How to Buy 7 Carat Diamond Rings

Whether it’s the sparkle of a modest 0.5ct diamond or a spectacular 7.00ct diamond, a diamond that has been meticulously cut is a thing of exceptional beauty. The extraordinary light performance of diamonds is dependent on perfect proportions and facet precision to deliver their abundance of fire, brilliance, and scintillation.
In the world of natural diamonds, seven carats is a substantial weight and extremely rare – even diamond experts may only come across a handful of truly exceptional 7 carat natural diamonds. For such impressive diamonds to shine and sparkle at their full potential, specific conditions must be met.
An unwise choice can prove costly, but getting it right can deliver a truly breath-taking outcome!
Large Round Diamonds
A Variety of Round Diamonds from 0.3 carat to 10 carat
There is an exponential relationship between diamond price and carat weight. As you move up the carat weight scale, the per carat price increases dramatically (i.e. 1 carat, 2 carat, 3 carat etc). First and foremost, it's important to set yourself an affordable budget, but also be aware of your options.
Besides covering the finer details, this guide will also let you know what to expect when purchasing a 7-carat diamond. A diamond of this rarity needs your full attention, so let's get started!

What Is A 7 Carat Diamond?

Loose Diamonds Carat Weight Chart
The term 'carat' is often used as an interchangeable synonym for diamond size. However, it actually refers to diamond weight. Carat is a fixed quantity, unlike size which is determined by cut proportions and shape. There are 5 carats in a gram, so seven carats is around 1.4g.
We are sometimes asked by our customers if a seven-carat diamond is 'big'. The answer is yes! - a seven-carat diamond is much larger than the average diamond used for engagement rings (which is 1.00ct or less).
To put its size in perspective, a well cut round brilliant 7-carat diamond typically measures around 11.75 to 12.15 millimeters in diameter, compared to 6.5 millimeters for a 1ct.
In terms of size, it is a standout pick for those seeking a piece that is substantial and attention-getting.
You should be aware that cut quality will determine actual and apparent diamond size, as well as its brightness and fire.
It is the rarity of a 7-carat diamond that truly sets it apart from other diamonds. Natural diamonds of this size are extremely rare in comparison to smaller carat stones. For a 7 carat diamond to reach such impressive proportions, specific geological conditions and a precise formation process are required.
The rarity and inherent beauty of these diamonds make them substantially more expensive than their lab-grown counterparts. The Whiteflash philosophy places quality at the core of everything we do, helping customers find the diamond rings of their dreams - regardless of carat size or whether they are natural or lab grown.

How To Choose A 7 Carat Diamond Using The Four C’s

As a general rule, the larger the carat weight, the more the details matter when it comes to the 4Cs. We strongly encourage our customers to use our education pages to familiarize themselves with the four C’s or enlist the support of our experts when purchasing a diamond.
It is important for a diamond to have great cut quality and a balanced combination of carat, clarity, and color in order to maximize its overall beauty and value. There is some flexibility within quality grades and personal taste is important; however, if you want a diamond that dazzles, getting everything right is crucial.


While it's natural for larger diamonds to exhibit more internal characteristics (inclusions) due to their size, diamonds with clarity grades like VS2 and above are less likely to have problematic inclusions. VS2 is typically a nice clarity grade for a 7-carat diamond. However, in very large diamonds VS1 may be a more dependable choice.
When considering a major piece such as a 7 carat diamond ring, it is even more important to pay attention to the clarity grade even though it may be possible to find beautiful, eye-clean diamonds with lower clarity grades in smaller carats.
The location, type, and visibility of inclusions will vary from diamond to diamond, even those with the same clarity grade. You can easily assess your diamond's clarity with our high-resolution imaging and 360-degree videos - they enable you to take a detailed magnified look at its clarity quickly and easily.
The diamond inspection tools allow you to evaluate the diamond's clarity and determine whether the imperfections are acceptable to you. Most natural diamonds have inclusions, so it is more a matter of your tolerance for them. This is one way budget and beauty can be balanced.
Compared to natural diamonds of similar size and clarity grade, lab-grown diamonds typically have fewer inclusions. Their growth occurs in controlled environments, where impurities can be minimized during the process.


