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Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Radiant Cut Diamond 



Radiant Cut Diamond


The Radiant diamond was introduced in 1977.  It was designed to have the best qualities of both round brilliant and emerald cut diamonds.  The diamond's shape has the outer lines and cut corners of the emerald's crown while enjoying triangular faceting like the round on the pavilion.  This causes it to be an emerald shape with more pin flash sparkle than the traditional step-cut emerald.  It is identified on GIA reports as a ‘cut-cornered square mixed cut.’




Trimmed corners make the radiant diamond a versatile shape for diamond jewelry since it looks equally appealing set with square or round side-stones.  Side by side radiant diamonds have a distinctive geometric look, as the edges meet, creating ‘Vs’ where the cut corners occur.  In an eternity application, length-to-width ratios must be precisely matched (see configurations below). 



radiant cut diamond

Radiant Diamond Assessment

Unlike round diamonds, the performance of fancy shaped diamonds cannot be predicted using only proportions or static reflector photography.  Experienced sellers can recommend a favored range of parameters, and it is possible to make broad conclusions from photography and reflector images, but these shapes must be seen live for decisive evaluation.  For this reason it is imperative to work with an expert you trust on princess selection.  Our favored range for the radiant cut diamond incorporates a slightly higher crown range than the princess cut diamond and a smaller table.  Appropriate depth is slightly less than standard princess depth, though practical limits depend on length-width ratio.  Average girdle thicknesses of Thin, Med or Slightly Thick are desirable.  Too thick and too much of the diamond’s weight is hidden in the girdle.  Too thin and there could be a durability issue, though the radiant diamond doesn't have vulnerable corners like a traditional princess cut diamond.   


Radiant Diamond Configurations

Radiants vary in their degree of squareness.  The length-to-width ratio describes the diamond’s face-up rectangular appearance.  Square appearing diamonds have a length-to-width ratio between 1 and 1.05.  For a more rectangular shape length-to-width ratios at or greater than 1.10 are recommended.

Radiant Diamond Configurations

The radiant diamond's crown is similar to that of the princess cut diamond and shape of the emerald cut diamond.  The similarities are easily seen.

History of the Radiant Diamond  

The original radiant diamond design was developed and patented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard.  After 17 years of holding the patent the Grossbard family began permitting others to cut the shape.  Precursors to the radiant cut were the princess cut diamonds and barion cuts.   

radiant cut diamond

Diamond Rough   

Every piece of diamond rough is different and some pieces will finish best as a shape other than round.  The diamond cutter makes decisions based on what will make the most attractive diamond while allowing most yield from the diamond's rough.  The radiant cut diamond works well with steep rough and much of the material best suited for square shapes may finish better as a radiant or princess diamonds, rather than a square baguette or emerald cut.   

Expert Selection   

It is critical to work with a diamond expert you trust on locating and selecting the best diamond available, particularly in fancy shapes - which must be seen to be decisively assessed.





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