VVS2 Clarity Diamonds Guide

VVS2 clarity diamonds comfortably sit at the upper end of the diamond clarity scale and are higher than the average clarity grade for an engagement ring in the USA. VVS2 diamonds are rare and when combined with an excellent cut and good color, they are truly spectacular.
Deciding whether or not a VVS2 clarity diamond is right for you will come down to budget and personal preference. Our complete guide will cover everything you need to know.
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What is a VVS2 Diamond?

Diamond clarity assesses the number of blemishes and inclusions a diamond has, along with their size, type and relief. It is a highly complex area of diamond grading that takes seasoned experts to complete accurately. The GIA, the lab that set the standards for diamond grading, defines VVS2 diamonds as possessing Inclusions difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10× magnification’.
Clarity Grading Scale
This means only a trained gemmologist working under a microscope would be able to identify any inclusions. A VVS2 is the lower tier of the VVS Diamond category, but place a VVS1 diamond next to a VVS2 diamond and to the naked eye it would be impossible to say which was the higher clarity diamond. Both would present with no visible inclusions.
The clarity grading scale was created by the GIA and most labs use their grading terminology, but not all labs grade with accuracy against that standard. AGS, a sister organization to GIA, offers diamond grading that is consistent and reliable - you can read more about how the AGS and GIA clarity grades compare on this page.

Choosing a VVS2 Diamond

For customers who yearn for top tier diamonds, a VVS2 clarity grade actually presents a great opportunity to save money. For customers who simply want a beautiful diamond and don’t care about the grades on the paper, a VVS2 diamond may not present the best balance of quality/budget.
When you are looking at diamond clarity, ensuring a diamond is ‘eye-clean’ and without problematic inclusions is the best way to balance beauty against spend. Eye-clean diamonds can be found in the SI1 clarity grade and above, providing you are able to view the diamond using high-res imaging to thoroughly inspect it for imperfections. A VVS2 diamond does guarantee an eye-clean diamond, but it goes above and beyond this into the category of rare, collection-worthy diamonds; it is this exceptional rarity that drives up the price.
At Whiteflash, we don’t believe there is such thing as ‘the average buyer’; we have worked with thousands of individuals, each with unique desires and goals for their diamond purchase. However, a round brilliant, 1.00ct diamond is the most popular choice for engagement rings across the USA (and indeed, amongst our customers). If you find that a VVS2 clarity diamond is squeezing your budget, you can comfortably move down to a lower clarity grade and still find a stunning eye-clean diamond.
If you are looking at larger diamonds (2.00ct and above) or step-cut diamonds (such as Emerald or Asscher) the guidelines are a little different and a higher clarity will be required to ensure an eye-clean diamond. These are diamond cuts that are less forgiving of inclusions, and their larger tables and step cut facets can mean even diamonds in the VS category may reveal visible inclusions. This is when a VVS2 diamond offers the chance to find a stunningly pure diamond, without the huge premiums that IF and FL diamonds carry.
Finally, there are of course those customers who seek the best of the best. Understanding the premiums that elite diamonds carry, they still delight in the pleasure of owning something rare, remarkable and exceptionally beautiful. For those customers, we recommend our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series diamonds. These are diamonds in the colorless range (DEF) with microscopically pure clarity (VVS-IF), as well as showcasing the extraordinary precision of our super-ideal cut. VVS2 diamonds are included in our collection series as they represent a level of purity and rarity that goes above and beyond what the eye can see.

Where Can I Buy VVS2 Diamonds?

Like all diamond purchases, buying a VVS2 diamond should be an exciting experience and is likely to be a significant purchase, both symbolically and financially. The best prices for VVS2 clarity diamonds can be found online, but discerning shoppers know that not all diamond vendors are created equal. Diamond imaging, light performance reports, top tier grading labs and on-hand experts who you can trust are crucial for a smooth buying experience. We pride ourselves on all of these things and more.
We stock an incredible collection of VVS2 diamonds in a range of sizes. Take advantage of our high-res imaging and 360 videos to truly appreciate the incredible purity of a VVS2 diamond, and use our detailed filter tools to search for diamonds that meet your individual requirements.

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