The Ultimate Care Plan from Whiteflash

The Ultimate Care Plan from Whiteflash

Full peace of mind is a beautiful thing when it comes to life’s most important purchases
A complete service contract that you can depend on takes all the worry and guesswork out of owning jewelry. This plan protects you against a range of issues experienced by real consumers as the result of normal wear, and is far superior to one limited only to “defects in materials and workmanship”. And that is exactly what you get with the Whiteflash Ultimate Care Plan, provided by JM Care Plan, Inc.
This protection plan provides servicing for the most common issues involved in owning fine jewelry including ring sizing, prong repair, missing accent stones, and even loss of the center stone under certain circumstances. And the plan even covers shipping both ways!
You can choose an affordable 3 year plan, or fully protect your jewelry for the entire time you own it with our Lifetime plan. The comprehensive coverage is the same for both options and rates are listed in the tables below.
The Whiteflash Ultimate Care Plan provides peace of mind as our service guarantee is provided by the leading specialist in personal jewelry protection, JM Care Plan, Inc., a member of the Jewelers Mutual Group.

What does the Ultimate Care Plan cover?

  • Restoration services required as a result of breakage due to faulty workmanship OR as a result of damage due to normal wear such as:
    • Resetting of gemstones or diamonds
    • Bent, broken or worn prongs
    • Thinning or cracked ring shanks
    • Broken clasps, bracelets or chains
    • Broken or stretched pearl strands
    • Broken earring backs or posts
    • Gouges or discoloration
    • Kinked bracelets or chains
  • Refinishing and polishing; rhodium plating white gold, chain soldering
  • Replacement of cracked or chipped stones (including center stones)
  • Loss of diamonds or gemstones due to a defective setting
  • Ring soldering to another ring
  • Ring re-sizing. (subject to 60 day wait period beginning on Your Plan purchase date).
  • Shipping (both ways) for covered services

What is NOT covered?

Loss due to theft or mysterious disappearance is not covered. The Ultimate Care Plan is a service contract, NOT an insurance policy. For comprehensive protection please consider an all risk personal jewelry policy.

How do I purchase the Ultimate Care Plan?

You must purchase the care plan at the time you purchase your jewelry item. You will have the opportunity to add it to your cart during the checkout process.

How much does the Ultimate Care Plan cost?

The plan is in force for a full three years from the date of purchase. The cost of the plan is based on the purchase price of the item or items, exclusive of sales tax. The cost for the full three years is indicated by the product price range your purchase falls into.
Jewelry Price Range Lifetime Ultimate Care
$100.00    –    $199.99 $49.99
$200.00    –    $349.99 $79.99
$350.00    –    $499.99 $99.99
$500.00    –    $749.99 $119.99
$750.00    –    $999.99 $159.99
$1,000.00    –    $1,499.99 $199.99
$1,500.00    –    $1,999.99 $224.99
$2,000.00    –    $2,499.99 $239.99
$2,500.00    –    $2,999.99 $279.99
$3,000.00    –    $3,999.99 $329.99
$4,000.00    –    $4,999.99 $379.99
$5,000.00    –    $5,999.99 $424.99
$6,000.00    –    $7,999.99 $479.99
$8,000.00    –    $9,999.99 $529.99
$10,000.00    –    $14,999.99 $749.99
$15,000.00    –    $19,999.99 $899.99
$20,000.00    –    $29,999.99 $1,299.99
Jewelry Price Range 3 Year Ultimate Care
$100.00    –    $199.99 $24.99
$200.00    –    $399.99 $29.99
$400.00    –    $599.99 $44.99
$600.00    –    $799.99 $49.99
$800.00    –    $999.99 $59.99
$1,000.00    –    $1,499.99 $69.99
$1,500.00    –    $1,999.99 $79.99
$2,000.00    –    $2,499.99 $89.99
$2,500.00    –    $2,999.99 $99.99
$3,000.00    –    $3,999.99 $119.99
$4,000.00    –    $4,999.99 $149.99
$5,000.00    –    $5,999.99 $179.99
$6,000.00    –    $7,999.99 $199.99
$8,000.00    –    $9,999.99 $299.99
$10,000.00    –    $14,999.99 $399.99
$15,000.00    –    $19,999.99 $499.99
$20,000.00    –    $24,999.99 $599.99
$25,000.00    –    $29,999.99 $699.99
Jewelry Repair Without Ultimate Care With Ultimate Care
Refinishing and re-rhodium $65 No Charge
Replace a quarter or half shank $95 - $275 No Charge
Replace a clasp or link $55 - $185 No Charge
Replace damaged or cracked stone $95 - $975 No Charge
Tighten a loose stone $50 - $95 No Charge
Re-tip or replace a prong $50 - $75 No Charge
Solder a break $50 - $75 No Charge
Restring pearls $55 - $185 No Charge
Rebuild a channel $55 - $185 No Charge
  • Loss of diamonds or gemstones due to defective setting
  • Broken earring post, broken clasps, bracelets or chains
  • Shank and band replacement
  • All shipping charges
  • Unrepairable jewelry will be replaced

How to access your Ultimate Care benefits

Simply contact Whiteflash and initiate a return. You will be provided a “Return Authorization Number” and instructions for securely shipping your jewelry back to Whiteflash, along with a postage paid label to put on the package.

Your jewelry will go through a careful evaluation and you will be presented with the results of our review and details of the work to be done and timeframe.

Comparison of Benefits

Issue Ultimate Care Typical Personal Jewelry Insurance Typical Home Owners Coverage (rider)
Loss No Yes Yes
Theft No Yes Yes
Mysterious Disappearance No Yes No
Term 3 Years / Lifetime 1 Year 1 Year
Transferable Yes No No
Ring Resizing Yes No No
Refinishing or Polishing Yes No No
Rhodium Plating Yes No No
Broken or Worn Prongs Yes Yes No
Broken Chain Yes Yes No
Kinked Chain Yes Yes No
Restring Pearls Yes Yes No
Damaged or Missing Accent Stones Yes Yes No
Damaged Center Stone Yes Yes No
Lost Center Stone *Yes Yes No
Deductible Zero Deductible Zero Deductible HIGH Deductible Common
Claim May Raise other Policy Rates No No Yes
*Lost Center Stone is only covered in the event of manufacturing defects. Loss due to theft or mysterious disappearance is not covered.


The Ultimate Care Plan provides great peace of mind for your fine jewelry at one low price. While it is not an insurance policy, it is recommended that you also consider personal jewelry insurance for complete coverage. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is one such company that Whiteflash knows and trusts offering comprehensive repair or replacement coverage with worldwide protection against loss, theft, and mysterious disappearance.

*The Whiteflash Ultimate Care Plan, provided by JM Care Plan, Inc. is currently available in all 50 states.

*Policies subject to change. Benefits based upon published terms at the time of purchase and posted on our website. Last update 05/26/2023

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