1.5 Carat Diamond Rings: Price And Buying Guide

Larger than the average diamond, purchasing a 1.5 carat diamond should be nothing short of awesome. It holds great monetary and emotional significance, and that is why it is so essential to be stringent and get it right.
If you have ever laid eyes on a 1.50ct diamond, you will know that this is an impressive size, perfect for an engagement ring. A 1.5 carat diamond makes an impressive statement; this guide will help you to better understand the minutiae of quality in a diamond of this carat. While this article will center around natural, Earth-mined diamonds, it also applies to lab grown diamonds which can make the same visual impact at a significantly reduced price.
1.517ct Diamond Engagement Ring
1.517ct Diamond Engagement Ring

What Is A 1.5 Carat Diamond?

Diamonds are often spoken about in terms of ‘size’, but it is important to note that carat specifically refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200mg, with 5 carats equal to a gram.
While a 2 carat natural diamond costs roughly twice as much as a 1.5 carat diamond costs, a 2 carat diamond looks just 10 percent larger when viewed from above. In terms of face-up size, a 1.5 ct diamond (round cut) measures roughly 7.3mm. However, the exact measurements for any specific 1.50ct diamond can differ based on the diamond’s cut parameters. Shape and cut quality of a diamond will influence how large the diamond appears; for example, elongated diamond shapes often appear larger than round brilliant diamonds, even when equivalent in carat weight.
Furthermore, an expertly cut diamond will deliver maximum light return and sparkle, while a poorly cut diamond will result in a less brilliant, smaller visual size. For most buyers, purchasing a 1.5 carat diamond enables them to get close to the physical size of a 2ct diamond without paying the premium. However, if you are looking for a larger, more bold diamond and have a willing budget, a 2 carat diamond will have more presence, if cut correctly. And, as you will see, a 2 carat lab grown diamond can give you that bold presence at a very affordable price.
Diamond Size

How To Choose Your 1.5 Carat Diamond Using The Four C’s

When it comes to choosing a 1.5 carat diamond, there are some key considerations. As with any diamond purchase, the Four C’s (color, clarity, carat weight, and cut) are an excellent place to begin.
At Whiteflash, we work closely with our customers to understand each individual’s own set of criteria and their particular budget requirements. This allows us to make the very best recommendation.
Although there is a standard that must be upheld in order to find a top performing diamond, there can be flexibility when finding the right 1.5-carat diamond for you.
Unsure of the diamond fundamentals? Explore our Education pages to familiarize yourself with the Four C’s, or speak to one of diamond experts using our live chat service for more insight.


As far as importance goes, color is often the most subjective of all the Four C’s - it is also where many of our customers show the most flexibility after further education.
Diamonds of I and J color may present a slightly warm hue which some customers like and most can’t detect. Even with a large 1.5 carat diamond, the difference between colorless and near-colorless diamonds is almost totally indistinguishable from face up in normal lighting conditions.
For a guaranteed, icy white sparkle, we’d recommend anywhere from a D-H color, depending on your budget.
Diamond Colors from D to K
Diamond Color as seen from the side (click image to enlarge)


For 1.5 carat diamond clarity, we recommend a VS2 or above. This grade helps ensure that the diamond is eye-clean and free of obstructive inclusions.
The clarity grade takes on added importance in a 1.50ct diamond, as a diamond of this size can make inclusions more visible, especially when compared to a smaller diamond.
Simulated Diamond Clarity Grading Scale from FL to I3
Simulated Representation of the Diamond Clarity Scale
That is why we provide high-res diamond images and 360 videos for all of our natural branded in-house diamonds, so you can thoroughly observe your diamond for yourself and get acquainted with every single facet.


The cut will always have the biggest impact on your diamond, both aesthetics and price. The better a diamond’s cut, the more light it will capture and return to the eye, creating that remarkable fire and brilliance which diamonds are known for. Our A CUT ABOVE® super-ideal cut diamonds were created to provide buyers with the ultimate in fire and brilliance.
A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond
1.5ct A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond
Cut can be a complex matter and there are lots of characteristics, nuances and features which all make a big difference to the appearance of a diamond. Advanced light performance reports and images are extremely helpful in fully understanding the quality of a diamond, and are posted to our website for all of our branded diamonds.
It is important to opt for the best cut your budget allows; it is an area of diamond quality that you must prioritize to ensure you get the best value. We recommend buying certified ideal cut diamonds. Diamonds with an ideal cut will look bigger and brighter, with more fire and brilliance of a much more impressive display.

The Fifth C – Certification

You should look for NATURAL diamonds with a GIA or AGS certificate. These are top tier, internationally recognized laboratories that offer consistent and accurate grading that you can depend on. For lab grown diamonds IGI certification is also highly respected, having been one of the pioneers in the identification and grading of man made diamonds.
With our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, all the analytical work has been done for you. You can rest assured they have been graded by only top tier laboratories, and additional advanced light performance analysis is posted with each diamond.