Firstly, it's essential to recognize that as diamond size increases, the body color becomes more perceptible. For color, an H and above is ideal for a 7.00ct diamond.
Those who have an increased sensitivity to color (are more likely to notice yellow and brown colors) will enjoy a G color grade, which provides an nice white sparkle - though it is not always necessary to go this high.
In addition to the diamond's characteristics, market conditions, and retailer pricing policies, there can be a significant difference in price between an H and G color grade in a natural diamond. Moving up a color grade can result in steep price increases, especially in near-colorless grades.
Your budget may be allocated more wisely if you prioritize other factors or feel comfortable with the color appearance of an H grade diamond.
Additionally, a diamond's perceived color can be influenced by the metal used in its setting. The color of a diamond can be enhanced and made even more radiant when set in platinum or white gold.


Cut is the most important characteristic of any diamond, regardless of carat weight. It is the cut that turns a rough diamond into the sparkling gem we hold in such high regard. Despite this, not all cuts are created equal.
With a 7-carat diamond, it’s imperative to prioritize cut quality when selecting a stone of this size. If you cut a diamond poorly, it will look dull and flat, and it will lack any beauty or vibrance. With the considerable savings that lab diamonds provide, it is no longer necessary for anyone to compromise on the most important C – Cut Quality.
A 7-carat diamond demands a great cut, and overlooking this important feature could result in a glassy, lackluster diamond. The cut should be a priority when you consider your budget as it will have the greatest impact on the beauty of a diamond. To elevate the stone from ordinary to extraordinary, a significant portion of your due diligence should be devoted to the cut quality.

Collection Quality

For 7 carat diamonds above VS2 clarity and G color , much of the appeal is owning a collection quality diamond. Moving into D-F and VVS-FL diamonds will mean a considerable increase in price in natural diamonds. For those seeking elite diamonds of ultimate rarity, our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series was created specifically for you.
Only diamonds which meet the strict cut specifications and carry the top color and clarity grades are part of the Collection Series. A 7-carat diamond that meets all these criteria is extremely rare and coveted by diamond connoisseurs.

The Fifth C – Certification

A GIA report should always accompany a fine large diamond. A diamond's quality may be questionable if it hasn't been graded by a gem laboratory that provides accurate and consistent diamond grading.
We have already taken all the hard work out of the equation with our natural and lab-grown diamonds at Whiteflash. All diamonds are laboratory graded by established labs such as GIA and IGI and come with further evaluations by the Whiteflash review team for your peace of mind.

Price Expectations

In terms of price, 7-carat diamonds can vary widely - quality natural diamonds can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With that said, the value range for a 7-carat diamond ring is broad, which makes it difficult to give an average, much less a target price.
For the lower end of a 7-carat natural diamond budget, we would suggest a minimum of $90,000. The majority of this budget will be focused upon cut quality, while the color is likely to be somewhere in the I-K range, and the clarity in the SI grade range.
It's unlikely that a natural 7-carat diamond with a low price will be of high quality. If it's considerably cheaper than the usual price, it might be of poor quality and simply not worth your time. Ensure that you buy from a jeweler with high level expertise and that you are as informed as possible about your purchase.
It is our pleasure to work with our customers to help them find the diamond of their dreams regardless of their budget, but a 7-carat diamond at a low price will not have the precision or beauty that Whiteflash recommends. For those customers we recommend either going smaller or considering a lab grown diamond.
Ask yourself, why do you want a seven-carat diamond? What appeals to you?
If you want a diamond with impact, or a ‘big’ diamond, consider a different diamond shape, such as an oval or pear shape, which will help maximize your carat weight for a given budget. Of course, with a cut quality to match.
You may even opt for a lab grown diamond instead if it’s the carat size you want to achieve. Large sizes in lab diamonds are vastly more affordable than natural diamonds. Consider also the setting style - halo settings for example accentuate the size impact of a center stone. By doing so, you can still focus on quality while still achieving a "big" diamond look.
In order to obtain a 7-carat natural diamond of excellent light performance and decent color and clarity, a realistic budget would be well over $150,000.
Need help choosing a legitimate diamond while keeping all these considerations in mind? Contact us and we’ll help you find the best 7-carat diamond for your tastes and budget at Whiteflash.

7 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

7 carat lab grown diamond
7.57 ct G VS1 Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond
Thanks to the emergence of lab-created diamonds, finding a large diamond at an affordable price is now easier than ever before. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, not imitations like CZs and Moissanite. Natural diamonds and lab diamonds have essentially the same chemical, physical and optical properties.
As technology evolves, bigger and better lab diamonds are becoming more available, which makes finding a diamond as large as 7ct with excellent properties a very real possibility.

