10 Carat Diamond Rings: A Price Guide And Where To Buy Them

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At Whiteflash, we are blessed to see thousands of stunning diamonds leave our hands and find new homes with some very happy customers. But even when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, there are those diamonds that still leave you breathless with their beauty – a high quality, 10 carat diamond is one such wonder.
It brings us such pleasure to provide the rarest and most perfectly cut diamonds for our customers. If you are in the market for a 10-carat diamond, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to find something sensational.

How Big is a 10 Carat Diamond?

The word carat expresses the weight of a diamond, not the specifically its size. The size of a diamond can be found on a diamond laboratory report and is expressed in millimeters. The diamond shape and cut quality both impact upon how ‘big’ a diamond appears; this is why two diamonds with the same carat weight often look very different. You can take in in-depth look at this phenomenon and more in our complete guide to carat weight.
Loose Diamonds Carat Weight Chart
The simple answer to ‘is a 10 carat diamond big’ is yes! Both compared to the average carat weight for an engagement ring and indeed in terms of how much presence the diamond has on the hand, a 10 carat diamond is objectively very large diamond for a ring.
The diameter of a well cut 10 carat round brilliant diamond is approximately 14mm. Elongated shapes such as marquise and oval may have a bigger face up appearance, depending on how they are cut.
Large Round Diamonds
10 carat and 1 carat A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Round Diamonds

Does a 10 Carat Diamond Feel Heavy?

Whether you find a 10 carat diamond too heavy to wear is dependent upon your usual jewelry style or how comfortable you are wearing a ring every day. Many individuals have no issue wearing a 10 carat diamond; equally, some of our customers less accustomed to wearing jewelry take some time to get use to much lower carat weight rings. Because diamond is pure carbon and carbon is a relatively light element, a 10 carat diamond only weighs 2 grams. So although it is an impressive size, it’s not as heavy to wear as people might expect. This question really comes down to your lifestyle and your chosen setting and this goes for all diamonds, not just 10 carat diamond rings.

10 Carat Diamond Cut

A spectacular cut will unleash the full potential of a 10 carat diamond. Cut quality is the most important quality factor and whether you’re spending $1,000 or $1,000,000 it is the only area that should not be compromised. Our A CUT ABOVE® specifications highlight the level of care and attention that should be applied to cut quality, in order to produce all the incredible sparkle and fire that is possible in a gem of such rare size.

10 Carat Diamond Color

The bigger the diamond, the less forgiving it will be when it comes to color. Larger facets and more of the diamond mass being visible can make it easier to detect color in the body of a diamond. A G color grade is popular for 10 carat diamonds; a G is the top end of the ‘near colorless’ category and can be closely inspected in 360 degree video and images to assess for any yellow hues. The price jump from a G to an F (which is in the ‘colorless’ category) is substantial, so dropping just one grade below can work better for some budgets.

10 Carat Diamond Clarity

As is the case with color, inclusions and blemishes will present more readily in a 10 carat diamond than in smaller stones. Fortunately, diamond imaging makes it easy to identify any potentially problematic inclusions. It is common for people to begin their search at a VS2 and thoroughly scrutinize the diamond (with the help of our experts) to see if it is eye clean. With lower carat weights, it is possible to find beautiful, eye-clean diamonds with lower clarity grades, however for something as rare and special as a 10 carat diamond, paying attention to the clarity grade is essential and thus a VS2 is a great place to start the search.

How Much is a 10 Carat Diamond?

As is the case with diamonds of all carat weights, there are many factors at play when it comes to pricing. The value range is very broad so it is virtually impossible to give an average or even a helpful target price. To discuss 10 carat diamond prices, do not hesitate to contact us for a tailored approach and expert information guided by your preferences. We also have a detailed guide on diamond cost which can give you an overview of how diamonds are priced.

Considerations for Choosing a 10 Carat Diamond Ring

Every diamond buying journey is personal but this advice can act as a check list before making any final decisions:
Purpose of the ring: Think about when you will be wearing the ring. If it’s an engagement ring, it is usually intended to be worn every day. Consider your lifestyle- perhaps you will choose a smaller ring to wear daily and reserve your 10 carat ring for special occasions. Or maybe you will wear it all day every day! There’s no wrong answer.
Choosing a setting: A 10 carat diamond needs a secure setting and six or eight prong settings are the most popular choice. Platinum is also the first choice for metal due to its durability. However, there is still room for personal style and intricate designs! Not all settings can accommodate a 10 carat diamond which is why we work closely with customers to create perfectly secure and beautiful personalized settings. Our custom engagement ring process is simple, personal and the results are sublime.
Certification is essential: A GIA or AGS diamond certification is essential. It is the only way to know the true qualities of a diamond.
Insurance: It may seem obvious but it is worth reiterating that proper jewelry insurance for a 10 carat diamond is highly advised. You may choose to self-insure or to cover jewelry under existing insurance, but personal jewelry insurance from a specialist will offer complete protection.
Contact one of our friendly experts if you need further advice in choosing or sourcing the perfect 10 carat diamond. Whiteflash diamond consultants are GIA trained with extensive experience, do not work on commission, and are ready to provide you a stress-free experience in finding the diamond of your dreams.

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