VVS1 Clarity Diamonds Guide

Representing less than 1% of the world’s diamonds, VVS1 clarity diamonds are a rare sight to behold. When viewed by eye, VVS1 diamonds are immaculately clean and fall just shy of the ‘IF’ (internally flawless) and ‘FL’ (flawless) grades. Sitting comfortably in the top end of the clarity scale, VVS1 clarity diamonds are two to three grades better than the average clarity selection for engagement rings in the USA – they are remarkable, rare diamonds and their scarcity is reflected in the price.
If you are deciding whether a VVS1 diamond could be the perfect choice for your engagement ring, this guide will cover everything you need to know.
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What is a VVS1 Diamond?

VVS stand for ‘very, very slightly included’ – VVS Grade Diamonds are split into two sub-categories; VVS1 and VVS2 – the number 1 tells you the diamond is at the top of the VVS scale. The GIA, the developer of the grading scale used by most laboratories in the world, defines VVS1 diamonds as possessing Inclusions very difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10× magnification’.
Clarity Grading Scale
Only a trained professional working with a microscope will be able to spot inclusions in a VVS1 diamond. This also means the diamonds are guaranteed to be eye clean.
VVS1 diamond magnified
In the past, we have heard of customers pushed by salespeople to opt for VVS1 diamonds or higher, with claims that VVS2 diamonds and below can still contain problematic inclusions. In our decades of experience, we are yet to come across a diamond with a VVS grade that has transparency or durability issues due to inclusions. Does this mean a VVS1 diamond will automatically be beautiful? No, as with diamonds of all clarities, attention must also be paid to the diamond color, and especially, the cut quality.
The GIA and AGSL are sister organizations and are the two leading diamond grading laboratories. We only sell diamonds that have a report from one of these highly respected institutions. AGSL specializes in light performance cut grading and is just a rigorous and consistent as the GIA on assessing color and clarity. You can read more about how the AGS and GIA clarity grades compare on this page.

Choosing a VVS1 Diamond

Choosing the right diamond will be influenced by a few key factors; budget, beauty and personal taste. Some people don’t care about rarity, they just want the best-looking diamond within their budget. For others, owning something extraordinary that hits the top tiers of quality is a crucial aspect of the search.
A VVS1 diamond combined with a high color grade and a exquisite cut would be considered a ‘collectors’ quality’ diamond. At this level of purity, you are paying not only for beauty but for rarity – a quality well beyond that which can be determined by the naked eye. Even in step cut diamonds (like emerald cut and asccher) which are notoriously unforgiving when it comes to clarity, VVS1 inclusions are so small that they will never be seen by without high magnification. Customers sometimes opt for a VVS1 to be absolutely sure their step cut is sparkling and free of visible flaws.
You could drop several clarity grades and still find a diamond that is visually flawless for a fraction of the price of a VVS1 diamond, so it is important to establish what matters the most to you. If you want a diamond with abundant fire and sparkle that works within your budget, going for an eye-clean diamond with a lower clarity grade and an incredible cut will deliver a truly stunning diamond. However, if you are a purveyor of only the finest things and yearn for a collectors quality diamond, a VVS1 might be the right choice for you.
For many customers, choosing a VVS1 diamond means going above and beyond what is needed to achieve a beautiful diamond, but for others it may be a compromise to suit budget. If you have dreamed of a flawless diamond (FL or IF) but don’t have the budget for it, a VVS1 diamond offers the opportunity to own a diamond that is still incredibly rare and is as optically flawless as an FL diamond.

Where Can I Buy a VVS1 Diamond?

A VVS1 diamond carries a premium, so the smartest diamond shoppers will know that the best prices can be found online. But, at this level, or indeed with any diamond purchase, you should only place your trust in vendors who provide you with every detail pertaining to your diamond, offering total transparency and exceptional quality.
Fortunately, you’re already in the right place! At Whiteflash, we stock a striking collection of VVS1 clarity diamonds; you can use the filter tools to search for loose diamonds that fit your specific criteria to find the VVS1 diamond of your dreams. Furthermore, our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series offers the chance to search for diamonds of the highest pedigree. This esteemed collection brings together the internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® super ideal cut quality with top tier color and clarity grades (DEF and FL-VVS) for the most beautiful diamonds in the world.

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