Lighthouse Proposal
February 01, 2012

Lighthouse Proposal

It was the 21st of August 2011. My girlfriend Leah and I were traveling through the Bahamas, seeing the sights and tasting new foods. We were on Abaco Island at a bar/restaurant trying to decide what to do. When we asked the waitress she told us about Hope Island with its pink sand beaches and a candy striped lighthouse. We decided to take the ferry the next day to Hope Island and spend the day on this picturesque little island. When I heard about the lighthouse a little light turned on in my head and I knew that was the place! I started planning how I was going to ask her in my head all night and decided it was best to get there early to avoid too many people being around. The first stop for the ferry was the lighthouse and to our surprise and my luck, we were the only ones there! As we walked up to the lighthouse my nerves were going crazy but I had to keep my cool so she didn't suspect anything. We spiraled up the steep staircase to the top of the lighthouse. After enjoying the view for a few moments Leah wanted to head down but I asked her to wait for a minute and sit down, haha straight away she knew something was up so I didn't hesitate. I knelt down on one with a lovely little cherrywood box in my hand and said 'Leah, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife.' Then I opened the box and all I heard was Waaaah Oh my GOD! After she got over the ring she eventually said YES! I took the ring out of it's box and slipped it on her finger, it fit perfectly. So I would like to thank you and the Whiteflash team for helping me to make that day so special to me and especially Leah.
Damian, Australia


October 21, 2016
My diamond consultant was so helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable that I felt compelled to write you directly, rather than leave a random review on social media. Whiteflash is an excellent company with high standards and amazing diamonds. I love the fact that you have ASET, idealscope and sarin reports. Your prices are fair and inventory is plentiful for round and princess cuts. In my experience, what separated Whiteflash from James Allen, Enchanted, Zoara, etc. was the customer interaction that I had with Becca mainly, and some other staff after the diamond was purchased. It is invaluable to have someone with such expertise and alacrity guide you through this process. Thanks again, Whiteflash. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a diamond ring.
Steven, Connecticut, USA
October 20, 2016
The ring is beautiful, I think she is going to be over the moon :) So sparkly :) I want to thank you for your help and patience. I knew roughly what I was after but you gave me everything I needed to finally go through with it. Also please pass on my thanks to the other people I've dealt with at Whiteflash throughout the process. It got delivered right as I got home this afternoon so the timing couldn't have been better.
Tim, Australia
October 19, 2016
The ring is beautiful and my fiancee loves it. The diamond is big and flashy, when she wore the ring and walked into Tiffany & Cartier in Guam (we were shopping our wedding band there), their sales staff all noticed the ring and were all wow'd by it and kept asking which brand it was and applauded how beautiful it is. Thank you and the entire Whiteflash team so much for helping me to put this brilliant piece together.
Chris, Taiwan
October 18, 2016
She of course said yes! She loves the ring and gets compliments everywhere she goes. So I am very happy as well as Beth with the ring as well as the experience. Thank you again for making the experience painless and wonderful.
Hebert, Washington, USA

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