Flawless Diamonds - Pure Perfection - D Color Flawless A CUT ABOVE®

Diamonds are rare. A flawless diamond is exceptionally rare. A flawless diamond that is perfectly colorless is phenomenally rare. How rare does that make diamonds that are perfect in color, clarity and also in cut?
D color (perfectly colorless) IF (internally flawless) diamonds are estimated to represent a miniscule .001% of world diamond production. Because diamond prices are based upon rarity, the price premium for perfect color and clarity is substantial.
A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond
This market reality makes buyers for D IF diamonds extremely rare as well! It is particularly true when you consider that diamonds just a few grades lower in color and/or clarity can be equally beautiful and available for a significantly lower price. There is clearly an emotional component at play where D IF diamonds are concerned. These elite gems are purchased by people who want the very, very best - despite the premium cost.
So, does it make sense to buy a perfect diamond without the perfect cut? Why would customers for D IF diamonds not insist on the very best cutting, especially since cut quality is the key to light performance, sparkle, brilliance and fire? Fortunately there is the Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series consisting of super ideal cut diamonds in DEF colors and IF to VVS clarity.

A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series

In the diamond trade, the finest colors and clarities -specifically DEF and FL-VVS qualities - are known as “collection goods” highlighting their exclusivity. In that elite category one grade stands alone as being the best of the best – D Flawless - also known as a gem diamond, or just a “gem” in dealer terminology. This terminology is interchangeably applied to both D FL and D IF. The only difference is that the D IF has some very minor surface feature, such as can easily occur during setting or normal wear.
All of the Collection Series diamonds are in-stock and available exclusively at Whiteflash. Like all Whiteflash in-house diamonds, they are posted to the website with a full complement of diagnostics including full light performance imaging; ASET, Ideal Scope, Hearts and Arrows, Magnified Photo, and HD Video. And of course they come with our full benefit package including Lifetime Upgrade.

Type IIa Flawless Diamonds

Top gemological laboratories can distinguish diamonds on the basis of their diamond type, which is an important step in separating natural vs synthetic diamonds. Most mined diamonds are type Ia, which contain some nitrogen impurities. These impurities absorb certain wavelengths of light resulting in varying shades of yellow body color. They are also involved in causing blue fluorescence in diamonds. Type IIa diamonds are almost devoid of nitrogen and tend to be colorless and non-fluorescent.
While only about 1% of natural diamonds are type II, most CVD synthetic diamonds are type II. At the lab any type II diamond is referred for advanced testing to determine whether it is a natural mined diamond or a synthetic man made diamond. A natural mined D IF diamond that is type IIa is the rarest of all.

Laboratory Reporting on Diamond type

The major laboratories identify the diamond type as a first step in order to spot synthetics. But this information only appears on a report by customer request and there is an additional charge associated with it. And the labs use different formats to report it. In the case of AGS Laboratories, the diamond type will appear on the report as a notation under 'Comments'. GIA attaches a separate document to the report with information about the diamond type. This diamond has been reported on by both of the top labs providing a good example.
AGS Diamond Grading Report
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GIA Diamond Grading Report
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GIA Type IIa Document
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For those that want it all, a D IF A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows is truly the ultimate gem of gems - a proven Super Ideal Diamond. One in a Million? Factoring in ultimate cut quality, it is believed that such diamonds are actually rarer than that!
At one carat, a super gem like this 1.016 ct D IF A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamond might in fact represent something on the order of a ten million to one in terms of rarity.
And rarity increases exponentially with size. At two carats, this 2.128 ct D IF A CUT ABOVE® represents something on the order of a hundred million to one!
For those that want to own a super ideal “gem” that won’t break the bank, the A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series provides selections like this 0.312 ct D IF and this 0.614 D IF.
If true perfection is your goal, go all the way with the diamond “holy trinity” - Perfect Color, Perfect Clarity, and Perfect Cut - D IF A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamonds.

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