Your Comprehensive Guide to 2 Carat Diamond Rings: Quality, Pricing and More

For many customers, the purchase of a 2-carat diamond is a big moment. This can be a significant purchase both financially and emotionally and that is why it is so important to get it right. If you have ever seen a 2-carat diamond ‘in the flesh’ you will know that this is a dazzling size that makes for a spectacular engagement ring! Two-carat diamonds make a big statement and this guide will help you to understand the ins and outs of quality in a diamond of this weight. While focusing more on natural Earth-mined diamonds, in this guide we will also touch on the amazing opportunity afforded by lab grown diamonds to access larger diamonds within a given budget.
2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring
2.108 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

What is a 2-Carat Diamond?

Although people often speak of diamonds in terms of ‘size’, carat specifically refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200mg (5 carats in a gram).
The shape and cut quality of a diamond will affect how ‘big’ the diamond appears; for example, elongated diamond shapes such as pear or oval may appear larger than round brilliant diamonds, even when they are the same carat weight. Similarly, a beautifully cut diamond will carry the correct proportions to maximize light return, while a poorly cut diamond will compromise proportions resulting in a less brilliant, smaller looking diamond.
Diamond Size

How to Choose a 2 Carat Diamond Using the Four C’s

When it comes to choosing a 2-carat diamond, there are some key features that must be considered, and the Four C’s is an excellent place to start. Working closely with our customers, we understand that each individual has their own set of criteria and their own particular budget that they are working with. There is flexibility when choosing a 2-carat diamond, but there are also some ‘rules’ regarding quality that must be respected in order to find an attractive diamond.
Baffled by the basics? Use our Education pages to familiarize yourself with the Four C’s, or speak to a diamond expert using our live chat service.


Color is perhaps the most subjective of all the Four C’s and it is where we see our customers show the most flexibility. We carry natural diamonds from D-K in color and would be comfortable recommending any grades within this spectrum for a 2-carat diamond. Diamonds of J and lower may present a warm hue which some customers like, however they can be offset against a yellow or rose gold setting to give a whiter appearance. For a guaranteed, icy white sparkle anywhere from a D-H color is recommended, depending on your budget.
Diamond Colors from D to K
Diamond Color as seen from the side (click image to enlarge)


For two carat diamonds clarity, we recommend a VS2 or above. This grade usually ensures that the diamond is eye-clean and free of obstructive inclusions. We provide high-res diamond images and 360 videos for all of our natural in-house diamonds so you can thoroughly observe your diamond.
Simulated Diamond Clarity Grading Scale from FL to I3
Simulated Representation of the Diamond Clarity Scale


The cut will have the biggest impact upon your diamond in terms of light performance and beauty. We created our A CUT ABOVE® super-ideal cut diamonds to offer shoppers the best of the best in natural diamonds. Assessing cut quality can be a complex matter – percentages, proportions and angles which all make a big difference to the appearance of a diamond. With our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, the hard work has been done for you. A variety of advanced light performance reports and images are provided to prove it. Go for the best cut your budget will allow – it is an area of diamond quality where there is no room for compromise. 

The Fifth C – Certification

Only consider natural diamonds that carry a GIA or AGS certificate. They are top tier internationally recognized laboratories that offer consistent and accurate grades. Several other reputable labs have developed a specialty in grading lab grown diamonds, such as IGI.

I Want the Best 2 Carat Diamond

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate a wide range of customers, and depending on budget lab grown diamonds can be a great option on a 2 carat diamond. Fortunately, we are familiar with working to this standard and we carry extraordinary diamonds to please even the most discerning diamond fanatics. Our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series represents natural diamonds of extreme rarity – a tiny fraction of precision-cut diamonds carrying elite grades across the board. Considered “collector quality” these diamonds are the rarest and most beautiful in the world. You will notice a significant price increase between these diamonds and others that sit just below the highest grades – if you have the budget for it, our collection series diamonds are elite gems of incomparable sparkle and purity.

2 Carat Diamond Price

Within the recommended grades that we have outlined, the lower end of your budget for a 2.00ct diamond would be represented by J/K VS2/Si1. (Click here to see available option that part of our A CUT ABOVE® brand of super ideal-cut diamonds). The prices are at the lower end of the price range for a 2.00ct diamond, largely due to lower color. However, make no mistake that these are stunning diamonds. Certified Hearts and Arrows, with optimal light performance, the small trade off with color translates to a huge difference in price. You can read our full guide to K color diamonds here.
G/H VS1 diamonds sit in the middle of the budget spectrum of round brilliant diamonds, yet they are very near the top of the scale in terms of beauty. (Click here to see available options in super ideal cut quality). Even a diamond novice can observe the high-res image of these diamonds and appreciate their precision and beauty. VS1 clarity is essentially indistinguishable from Flawless to the naked eye, and the G/H color grades sit comfortably in the middle of the ‘near colorless’ grade range.
Representing the top end of the budget are the elite gems in our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series. These diamonds beckon connoisseurs seeking exceptional rarity and exclusivity, and ultimate diamond beauty.
Differences in gemological quality can affect the price by tens of thousands of dollars. In many cases these differences are not readily apparent in precision cut diamonds. So to maximize your budget don’t be afraid to consider J or K colors or VS2 or Si1 clarity, so long as cut quality is top of the scale. There is no such thing as a cheap 2 carat diamond in a desirable quality; if you find a 2-carat diamond with a significantly lower price, it is likely there are quality issues.

2 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

While fine natural diamonds at two carats and above can be very to extremely expensive, the recent availability of high quality laboratory grown diamonds represents a huge opportunity to own a high quality diamond at a very affordable price. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds with essentially the same chemical, physical, and optical properties of natural diamonds. But instead of having been created over billions of years deep within the Earth, lab grown diamonds are produced in factories over a few days or weeks, making them much more affordable.
A 2 carat lab grown diamond with top color and clarity that has been cut with precision for outstanding optical performance will rival the best natural diamonds in terms of beauty. Whiteflash offers such diamonds in our Precision Lab brand. These represent the very best available in lab grown diamonds. With the significantly lower cost basis, there is no reason to make much compromise on color or clarity, or to all-important cut quality.
One of the many benefits of choosing a lab created diamond is the ability to work a premium quality designer engagement ring into the budget. In many cases the whole budget is consumed in getting a high quality natural diamond, relegating the setting to something very simple and inexpensive. Lab diamonds afford the luxury of getting a spectacular designer setting and creating a show-stopping overall piece of fine jewelry.

2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings & Settings

Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
2.232ct F VS2 A CUT ABOVE set in Vatche U-113
Danhov CL117 Classico Solitaire Engagement Ring
2.132ct F VS1 A CUT ABOVE set in Danhov CL117
Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Engagement Ring
2.125ct G VVS2 A CUT ABOVE set in Simon G. MR1394
A 2-carat diamond will stand alone in a classic solitaire like this Vatche Charis setting. Sleek lines and a simple backdrop will allow the diamond to take centre stage. Similarly, a 2-carat diamond is a significant size that can comfortably stand up to even the most ornate settings. This Tacori Ribbon Diamond setting features twirling ribbons and undulating crescents of diamond melee that would beautifully enhance the sparkle of your 2-carat diamond.
Quality is key in keeping your diamond secure. A well-made setting in a precious metal will hold your diamond securely for years to come, and our portfolio of experienced designers includes something to suit every style.

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