Tacori Jewelry: Elegance and Refinement

Beautiful jewelry is the ultimate accessory. Reflecting the beauty of the world around us, a stylish look is complimented and enhanced with the right jewelry.
In addition to their exquisite collection of Tacori engagement rings, world renowned jewelry designer Tacori offers a dazzling array of fashion and fine jewelry as well. As an authorized Tacori distributor, Whiteflash offers a wide selection of these captivating Tacori Jewelry designs for your perusal.
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
From the playful and whimsical to glamorous and sophisticated, Tacori fashion jewelry offers something for every taste and budget and the selective variety of styles in the have a “mix and match” quality that is perfect for making a creative and versatile fashion statement.
With Whiteflash, discover the world of Tacori and adorn yourself with jewelry that transcends time and fashion.

The Tacori Story

Placing an emphasis on signature details, Tacori is a renowned fine jewelry brand headquartered in California. Founded in 1969 by Haig Tacorian, it started as a family-business and has since become a prominent name in the world of fine designer jewelry.
Known for their distinctive and intricate designs, each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans to ensure exceptional attention to detail and a high level of quality. The iconic B & T seal is their official mark of authenticity, a promise of their commitment to quality craftsmanship and design.
Like many jewelry designers at the top of their game, Tacori engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry are available through their network of authorized retailers. When you purchase Tacori jewelry with Whiteflash, you are also able to customize your dream pieces with a number of available options.
Tacori 2630BSM P Dantela Half Eternity Small Pave Diamond Wedding Ring
Tacori 2630BSM P Dantela Diamond Wedding Ring
Often, clients can choose different metals, gemstones, and other design elements to create their own custom piece. These collections often feature intricate details, such as pave-set diamonds, filigree work, and milgrain accents.

Tacori Earrings

With a flair for elegance and impeccable design, Tacori stud earrings elevate any ensemble. Each pair is meticulously handcrafted with the finest materials, reflecting Tacori's commitment to unparalleled quality and style.
Discover the perfect pair that resonates with your unique style and makes a statement that goes beyond fashion. Sophistication meets craftsmanship, and every detail tells a tale of timeless beauty.

Round Cut Dantela Diamond Earrings

Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
The Dantela Diamond Earrings from Tacori feature all of Tacori's best design details. Fine milgrain, delicate prongs, and a halo of diamonds highlight your chosen center diamonds.
Brilliant, meticulously-set spotlight diamonds enhance the center with a delightfully nuanced sparkle of depth and dimension. This pair of stud earrings is eye-catching, timeless, and exceptionally wearable.
There is no doubt about the origins of the name Dantela collection – ‘Dantela’ means ‘lace’ in Romanian, and it is the delicate details throughout that make it such a fitting name.
Each of these the earrings in this collection offers lace-like diamonds around the center stone, and each utilizes the crescent silhouette to maximum effect. Designed to take in light from every angle, these half-moon arcs ensure that they sparkle at every angle.
Available in a variety of metals, a range of diamond shapes, these earrings are feminine, elegant and offer exquisite sparkle, whichever you choose.

Tacori Diamond Melee Halo Diamond Earrings

Tacori FE 670 5 Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 670 5 Diamond Earrings
In these Diamond Earrings from Tacori, you'll find a stunning diamond melee in a halo on the facing side as well as even more diamond melee inside Tacori's signature crescent design on the opposite side. Additionally, these earrings feature a seven-prong setting to emphasize your jewelry's center stone - keeping it secure while it sparkles.
It's no secret that diamond studs are one of the most popular choices because of their versatility - they're equally appropriate for the workplace, as well as for the most upscale evening events. They come in a full range of sizes and can conform to almost any budget.

Should You Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds for Your Tacori Jewelry?

To provide our customers with a full range of choices for their Tacori purchase, Whiteflash now offers the finest quality certified laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand.
Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical, physical and optical properties. They should not be confused with cubic zirconia and moissanite - which may look similar to diamonds but with very properties that make them less durable and brilliant than lab-grown or natural diamonds. Costume jewelry is more suitable for simulants.
The majority of Tacori settings available at Whiteflash can be set with any diamonds in our inventory, from the internationally recognized brand of Super Ideal Cut diamonds, A CUT ABOVE® to our in-stock lab diamonds at our Precision Lab. With a lab-grown diamond as your feature stone your Tacori jewelry piece becomes more accessible, making them both a fashion forward and cost-effective choice for gifting.

