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Seven Steps to Picking the Perfect Solitaire Diamond Pendant

By  , Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A solitaire diamond pendant is a classy and simple addition to any outfit. Consisting of a single diamond suspended on a simple chain, the solitaire pendant is an easy choice for a gift and a great purchase that will never go out of style. Despite its simplicity, there are many options for the solitaire diamond pendant, much as there are for the solitaire ring, so it is important to research your diamond thoroughly and select your diamond carefully.


bezel-round-diamond-pendant1. Metal. The most popular metals used for diamond pendants are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. While platinum is the strongest and the least liable to need professional maintenance, it is also the most expensive, and some people prefer white gold, which has a similar look for a more affordable price. Others prefer the vintage look of yellow gold.






3-prong-diamond-pendant-with-round-cut-diamond2. Chain. There are several kinds of chains available, from tough and chunky to delicate and feminine. Choose the one that best fits your taste, your budget and your lifestyle. If you want to wear your diamond pendant every day, opt for a sturdier chain that will not break easily.






0-50ct-full-bezel-diamond-pendant3. Diamond Setting. There are almost as many styles of settings available for diamond pendants as there are for diamond rings. The most popular are the prong setting, reminiscent of a Tiffany ring, and the bezel setting, in which the diamond is set directly into a metal setting. Prong settings for diamond pendants come in three- or four-prong styles, while bezel settings can be full (the setting completely encircles the diamond) or partial (the setting touches only half the stone).





0-25ctw-4-prong-solitaire-princess-diamond-pendant4. Setting only versus ready-to-go. Like earrings and other diamond jewelry, solitaire diamond pendants come in two versions: setting-only, in which you buy your own diamond separately, and ready-to-go, which comes already fitted with a diamond. Ready-to-go is an easier choice, and you are guaranteed a beautiful stone, but setting-only varieties offer more customizability and variation.






milgrain-halo-diamond-pendant5. Diamond Shape. The two diamondshapes most often found in pendants are round and princess cut, although pear-shaped diamonds are occasionally set into diamond pendants as well. Determining which shape you want will help you decide on the setting style and chain style, so it’s best to examine a few different shapes first and see which you prefer.






0-763ct-yellow-gold-4-prong-pendant6. Pendant Setting. In addition to the diamond setting, which holds the stone into the pendant, some diamond pendant necklaces also have a setting around the diamond, which can consist of a decoratively carved metal piece or a halo setting. The halo setting is a popular one in which the center stone is set into a secure bezel setting that is set with many small pavé diamonds. It has the dual advantage of keeping the diamond extremely secure while also enhancing its appearance.




flower-pendant-with-diamonds7. Specialty Styles. In addition to the basic solitaire diamond pendant, you might want to look at a few creative variations. Some interesting specialty styles carried by, an online diamond jewelry boutique, include the Bellerina where they set their ‘A Cut Above’ Melee, super ideal cut diamonds cut specificially for Whiteflash , in which the center stone is wrapped in petal-like swirls. The other specialty pendant is the “XO”, which crossing the setting over the center diamond in the shape of an X. XO is always a great signature for the affection you want to show your partner. Many more unique variations exist, and can make great gifts for someone who loves diamond pendants.


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