7 Carat Lab Diamond Pricing

As lab-grown diamonds continue to advance in quality and size, the options for obtaining a larger, high-quality diamond are improving. There are primarily two methods used to create lab diamonds: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), which are distinctly different processes.
It is possible to compare lab grown diamond prices online, however you should educate yourself on some of the important details to be aware of when shopping for a large lab diamond.
The cost of a 7ct lab diamond is highly variable, and while it is far less expensive than a natural diamond, you must still consider the 4cs. To get a high quality lab grown diamond in this size, you have to spend money where it matters. Be aware too that some quality issues do not always appear on the laboratory report. It is therefore extremely important to deal with a merchant who has the expertise and reputation for customer care necessary to do careful evaluations for you.
As a result of the cost savings associated with lab-grown diamonds, shoppers seeking a 7ct diamond will be able to shop for them without sacrificing quality, making a diamond of this size much more attainable and accessible.

7 Carat Diamond Settings

Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Settings are a great way to express your personality or simply let your diamond do the talking. It is important to balance style and durability, and diamonds with bigger carat weights require a particular focus on function. Diamonds that are heavier are subject to different considerations.
It is unusual to find preset designer styles that can accommodate a diamond of this size readily available. Not all settings are built to house such substantial center stones, that’s why we work closely with customers to create beautiful and perfectly secure custom settings. We offer a simple, personal process that results in outstanding results.
A prong setting is a classic and secure way to set your diamond. We recommend a minimum of six prongs to hold a 7.00ct diamond.
Solitaire settings typically feature a diamond mounted on a simple band without any additional accent stones or embellishments, allowing the diamond's beauty to take center stage. Diamonds are made prominent by this versatile design, which emphasizes their size, brilliance, and clarity. Many designer settings will feature platinum prongs for added durability, to give you peace of mind while wearing your 7-carat diamond.
A bezel setting is another solid choice. The diamond's extremities are protected, making sure it doesn't catch or scratch. With a bezel setting, you can have a striking and contemporary look and wear it every day without worry.
With their innovative designs and craftsmanship, the designer brands we represent create safe, beautiful and durable settings to showcase your stunning diamond.
When it comes to seven carat diamonds, tension and suspension settings are not advisable since they do not secure enough for diamonds of such a significant weight. While limited, the styles available for seven carat diamonds range from classic to modern, and we are eager to help you find your favorite!

Where to Buy Your Perfect 7 Carat Diamond

The desire to own a big diamond is almost universal. The reality is that not everyone can afford this in natural diamonds, especially when they are just getting started. The enormously popular Lifetime Trade Up Policy at Whiteflash is an excellent way to “start small” and upgrade later to a large diamond from an extensive in-house natural diamond inventory. If you’re not considering lab grown diamonds, this might be the perfect way to ultimately purchase the big diamond ring they’ve always wanted!
It should be a memorable experience choosing a seven carat diamond - if you are struggling, our experts at Whiteflash can provide some helpful advice regarding what diamonds and settings are best for you. We are looking forward to hearing more about your vision for your perfect 7 carat diamond ring.

7 Carat Diamond FAQs

  • How big is a 7 carat diamond?
In terms of size, 7 carat diamonds vary according to their shape and proportions. A well cut round brilliant cut 7-carat diamond is around 1.4g (5 carats to a gram) and typically measures around 11.75 to 12.15 millimeters in diameter, compared to 6.5 millimeters for a 1ct.
  • What makes a 7 carat diamond special?
There is a high rarity and beauty associated with a 7 natural carat diamond, whose size is substantial and its sparkle impressive. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a remarkable piece of jewelry.
  • What is the best way to maximize my budget for a 7 carat diamond?
The cut quality is the most important of the 4Cs when choosing a 7ct diamond ring. Invest in a diamond with the highest cut grade in your budget to maximize its brilliance.
  • Is there a recommended carat size for engagement rings?
Engagement rings and wedding bands are not defined by how many carats they should contain. The right carat weight is one that fits your budget and the style of the wearer.
  • How much should I spend on a diamond?
Generally, we advise you to spend within your budget and what you feel comfortable spending. If your budget and needs allow, there's always a ring out there that's perfect for you.
  • Where can I purchase a 7 carat diamond?
A range of options are available for purchasing 7 carat diamonds from reputable jewelers, such as Whiteflash, including natural and lab-grown diamonds. Depending on your preferences and budget, our experts can guide you to the perfect diamond.

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