1.50 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

It is now possible to purchase larger diamonds at very low cost due to the emergence of lab created diamonds. They are real diamonds – not substitutes like Cubic Zirconia (CZ) or Moissanite- with essentially the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural, Earth-mined diamonds. Many shoppers today are taking advantage of the opportunity to get larger diamonds for their budget, and/or pairing their lab diamond with a designer brand setting with the savings they gain on the center diamond.
Whether a lab diamond is for you is a personal decision and may revolve around the type of jewelry piece you have in mind. For decorative fine jewelry such as diamond studs and pendants, many customers are finding lab grown diamonds to be a perfect fit.
One of the many benefits of choosing a lab created diamond is the ability to work a premium quality designer engagement ring into the budget. In many cases the whole budget is consumed in getting a high quality natural diamond, relegating the setting to something very simple and inexpensive. Lab diamonds afford the luxury of getting a spectacular designer setting and creating a show-stopping overall piece of fine jewelry.

How Do I Purchase The Best 1.5 Carat Diamond?

Going online is the savviest way to get the best diamond quality and get the most value for your money. It also means you have access to a much larger selection of diamonds than any local jewelry store can offer.
We pride ourselves on being able to work to all budgets, but we also know the desire to have the best of the best can exceed everything else. Fortunately, we have worked to this standard since our inception in the year 2000, and we continue to carry phenomenal natural diamonds to please even the most knowledgeable diamond enthusiasts.
Notably, our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series showcases diamonds of extreme rarity – clean, colorless, precision-cut diamonds featuring the very top gemological grades across the board.
These elite treasures are considered collector quality and are some of the rarest and most beautiful natural diamonds in the world. Having the ultimate pedigree, you will notice a significant price increase between these diamonds and others that sit just below these highest grades. If you have the budget for it, these rare diamonds of unmatched sparkle and purity are timeless keepsakes.
1.53ct Diamond Engagement Ring
1.53ct Diamond Engagement Ring

1.5 Carat Diamond Price

Within the recommended grades that we have outlined in the color and clarity section, the lower end of your budget for a 1.50ct diamond would be represented by J/K, VS2/Si1.
Explore the most affordable options that are part of our A CUT ABOVE® super ideal-cut diamonds
The prices are at the lower end of the price range for a 1.50ct diamond, due to lower color grade; which does not mean they are any less beautiful. You still receive certified hearts and arrows with perfect optical symmetry and optimal light performance; the small compromise with color translates to a noticeable difference in price.
G/H VS1 diamonds sit in the center of the most budget-friendly spectrum, yet they more than hold their own in terms of beauty. Even diamond novices can inspect the high-res image of these diamonds and appreciate their visual perfection
VS1 clarity is essentially indistinguishable from Flawless to the naked eye, and the G/H color grades sit comfortably in the middle of the ‘near colorless’ grade range. This gives you the overall quality you desire, at a fair price.
Pro Tip: You can conceal the slight yellow tint of a diamond with a lower color grade by choosing a yellow gold or rose gold band. These metals can assist you in opting for a J or K color grade in order to fit your budget.
Defining the high end of the budget are the elite gems in our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series. These diamonds of exceptional rarity and exclusivity have strong appeal to the most discerning shoppers, who want nothing but the very best; colorless and microscopically clean with a super ideal cut.
To maximize your budget don’t be hesitant to consider J or K colors or VS2 or Si1 clarity, so long as cut quality is top of mind throughout the process.
There is no such thing as a super cheap 1.50 carat diamond in a desirable quality; if you find a 1.50 carat diamond with a questionably lower price, it is likely there are quality issues. However, the entry into the market of high quality lab grown diamonds affords the opportunity to own a 1.50 carat diamond at a remarkably low price.
Need help choosing the perfect diamond for yourself or a loved one? Contact us and our friendly and knowledgeable diamond and jewelry consultants will help you find the best 1.5 carat diamond for your tastes and budget at Whiteflash.

1.5 Carat Diamond Settings

Vatche 191 Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring
1.505ct Vatche 191 Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
1.543ct Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ2490 Modern Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring
1.524ct Ritani 1RZ2490 Diamond Engagement Ring
The 18k White Gold Legato Micro Pave Ring is a stunning work of art that incorporates our “Legato” head. We have used the very best diamond melee and spare no expense when it comes to the quality of the craftsmanship.
A 1.5 carat diamond can comfortably stand out in even the most intricate of settings. This Verragio Parisian setting features striking rose gold wraps and round brilliant cut melee that enhances any center diamond you may choose.
A well-made setting in a precious metal will keep your diamond secure for years to come. Our extensive portfolio of experienced designers includes something to suit every style. Find the perfect designer ring for your special diamond today at Whiteflash Ideal Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.

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