A Guide to ¾ Carat Diamonds and Rings

While a ‘three-quarter carat’ may not roll off the tongue, it is a highly sought after and extremely beautiful carat weight for diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.
The guidelines for buying a diamond shift slightly when the carat weight is changed. This guide contains the simple steps you need to begin your search for a stunning ¾ carat diamond.
3/4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring
0.751 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

What is a ¾ Carat Diamond?

Though often used interchangeably, carat weight and diamond size are two different things. The size of a diamond is measured in millimeters, while the weight is expressed in carats. There are five carats to a gram, so one carat is 200mg. But it is unlikely you will ever see diamond weight expressed in anything other than carat.
Round Diamond Carat Weight Chart
You may also have heard diamonds being referred to in ‘points’, for example, an 80-point diamond. These are percentage points of a carat. One carat has 100 points, so half a carat is 50 points and so on. A ¾ carat diamond is a little different, as it can range anywhere from 0.70ct (70-points) up to 0.79ct (79-points).
At Whiteflash, we list the carat weight of our diamonds to two decimals (GIA) and three decimals (AGS), giving you exacting detail to aid your decisions. You may find other vendors simply stating the diamond for sale is a ¾ carat but this isn’t enough information to make an informed choice. It is important to know the precise carat weight in order to make decisions about the price and, indeed, the appearance of the diamond.

How Big is a ¾ Carat Diamond?

A 1.00ct diamond continues to be the most sought after choice for engagement rings. You have now learned that carat weight is not the same as size, but the question for many buyers remains: will a ¾ carat diamond be big enough?
Buying shy of 1 carat can be a great way to pull back the budget and focus it in more important areas (such as all-important cut quality) and this is often a reason for choosing a ¾ carat diamond. Whether the diamond is ‘big’ enough is really a matter of individual preference, but we do have some tips for you.
  • Cut Quality matters – Did you know a well cut ¾ carat diamond can appear as large as a 1 carat diamond because of the edge to edge light performance? Focus on getting the highest quality cut and do your research.
  • Think about shape - Different diamond shapes of the same carat weight sometimes have a bigger face up appearance. Elongated shapes such as oval or marquise may look bigger than round brilliants of the same carat weight, however a round cut diamond will have better light performance and sparkle.
  • Impact of the setting - Halo settings are a great way of adding a little extra sparkle and presence to an engagement ring, as well as three stone engagement rings.
  • Finger size - Some customers find that a ¾ carat diamond does not offer enough impact for certain finger sizes. You can use any of the above tips to maximize carat weight if this is the case. The average ring size in the US is between a 5-7 and a ¾ carat diamond works beautifully with these sizes.
We know that size matters for many customers, but a gentle reminder that getting too caught up on carat weight can result in a neglect of cut quality. Focusing on Cut is the key to maximizing beauty and budget.

Using the 4C’s to Choose a ¾ Carat Diamond

All good diamond searches begin with a thorough understanding of the Four C’s. Your budget and personal preferences will be the driving force behind your diamond quality decisions, so it is imperative that you know what you are working with.


Diamond color is one of the more subjective quality factors in diamond buying. If you find you are sensitive to color (i.e. you can easily identify yellow/brown hues in the body color of a diamond) a D-I color diamond will deliver the bright white sparkle that you are looking for. If colorless diamond (D-F) are out of your price range, choosing the near colorless bracket (G-I) will still deliver a cool and stunning sparkle. Warmer settings such as rose and yellow gold are more forgiving and will make a diamond look whiter (even with a K color diamond) – this is a great tip for those working to a modest budget.


Eye-clean, structurally sound diamonds are the name of the game when it comes to assessing diamond clarity. For ¾ carat diamond, a VS1 or 2 is a great place to start your search. We offer high-res diamond light performance imaging and 360 HD videos on all of our in-house diamonds, allowing you to scrutinize the diamond for any flaws and inclusions with ease. In the diamond details, we also list whether the diamond is completely eye-clean from the face up direction.
Eye Clean Details
Inclusions are as unique as a snowflake or a fingerprint. They are a reminder of the incredible journey that a diamond has before it reaches its final resting place on your finger. Small inclusions that do not compromise the diamond’s durability or transparency can be a loving reminder of a diamond’s miraculous creation and those working to a modest budget can remember this while conducting their search. Many diamonds in the Si range are also eye-clean.


Unleash the full potential of a ¾ carat diamond with an exceptional cut. The cut of a diamond has the largest impact on the beauty and sparkle of a diamond, so a focus on cut quality will yield the best results in your diamond search. Fortunately, we have done much of the hard work for you.
Our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds undergo the most rigorous testing to ensure every facet is working to its full potential. The result is a brighter, more fiery diamond with a sparkle like no other. The specifications for our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds go above and beyond GIA and AGS cut parameters for unrivaled precision. For ¾ carat diamonds, an exceptional cut will also maximize the carat weight and bring further impact to the diamond.

Find Your Perfect A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Cut Diamond

How Much Does a ¾ Carat Diamond Cost?

The price range for a ¾ carat diamond is anywhere from $500 to $8,500. We would suggest neither of these prices are a reasonable spend for a ¾ carat diamond. A $500 diamond will be dull, poorly cut and utterly lackluster, while an $8,500 may be overpriced. The price is influenced by many factors including the four C’s and the shape of the diamond.
Take a look at this 0.618ct F-VS2 round brilliant. As part of our A CUT ABOVE® collection, it displays perfect hearts and arrows and the additional diamond imaging demonstrates its exceptional light performance. It is not only eye-clean but has undergone the rigorous testing to ensure there are no flaws to compromise beauty.
For those looking for the pinnacle of diamond perfection, our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series is likely to catch your eye. It represents a tiny percentage of diamonds that reach the top tiers in all quality factors; colorless and microscopically clean, as well as perfectly cut.

¾ Carat Diamond Ring Settings

Another wonderful aspect to a ¾ carat diamond is total flexibility and creative control when it comes to settings. Almost all of our carefully chosen designer settings are perfectly suited to a ¾ carat diamond, so the only limit is your own imagination.
Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Millgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Millgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring
A simple solitaire like this 18k White Gold Sculpted Crescent Millgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring from Tacori lets the diamond do the talking. Understated, entirely classic and timeless, your diamond will sparkle from every angle with a traditional elegance that never grows old.
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring
If you want to create more impact, a halo setting like this Dantela ring by Tacori will bring additional brilliance and drama to your diamond.
Verragio Renaissance 901R7-2T Two Tone Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio Renaissance 901R7-2T Two Tone Diamond Engagement Ring
Ornate settings are a wonderful way of expressing your love while still allowing the diamond to take center stage. Like fine works of art, intricate settings can hold secret sentiments and tell a romantic story. This two-tone renaissance engagement ring by Verragio is the perfect example of exquisite intricacy. With hidden diamond details, melees and beading your ¾ diamond will be right at home amongst the artistry.
A ¾ carat diamond can be the perfect size. Bigger is not necessarily better. It’s all about the quality of the diamond and the design of the finished piece.

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