6 Disney Princess Inspired Proposals

Disney Inspired ProposalHow’s this for a unique proposal idea—a proposal inspired by your girl’s favorite Disney movie. As any girl knows, the Disney movies you loved as a kid (and a few new ones) are still amazing and tear-worthy because they are the ultimate representation of true love, before growing up and romantic comedies ruined that princess-meets-prince perfection. And no, we may not want Disney engagement rings with Mickey Mouse settings (although those do exist—just google “Disney engagement rings 2012 for some incredible custom options), but there is something about the grandeur and romance of a classic Disney proposal that sets the stage for the fairy tale wedding that is sure to follow. (If you do have your heart set on a Disney engagement ring, consider incorporating the classic motifs in a more subtle way, or just opting for a princess-cut diamond for your perfect princess engagement ring.


A word of warning: these six Disney princess inspiration proposals are not for the casual Disney fan. The Disney proposal is best suited for that girl who just can’t get enough of her favorite Disney movie, or for the couple who have a fun shared history with a particular movie. (I know one couple who realized that they both dressed up as characters from Aladdin for Halloween on the same year as kids; their first dance at the wedding was set to the theme song from the movie.)


The Cinderella Proposal1. The Cinderella Proposal. Ride up on a horse and carriage and send in a “footman” to bring her out to the carriage. When she walks up, get out and kneel down with a shoe on a pillow, slipping it on her foot. Then, once you produce the real engagement ring, escort her into the carriage and ride off together. You can either get a real glass slipper in her size from Disney Bridal, or, for a modern twist, order a pair of shoes that you know she has been coveting online and present her with one of those instead.


The Princess and the Frog Proposal2. The Princess and the Frog Proposal. In one scene, the Frog tries to propose to Tiana on a nighttime private boat ride. Although the proposal in the movie doesn’t exactly go according to plan, the elements—nighttime boat ride, elegant private dinner, and proposal—are classic and sure to go well for you, even if you’re not a frog.


The Beauty and the Beast Proposal3. The Beauty and the Beast Proposal. Any book-loving Belle in your life will appreciate this one. Find an elegant “library-style” bar, like Library at Hudson in New York or The Library Bar in Los Angeles. Rent it out for a few hours, and have a pianist play classical music while you and your sweetheart enjoy a private dinner and then a romantic dance. Of all the Disney proposals, this one is most suited to adapting for a romantic proposal idea that isn’t specifically Disney-related.


The Aladdin Proposal4. The Aladdin Proposal. You are going to need some guts for this one. Take your girl on a private walk somewhere pretty, and then “come upon” a Persian carpet on the ground somewhere. While she sits on it, step out for a moment and come back dressed as Aladdin, singing “A Whole New World.” It may sound cheesy, but seeing that you are willing to put yourself out like that will melt her heart.


The Little Mermaid Proposal5. The Little Mermaid Proposal. This one is relatively easy, but you will need some help from some musician friends. Go for a romantic boat ride at a pretty lake, and make a casual joke about how you should “kiss the girl.” Have a group of musicians waiting somewhere nearby, on a bridge or dock, and have them begin playing “Kiss the Girl” as you get closer. Change the lyrics so that soon they are singing “Marry the Girl...” As if joking, kneel down in the boat, and then, to her surprise, pull out a perfect-for-Disney diamond engagement ring!


The Tangled Proposal6. The Tangled Proposal. Although it is not a proposal scene in the original movie, there is something incredibly beautiful and romantic about the scene in Tangled where Rapunzel and Flynn sit in a rowboat with flying paper lanterns landing all around them. Enlist some friends to set up the lanterns (you can find instructions online) while you go for a romantic sunset boat ride. As the lanterns fill the sky, ask the big question, and then pull up on the shore where your friends and family wait to congratulate you and give you one more lantern to set off together!




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