10 Tips for Buying a Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Thanks to our years of experience, we often give advice about our jewelry – when buying something special, we always encourage our customers to do research and ask any questions they might have. Here we’ve put together some common questions asked about selecting diamond solitaire pendants.
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Why should I buy a diamond solitaire pendant?

There is no doubt about it, diamonds are in a league of their own when it comes to sparkle – no other gemstone can compete. And while the engagement ring is the most common diamond purchase, a diamond solitaire pendant is a gift that is perfect for any age - be it a graduation celebration, anniversary gift, or even as a gift to yourself! In fact, the simple styling of this type of necklace means that it really does suit all ages and occasions.
Three Prong Martini Diamond Pendant
Three Prong Martini Diamond Pendant

What should I consider when choosing my diamond?

Positioned as it is around the neck, the diamond you choose will be seen in all its glory. So this is one piece of jewelry where it is worth making sure that you get the best possible stone that your budget will allow. Cut, clarity, color and carat are all important, and you can learn more about what to look for in a diamond here. If you are looking for something truly breathtaking, one of the best options available is an A CUT ABOVE® diamond. These precision cut gems offer the ultimate in brilliance and eye-catching beauty. Among other elite qualities, these diamond achieve the best possible grading of Triple Ideal from the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL).

Which metal is most appropriate for the chain?

If you are buying the pendant as a gift, keep the recipient’s personal style in mind when choosing the chain. If it is for someone who appreciates contemporary styling, a white gold or even platinum chain is perfect. Paired with a diamond, this is a classic choice, and is the most popular when it comes to solitaire diamond pendants today. On the other hand, if this is to be worn by someone with a more vintage aesthetic, yellow gold offers a rich and traditional look.

Which chain length should I buy?

The standard pendant chain length is 16 inches, although longer chains are always available. This length usually leaves the pendant resting nicely on the collarbone. Another option is to choose a longer chain with jump rings. These chains have two rings, towards the end and set an inch or so apart, so that you can adjust the chain from, say, 20 inches to 18 inches, which can add an extra element of versatility to the pendant.

The pendant is going to be worn every day, what should I consider?

If you’re planning on wearing the necklace every day, it is worth considering a less delicate and more robust chain that will stand up to the rigors of everyday life. Using a diamond setting such as a four prong or bezel setting will also ensure that the diamond stays securely in place.
Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant

What setting is best for this type of diamond necklace?

This is something that should be carefully considered in relation to the style of the wearer. A bezel setting, where the diamond is set directly into the metal, is generally considered to be a more contemporary style. Whereas a prong setting, much like you might find on your typical solitaire diamond engagement ring, will give the necklace a more classic feel.

Should I buy the setting only?

Like many pieces of diamond jewelry, a solitaire diamond pendant can be bought either ready-made, including the diamond and chain, or the setting only. Buying the setting alone allows you to set the diamond of your choice, such as an heirloom diamond or a new certified diamond you purchased separately. Many people opt for the ready-made option as it makes the purchasing decision easier. Others prefer the “a la cart” approach to get exactly what they want.

What shape diamond should I go for?

The most popular diamond shapes for pendants are Round and Princess cut, although other styles such as Pear shape can also be nice. The shape you go for will have an effect on the setting style – our best advice is to consider a variety of options, and see which you prefer. When in doubt, you just can’t go wrong with a well cut round brilliant.

What is a pendant setting?

In addition to the mounting for the center diamond itself, some pendant necklaces also have accent diamonds around the center gem. This adds an extra level of detail and sparkle to the necklace. The Halo setting is popular, because the small pave diamonds enlarge and accentuate the overall look.

I’m buying a Valentines gift – what should I go for?

A diamond solitaire pendant is a gift that will be treasured whatever the occasion. But if you are looking for something that is the epitome of romance, we have the XO pendant, which might just be the perfect choice for the hopeless romantic!
XO Diamond Pendant
XO Diamond Pendant
Featuring 4 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee, these diamonds make up the O, while a delicate gold cross completes the pendant with the X. The result is an XO necklace that brilliantly beams hugs and kisses, love and friendship.

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