10 Carat Diamond Rings: Price And Buying Guide

Even when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, there are still those diamonds that are truly impressive – a high quality, 10 carat diamond is one such wonder.
You will know how extraordinary this size is if you have ever seen a 10ct diamond. If you are looking for a stunning 10 carat diamond ring, you can count on this guide to tell you everything you need to know to find such an eye-catching gem.
Large Round Diamonds
A Variety of Round Diamonds from 0.3 carat to 10 carat

What Is A 10 Carat Diamond?

There is a tendency to discuss diamonds in terms of 'size,' but remember that carat refers specifically to the diamond's weight. One carat equals 200mg, and five carats equal one gram.
Is a 10 carat diamond big? Definitely! In relation to the average carat weight of an engagement ring, (around 1 carat) as well as the dominant presence a 10 carat diamond has on the hand, it is objectively a very large diamond for a ring.
Measurements differ depending on a diamond's cut. When compared with round brilliant diamonds, elongated diamond shapes sometimes can appear larger, even if their carat weight is the same.
A well-cut 10 carat round brilliant diamond typically has a diameter of 14mm or greater. In addition, a diamond that is well cut will have greater brightness and spark, whereas a poorly cut diamond will be less brilliant and smaller in size.
Loose Diamonds Carat Weight Chart
Your preference for jewelry design as well as your lifestyle, and whether you plane to wear it everyday will determine whether you find a 10 carat diamond too much.
While some people are fine wearing a 10 carat diamond, other customers less used to wearing jewelry may need some time to adjust to higher-weight rings. But the actual weight of a 10-carat diamond is only 2 grams since diamond is carbon, a relatively light element.
So although it is an impressive size, it’s not as heavy to wear as people might expect. There really is no right or wrong answer here, it comes down to your lifestyle and the setting that you choose, and this applies to all diamonds, not just 10 carat.

How To Choose Your 10 Carat Diamond Using The Four C’s

Large Round Diamonds
10 carat and 1 carat A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Round Diamonds
It is essential to keep certain factors in mind when choosing a 10 carat diamond. When purchasing a diamond, it is advisable to first consider the Four C's (color, clarity, carat weight, and especially cut).
There is a huge difference between a diamond with poor grades and another, higher quality diamond at this carat weight. You shouldn't compromise too much on the quality of the diamond in your 10 carat ring - spending this much money you definitely want that magical light performance!
It is important to uphold a high cut quality standard in order to select a top-performing diamond, but you may have some flexibility on color and clarity grades when selecting the perfect 10-carat diamond for you depending on what qualities you value most.
We at Whiteflash work closely with customers to understand their different needs and budget requirements. This enables us to make informed recommendations and deliver only the best.
Not sure where to start when it comes to the basics? Our Education pages cover the Four C's in detail, or you can use our live chat to speak to one of our diamond experts for more information.]


In terms of appeal, color is often the most subjective of all the Four C’s - it is also where many of our customers show the most flexibility after further education. However, it’s essential to note, the bigger the diamond, the less forgiving it will be when it comes to showing color.
With a substantial 10 carat diamond, it has larger facets and more visible diamond mass, making it easier to detect color in the body of a diamond.
Depending on your budget, we recommend anywhere from D-G colors for icy white sparkle. The G color grade is popular for 10 carat diamonds; this is the highest end of 'near colorless' range and it can be closely assessed in 360-degree video and images, in order to determine whether there are yellow hues or not. Dropping just one grade below colorless can work better for some budgets, since the price jump from a G to an F (which is in the 'colorless' category) is substantial.
Diamond Colors from D to K
Diamond Color as seen from the side (click image to enlarge)


Similarly to color, inclusions and blemishes are more likely to be present in a 10 carat diamond than in a smaller stone. Here is where clarity plays a role. Fortunately, diamond imaging makes it easy to identify any potentially problematic inclusions.
In order to ensure that you see every little detail of your diamond for yourself, we provide high-res images and 360-degree videos of our large inventory of in-house diamonds available.
Diamonds of this size are especially susceptible to comparison because they are open to more scrutiny. A VS2 or higher clarity is recommended for 10 carat diamonds. The larger the diamond, the bigger the allowable inclusions in the same lab grade.
In smaller carat weights, it is possible to find beautiful, eye-clean diamonds with lower clarity grades, yet for such a rare and special piece as a 10 carat diamond ring, paying attention to the clarity grade is just as crucial as the other C’s.


The key to clarity and color is to find the right balance between quality and price. However, it's much more important to focus on the best grade possible for diamond cut quality.
In terms of fire and brilliance, your diamond's cut will always make the biggest difference. The better a diamond is cut, the more light it will catch and reflect, and the more fire it will produce, creating the stunning look that is so synonymous with diamonds.
Our A CUT ABOVE® specifications highlight the level of care and attention that should be applied to cut quality, in order to produce all the incredible light performance that is possible in a gem of such rare size.]
In order to maximize the value of your diamond, it is imperative to select the best cut possible; it is one aspect of diamond quality that should not be compromised. Our recommendation is to purchase ideal cut diamonds. The fire and brilliance of an ideal cut in this size will be electrifying!
Diamonds have many characteristics, nuances and features that can make a major difference in the way that they appear. It’s part of their mystery and allure. In order to fully understand the quality of a diamond, a variety of advanced light performance reports and images are highly recommended, alongside certifications from a reputable lab of course.

