Earth Mined Natural Diamonds Vs Lab Grown Diamonds

At Whiteflash we have always been known for providing the finest in natural diamonds from Mother Earth. And while that will continue to be our focus, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the diamonds they desire.
Lab grown diamonds have been making headlines and garnering interest in the past few years as more producers and better production processes have come onto the market.
With an increase in supply, synthetic diamond prices will fall, providing new options for budget-conscious shoppers. This trend can be expected to pick up speed as time goes on, making lab grown diamonds accessible for just about any budget, and allowing you to splurge on designer settings, bigger carats and better cut quality.
2.893ct I VS2 A CUT ABOVE Round Natural Diamond
2.893ct I VS2 A CUT ABOVE Round Natural Diamond
Whereas natural mined diamonds are found in only a few places on Earth and are difficult and expensive to recover and bring to market, synthetic diamonds are now being produced in dozens of laboratories with rapidly advancing technology making it easier and less expensive to produce more and bigger synthetic diamonds all the time. By contrast, larger gem diamond crystals are found in extremely limited quantities in nature compared to total production.
Meanwhile, technology drives synthetics in the opposite direction. While the price of Earth mined diamonds will continue to be predicated on natural scarcity, the price of lab grown diamonds will drop as the cost to produce them at scale continues to fall.
Lab grown diamonds are graded and marketed against the same criteria as natural mined diamonds- the 4 C’s – Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. The idea of the marketers was to try to equate in the consumer’s mind that lab grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, only more affordable.
This marketing makes some sense when the price of lab grown is still relatively close to the price of natural, say within 30-40 percent, but as prices continue to drop this approach becomes less relevant.

At a Glance: Pros and Cons of Earth Mined Natural Diamonds Vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Earth Mined Natural Diamonds

  • There is a finite supply of diamonds, so their rarity is inherent
  • It is an extremely valuable natural resource that can support entire nations' economies
  • Gems produced by nature have emotional value
  • There is a robust secondary market giving natural diamonds stored value
  • More expensive than lab grown diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Less expensive than natural diamonds which gives you access to bigger and/or better quality for your money
  • The ability to put the savings toward a designer brand setting
  • More affordable colored diamond options as natural fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare and expensive
  • Less expensive to insure, though there are fewer insurance options available
  • No resale value because of no supply constraints, especially when compared to the long-lasting value of earth mined diamonds.
  • Not rare and holds little emotional importance
  • Often bought just for their conflict-free promise, though the majority of the industry abides by the Kimberley Process - including naturally mined diamonds

Is a Lab Grown Diamond a Real Diamond?

1.01ct D VS1 Round Precision Lab Created Diamond
1.01ct D VS1 Round Precision Lab Created Diamond
It is a question that is asked more than you think, and the question on everybody’s lips is are lab grown diamonds real? Yes, a lab grown diamond is real, it is a synthetic diamond; crystallized carbon with essentially the same basic chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamond. As such, it has many applications for the industry as well as for jewelry.
The abrasives industry was one of the first where synthetic diamonds made an impact, but there are many unique applications in electronics and other high technology as well.

Do Lab Created Diamonds Pass a Diamond Tester?

A lab-grown diamond is chemically and physically identical to an Earth-grown diamond - right down to its basic crystal lattice of carbon atoms. Therefore it will test as diamond in most cases. There are a variety of testers on the market, some less reliable than others, so results can sometimes vary. *There are apparently some lab-grown diamonds with enough boron content to give a moissanite reading on some testers.
There is virtually no difference in carbon composition between lab diamonds and natural diamonds. As a result, they usually have the same thermal conductivity. When exposed to a diamond tester, the test results are usually positive for diamond as they have the same physical and chemical properties as earth mined natural diamonds.
Traditional tools and even expert jewelers cannot distinguish lab diamonds from natural diamonds, either. Only gem laboratories with sophisticated testing equipment can make a definitive identification.

Emotional Value Of Natural Mined Diamonds

Diamonds have traditionally been valued for not only their beauty, but for the amazing and rare natural process of diamond formation deep in the bosom of Mother Earth. These precious treasures, created over billions of years and made available only by rare geological events, convey a deep sense of the infinite beauty and mystery of nature.
As perfect symbols of everlasting love and beauty a natural diamond is a different entity than carbon assembled in a laboratory, even if the chemical and physical properties are the same.
For these reasons, Whiteflash will remain dedicated to bringing the finest and rarest Earth mined natural diamonds to the consumer. Our flagship A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond is the pinnacle of truly rare natural beauty.
Happy Engagement
"An Earth mined diamond has deep emotional value celebrating the beauty of nature and enduring love.”

