured that we will help you find the best Indiana jewelers, jewelry stores, and antique shops, as well as the best of Indianapolis in several other important categories. Best Antiques – The Midland Arts and Antiques Market in Indianapolis is a rare hidden gem when it comes to finding quality antique jewelry at great prices. With two locations and over 200 vendors, Midland has been voted “Best Antiques Store” in the city for many of the 15 years it has been around. Midland also carries an incredible variety of art, antique furniture, home decor and curiosities.
Best Engagement Rings – The thing about being in business for over 90 years is that Indianapolis’ Windsor Jewelry is now providing engagement rings for the grandchildren of some of their original clientele. That’s what we call dedication to the community! With a name that evokes the elegance and grandeur of the royal family, and the simple, straightforward customer service typical of Indiana jewelers, Windsor is exactly the kind of neighborhood jewelry shop Indiana engagement ring shoppers seek. Most recently, Windsor was chosen as the official jeweler to produce the game coin for the Indianapolis Superbowl.
Best Sterling Silver Jewelry – For fashionable, high-quality sterling silver jewelry and other fashion jewelry items, you can’t do better than Silver in the City, in Indianapolis. The small and charming shop stocks a wide variety of home decor, gifts, curiosities, and of course, jewelry and accessories. While you can find all kinds of interesting necklaces and earrings here, you can also find specific Indiana jewelry, like Hoosier pendants and even earrings that pronounce your support for local sports teams. Plus, Silver in the City is dedicated to supporting local artists, and stocks many items made by local Indiana jewelers and artisans.
Best Vintage – Located inside Indianapolis’ famous Indy City Market, Jackie J’s Jewelry is one of the city’s best kept jewelry secrets. Carrying a range of vintage, retro, and artisan-made costume jewelry, Jackie J’s is one of those places you won’t want to tell other people about, for fear that they will discover the secret behind your exotic, one-of-a-kind jewelry finds.

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