The Fifth C – Certification

A GIA report should always accompany a fine large diamond. The leading gem laboratory in the world provides accurate and consistent diamond grading, and diamonds without them may be of questionable quality.
All the hard work has been done for you with our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. Each diamond is laboratory graded and further information regarding its light performance is included with every diamond for your peace of mind.

10 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

For shoppers looking to beat the high cost of natural diamonds there is a new option in the market. Laboratory grown diamonds have started to become more available in larger sizes and at a fraction of the cost of natural. These are real diamonds with essentially the same physical and optical properties of nature Earth-mined diamonds. They are therefore just as durable and can be just as beautiful if they are well cut.
Though the technology is rapidly improving resulting in bigger and better lab diamonds over time, a 10 carat lab grown diamond is still quite limited in availability. Because it requires longer grow time, there are more opportunities for defects to occur in large stones, further limiting their availability in the market. This is likely to improve with future advancements in technology.

Lab Diamond Pricing

As the technology has evolved, with factories producing bigger and better material, lab diamonds have become more accessible than ever before. This increased supply also impacts the price of lab diamonds. Normally, as supply increases the price goes down, which has been the case with lab diamonds. However, this trend is tempered by a significant increase in demand. Shoppers that were priced out of the diamond market before and either saved their money or spent it on other things, are now opting for diamonds, and the average size of a lab diamond purchase is already higher than for natural. Consumers are feeling their buying power and opting for large lab diamonds.
However, it is still difficult for growers to produce high quality lab diamonds in the 5ct and up range. Thus, 10ct lab diamonds are still in short supply. It is impossible to pin down pricing in this new and evolving market, but it is safe to say that a 10 carat lab grown diamond is going to cost some real money today, even though nowhere close to the cost a natural diamond that size.
And as such, it is really important to understand some of the quality differences between natural and lab grown diamonds. There are some issues that are not directly reported on a gemological certificate, such as issues with blue nuance and compromised transparency that will significantly impact 10 ct diamond cost. Please see our page on lab grown diamond vs natural for more information on important factors to be aware of.

How Do I Purchase The Best 10 Carat Diamond?

The availability of well-cut, high quality 10 carat diamonds is extremely limited, and it is unlikely that you will find them in any typical jewelry store. If you want the best diamond quality at the best price, you should shop online. The other great benefit is that you can choose from a much larger selection of diamonds, designers, settings and more.
Feel free to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable diamond consultants who can answer your questions and guide you to the diamond right for your taste and budget, whether lab grown or natural. You can reach us by chat, email, or phone. If you prefer an in-store experience we welcome you to the Whiteflash Store in Sugarland, Texas (just a few miles west of Houston).
We at Whiteflash pride ourselves on being able to work within any budget, but we also recognize that having the best can surpass everything else. Since our inception in 2000, we have maintained this high standard, and our impressive inventory of gorgeous diamonds continues to impress even the most seasoned diamond collectors.
We are especially proud of our A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series, which features diamonds of exceptional rarity - clean, colorless, precision-cut diamonds with the very best gemological grades possible.
There is no doubt that these treasures are among the most precious and magnificent diamonds on earth. You will notice a significant difference in price between these diamonds and those that are just below the highest grades because of their extraordinary pedigree.
The unmatched sparkle and purity of these rare diamonds make them timeless keepsakes if your budget allows.

10 Carat Diamond Price

Diamonds of all carat weights are priced according to a variety of factors. The value range for a 10 carat diamond ring is broad, which makes it difficult to give an average, let alone an appropriate target price.
The elite jewels in the A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series define the high end of the budget. Rare and exclusive diamonds appeal to the most discerning shoppers who refuse to compromise on quality.
The importance of getting jewelry insurance for a 10 carat diamond probably goes without saying, but it's worth reiterating. While you may opt to self-insure or cover jewelry under existing insurance, professional jewelry insurance provides complete protection.
There is no question that a 10 carat diamond ring will attract attention wherever it goes. People will rarely see diamonds of this size in person, and it is likely that most will not see one their entire lives. The price difference between low and high grades of 10 carat diamonds is often substantial, and at the same time, 10 carat diamonds are not cheap.
You won't find a 10 carat diamond with a low price that's of high quality; if it's considerably cheaper than the usual price, it's likely to be of poor quality and not worth your time. Always buy from a respected jeweler and make sure you’re as informed as you can be on your purchase.
Need help choosing a legitimate diamond while keeping all these considerations in mind? Contact us and we’ll help you find the best 10 carat diamond for your tastes and budget at Whiteflash.

10 Carat Diamond Settings

There are a few popular settings for diamonds weighing 10 carats, but most people choose six or eight prong settings. By doing so, you maintain your diamond's position and security.
Platinum is also the first choice for a 10 carat diamond ring due to its durability, and cool hue which keeps your diamond looking icy and bright. However, you can still incorporate your individual style and intricate designs!
It is unusual to find preset designer styles that can accommodate a diamond of this size readily available. Not all settings are built to house such beauty, that’s why we work closely with customers to create beautiful and perfectly secure custom settings. We offer a simple, personal process that results in outstanding results.
Check out the Whiteflash design gallery to see our extensive portfolio of customized projects done for clients over the years. You can view more details about each type of jewelry by clicking on the images within the gallery. These listings may be helpful in articulating your design ideas to us. We look forward to hearing your vision for your perfect 10 carat diamond ring design.

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