A Place For Synthetic Diamonds In The Jewelry Industry

As more consumers become familiar with lab grown diamonds, the demand has grown. If cut well, they are equally beautiful to their natural counterparts. And having the same physical properties, they are equally durable and ideal for everyday wear. For purely decorative purposes, a well-cut synthetic diamond certainly has a place in the jewelry industry.
It is a major improvement over diamond simulants such as cubic zirconias which are now ubiquitous in costume jewelry. Lab grown diamonds will fill a role in higher-end fashion jewelry, and are a welcome addition to the jewelry industry in general.
While most buyers continue to prefer natural diamonds for emotional and sentimental reasons, some see a compelling value proposition in lab grown.
A 1.04ct D VS1 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond
A 1.04ct D VS1 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond
In some cases, a lab grown diamond may be used as a temporary “placeholder” until such a time as a young couple has the financial wherewithal to acquire a natural diamond.
They also may believe that lab grown diamonds are better for the environment or for society as a whole, although that premise is debatable. In any case, it is the Whiteflash view to provide products that our customers seek. We are therefore proud to offer our own brand of precision cut lab grown diamonds - Precision Lab.
The savings you will get from choosing a lab diamond opens up a world of possibilities.
In most cases, people opt for larger diamonds with the cost savings, overlooking the possibility of acquiring an exquisite designer setting to make their lab grown diamond pieces unique. The price of natural mined diamonds might make it impossible to afford a beautiful designer setting, but lab grown diamonds make it more attainable.
Using a lab-created diamond is possible in any jewelry piece as long as the design allows for a diamond. We feature the finest Designer Engagement Ring brands including Tacori, Simon G, Verragio, Ritani, Vatche, Danhov and Benchmark. We also offer original Whiteflash designs as well as custom design and manufacturing.
Tacori 55-2CU Full Bloom Cushion Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 55-2CU Full Bloom Halo Engagement Ring

Societal Benefits Of The Natural Diamond Industry

It is estimated that the natural diamond industry provides a livelihood for more than 8 million people around the globe, and has a beneficial impact on some of the poorest communities in the world.
The diamond industry often provides their only access to income, sanitation and education. While the natural diamond industry is highly labor intensive and requires the efforts of millions of people, lab grown diamonds are produced in factories staffed with a handful of highly educated and highly paid technicians monitoring sophisticated growing equipment.
The financial fruits of their efforts flow to a relatively small number of people. The contrast between the social impacts of each industry could not be more dramatic.
It is therefore unfortunate that the lab grown diamond marketers often promote the product as more “socially responsible”. Considering the fact that only 0.1% of natural diamonds have any connection to conflict today, and considering how many millions of people, including the neediest among us, are benefited by the natural diamond industry, it is not entirely fair to consider lab grown diamonds as an “ethical alternative” to natural diamonds. Both have their proper place.
Synthetic diamonds certainly have a place in commerce, both in technology and in the jewelry industry. Whiteflash has always been committed to offering natural mined diamonds of the finest quality and with the highest possible light performance direct to the consumer with full transparency and accountability and the most comprehensive assurance package in the industry.
We also remain committed to supporting organizations like Diamond Development Initiative and United Nations Global Compact to do our part to ensure that the natural diamond industry is equitable and sustainable. But we understand that many shoppers who love diamonds consider the new lab grown diamonds to be a great option today, and we are committed to accommodating those clients as well.
For more on the Whiteflash commitment to ethical practices, please see our social responsibility page.

Lab Grown Diamonds – The Whiteflash Way

Lab diamonds are most definitely real and viable means to acquire the beauty that diamonds possess, and they are here to stay. To accommodate customers looking for lab grown diamonds, Whiteflash offers the finest lab created diamonds in our Precision Lab category. With our expertise in cut quality, the lab diamonds we stock are the best of the best.
They are certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut, and at the top of the scale in terms of color and clarity (DEFG color VVS1 -VS1). Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown Diamonds with their precision cutting and top color and clarity, are actually far superior to most natural diamonds in the market!
Each lab created diamond we offer comes with a grading report from IGI Laboratories verifying that they are Hearts and Arrows and that they are “As Grown” with no post-growth treatments having been applied. Each lab created diamond is inscribed LG with the report number. If you are looking for something other than what you find on our site, please inquire. We are able to provide a wide range of lab created diamonds on request.
Please feel free to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable diamond consultants today if you have any questions about lab grown diamonds or to place an order.
*Please Note: Lab Created Diamonds are not eligible for our lifetime trade-up and one year buy back benefits.

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