1 Carat Diamond Rings: A Price Guide and Where to Buy Them

A high quality, one carat diamond is the most sought-after diamond weight for engagement rings. Full of emotion and status, the idea of having ‘a full carat’ is often top priority for brides to be. Carat weight is perhaps the most straightforward and understood of the Four C’s of diamond buying, however, it is essential that the relationship between carat weight and quality factors is fully appreciated in order to get the most from your 1 carat diamond ring.
This guide will cover the quality considerations for a one carat diamond and suggest realistic budget options for diamonds of this weight, including the affordable lab-grown diamond option.
1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring
1.095 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

What is a 1 Carat Diamond?

Carat is the term used to express the weight of a diamond. The word has its roots in the ancient method of measuring the weight of a diamond against a carob seed, which tends to be extremely uniform in weight. Though commonly used interchangeably with ‘size’, carat weight and size are separate features of a diamond. The cut and shape of a diamond will dictate the dimensions of a diamond, even when the carat weight is the same.
Diamond Carat Points
The table below gives a rough guide of diamond shapes and their measurements based on a 1 carat weight.
Diamond Shape
Outside dimensions
Round Brilliant Cut
Princess Cut
Cushion Cut
Oval Cut
Asscher Cut
The popularity of a one carat diamond ring is perhaps due to the all-important balance between beauty and budget. A one carat diamond is a suitable, wearable size for almost any hand and with such a range of qualities, it is obtainable for a variety of budgets. Almost every ring setting can be made to accommodate a one carat diamond, giving you limitless options when it comes to making decisions about style.

How to Choose a 1 Carat Diamond Using the Four C’s

Using the Four C’s is an excellent place to start your journey toward a beautiful diamond. Many of your decisions will be influenced by budget, but also by personal taste. For example, some customers are highly sensitive to body color of the diamond; they can detect a slight yellow hue that many would miss. In this case, we would suggest a D-I color grade to deliver the cool, white sparkle that the customer is looking for.


Color is personal. For a one carat diamond, anywhere between a D-K in color would be suitable, depending on your requirements. If you are looking for a traditional, icy, colorless diamond then the D-F range is the obvious choice. However, for those working to a smaller budget, a diamond with a grade of H-J will look white face up, especially in a warm setting such as yellow or rose gold.


Look for an eye-clean diamond that is free from inclusions that may compromise durability. We use high-res imaging and 360 videos to allow you to truly examine our diamonds. Easier to use than a jeweler’s loupe, this technology gives you a complete picture of your diamond from every angle. VS2 and above is a great benchmark but take full advantage of the images and videos to refine your choice and find the perfect diamond.
Inclusions in the SI grades can be tricky as they may sometimes impact the transparency of the diamond. It is for this reason that our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are rigorously assessed for any inclusions that may have a detrimental impact on sparkle and light performance, as well as those which could cause structural weakness to the diamond. This assurance means that the exceptional cut is not wasted on a diamond which still presents issues – only those which perform in all areas of the Four C’s will receive the A CUT ABOVE® brand.


The cut will have the greatest impact on the appearance of the diamond and is therefore considered the most important for the 4 C’s. While there is flexibility in color and clarity gradings, there is simply no substitute for a precise cut. Our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are super-ideal cut, high performance diamonds that go above and beyond GIA and AGS cut grading parameters.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds
An exceptional cut is crucial in unleashing fire and brilliance. It will optimize carat weight for light performance and beauty.
We provide ASET images, Sarin reports, and Idealscope on all of our diamonds to give a complete view of how perfectly the diamond handles light.

One Carat Diamond Price Guide

A one carat, natural round brilliant diamond can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $17,000. This huge price range is one of the greatest causes of confusion among shoppers trying to understand how two diamonds which seem so similar.
Those who have completed some basic diamond research will know that carat is just one factor influencing price. The price difference directly corresponds with the other quality factors of the diamond – a diamond at each end of the price spectrum would look and perform entirely differently.
This D-IF round brilliant diamond is part of our elite A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series brand of super ideal diamonds. At $16,077, it is at the upper end of the spectrum, hitting the top grades in all areas. It is a true hearts and arrows diamond with sensational symmetry and optical precision. Every diamond is unique so it is difficult to determine ‘perfection’, however if we consider grading and performance, this could comfortably be considered a perfect diamond.
At the time of this writing the average price for an engagement ring with a natural diamond in the USA is around $6,200 – although we work with customers on a variety of budgets, we can use this average figure to show how to work with a budget to get the best possible diamond.
This one carat J-VS2 round brilliant diamond is an A CUT ABOVE® diamond with perfect hearts and arrows, stunning sparkle and is eye-clean. Less expensive than a colorless diamond it still faces white and there is room in the budget to pair it with a simple solitaire setting (such as this classic six-prong solitaire by A.Jaffe). The diamond is a J in color, and this is where the buyer would be saving their money. In a yellow or rose gold setting, this J color diamond would still deliver a warm white sparkle, and the super-ideal cut would ensure every facet was working to its full potential. This is a great example of making small compromises to keep to a budget, without sacrificing all-important cut quality.
Using the diamond technology on our website, you can start to build an idea of your ‘must haves’ and find a one carat diamond that works for your budget.

One Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

Recent technological breakthroughs have given diamond buyers a new and affordable option – Lab grown diamonds. These are real diamonds with the same physical and optical properties as natural Earth mined diamonds. The difference is they are grown in laboratories or factories.
Today many customers are opting for lab-grown diamonds for their affordability. It is possible to save a substantial amount of money by buying a lab diamond or get a bigger and or better quality for the same money. Shoppers finding prices of natural diamonds too high to afford a full carat, can now get a 1 carat lab grown diamond within budget. One of the many benefits of choosing a lab diamond as a center stone is the ability to pair it with a designer brand ring without going over budget.
Whiteflash offers our own brand of lab diamonds precision cut for optimal light performance and beauty in our Precision Lab brand. These diamonds are not only precision cut – they also feature top colors and clarities (D-G and VVS1-VS1). Simply put, they are the best of the best in lab grown diamonds.
One of the many benefits of choosing a lab created diamond is the ability to work a premium quality designer engagement ring into the budget. In many cases the whole budget is consumed in getting a high quality natural diamond, relegating the setting to something very simple and inexpensive. Lab diamonds afford the luxury of getting a spectacular designer setting and creating a show-stopping overall piece of fine jewelry.

One Carat Diamond Engagement Rings & Settings

A one carat diamond is so sought after, that most settings are designed to accommodate a diamond of this weight. This really opens you up to a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing your setting.
Ritani 1RZ7241 Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ7241 Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement Ring
A simple solitaire will set a beautiful diamond centre stage. This Ritani Cathedral solitaire features a tapered band and platinum prongs to hold your diamond securely.
Vatche 310 Round and Pear Three Stone Engagement Ring for 0.50ct Center Diamond
Vatche 310 Round and Pear Three Stone Engagement Ring for 0.50ct Center Diamond
A three-stone engagement ring represents the past, present and future of your relationship. This Vatche ring uses pear cut diamonds to adorn the central diamond, creating a balanced and elegant engagement ring.
Our portfolio of designer engagement rings features a myriad of imaginative and expertly crafted settings suitable for a one carat diamond. A setting is where you can express personality and sentiment while allowing your beautiful diamond to shine brilliantly.

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