Princess Cut Dantela Diamond Earrings

Tacori FE 643 PR 5.5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 643 PR 5.5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
The Dantela Diamond Earrings from Tacori feature all of Tacori's best design details. Fine milgrain, delicate prongs, and a halo of diamonds highlight your center Princess cut diamonds.
A Tacori Dantela pair of diamond earrings offers the wearer something that is both dazzling and glamourous – it is the little Tacori design touches that makes these earrings so special.
The popularity of princess diamonds has skyrocketed in recent years. This shape combines a square outline with a brilliant style facet arrangement and the result in gemological terms is a ‘square modified brilliant’, otherwise known as the princess cut.
The straight sides and sharp corners of the princess cut make it a beautiful centerpiece for earrings, offering something different than the ever-popular round cut.
Handcrafted at their Californian studio, the master craftsmen have created a collection of beautiful earrings all featuring that lace-like design of the diamonds surrounding the beautiful center stone. A pair of sparkling diamond earrings, regardless of size, style or price point, is sure to delight the senses and bring much joy to the wearer!

Tacori Pendants & Necklaces

Whether as a gift or to pamper yourself, Tacori Pendants and Necklaces remain timeless treasures that transcend fashion trends.
There is a style to suit every taste and occasion in the collection, from classic sophistication to contemporary flair. Find the perfect piece to reflect your individual style.

Dantela Diamond Pendant

Tacori FP643 Dantela Diamond Pendant
Tacori FP643 Dantela Diamond Pendant
Simple but precise, this timeless classic is always in style. Spotlight diamonds elevate the center diamond, creating a striking pendant of nuanced depth and dimension.
Yellow gold is having a revival - no longer reserved for antiqued pieces but having a modern renaissance in more contemporary jewelry. This pendant would look wonderful in buttery hues, but it is also available in icy white gold and blushing rose gold.
Tacori's passion for quality and innovative design is evident in the timeless beauty of each facet of these stunning diamond pendants. Fusing modern glamor and style with classic elegance and tradition, the Dantela collection offers a variety of settings that complement each other beautifully.
Our partnership with Tacori ensures that you get an authentic Tacori setting paired with a top-tier diamond. For the ultimate sparkle, the beauty of Tacori is perfectly complimented by an A CUT ABOVE® diamond. Each of these elite gems is cut with extreme precision for extraordinary light performance and beauty.

Tacori Bloom Diamond Melee Halo Pendant

Tacori FP670 Diamond Pendant
Tacori FP670 Diamond Pendant
The most adaptable jewelry piece that a woman can own is a pendant necklace with diamonds. A seamless string of meticulously-set diamonds illuminates the center with clarifying depth and dimension. A crown of pave-set diamonds encircles and blooms the perfect diamond solitaire of your choosing.
There are an endless number of diamond pendant designs available; a simple, classic solitaire pendant remains the most popular.
Our diamond pendant guide has been created to assist you in finding the diamond necklace your beloved has always wanted. Be transparent about your budget with your chosen jeweler to receive personalized recommendations within your price range. Tacori is attainable when you work with an expert in the industry and a reasonable budget can usually be accommodated by selecting a diamond with the right combination of the diamond 4 C’s - carat, color, clarity, and cut.
Remember, it's not just about finding the lowest price; it's about finding the best quality within your budget to make your Tacori piece pop. This includes educating yourself about diamonds, their characteristics, and the various aspects that determine their quality and value.

Tacori Jewelry: Artistry In Every Piece

Tacori's collections cater to a diverse range of tastes, from classic and timeless designs to more contemporary and modern styles. Whether it's an engagement ring, wedding band, or a piece of fine jewelry, Tacori is known for its timeless elegance and attention to detail.
Keeping up with Tacori's latest offerings is always a good idea if you're interested in their jewelry. Browsing their superb collections is just a click away.
Tacori's combination of unique design elements, handcrafted artistry, innovative approaches, attention to detail, and commitment to quality sets it apart in the world of fine jewelry. These characteristics contribute to the brand's world-class reputation for creating timeless and distinctive pieces that appeal to a diverse range of customers.
Your best choice for a retailer to work with on your special Tacori purchase is one that has decades of experience serving diamond and fine jewelry customers all over the world. Whiteflash is that company, providing free international insured shipping and concierge level service around the clock, and catering to “Tacori Girls” worldwide.

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