A Guide to Buying Certified Loose Diamonds Online

There was a time when buying loose diamonds was something reserved for traders and dealers; the average consumer shopped in bricks and mortar stores, choosing from pre-set diamond engagement rings with little knowledge of what they were buying.
The rise of the internet and online buying has led to a shift away from pre-set jewelry and towards loose diamonds. At Whiteflash, a thorough diamond education for all buyers is at the core of our business, so guiding buyers through this process is essential.
Loose Diamond
If you are looking to buy loose diamonds but don’t know where to start, this guide will give you all the details you need begin your search.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds Online?

Before we get onto the ‘how’ you may first consider the benefits of buying a loose diamond.
Quality: Buying a loose diamond allows you to closely analyze the color, clarity and cut of the stone. Settings can be used to mask color and hide inclusions and while this may be beneficial, it is essential that you are not overlooking inclusions that compromise durability. There may also come a time that you wish to re-set your diamond and the lower color and clarity grades will present themselves. We provide laboratory certificates and high-res diamond images and 360 HD video for all of our in-house diamonds, so you can know everything you need to know about your diamond before it is placed in a setting.
Budget: You can use our filter tools to search loose diamonds with specific qualities. Not only does this allow you to refine your diamond in terms of appearance, but it also allows you to work precisely within your budget, taking the time to balance quality and price to find the diamond of your dreams. Staying within a comfortable budget is one key to having a brilliant diamond buying experience.
Designer Settings: Buying a loose diamond allows you huge flexibility when it comes to choosing a setting. Our collection of superb quality designer engagement rings offers exceptional craftsmanship and unique styling to pair perfectly with a diamond of your own choosing.
Selection: Our online inventory of diamonds offers a greater selection than a traditional brick and mortar experience. Our in-house diamonds, including our A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal diamonds, are in stock and immediately available exclusively from Whiteflash. For independent Whiteflash reviews you can visit third party review sites such as Google, and Yelp.
Ready to begin? Why not browse our full inventory of loose diamonds. Your diamond journey starts here.

Choosing a Loose Diamond: The Four C’s

If you are shopping online and see loose diamonds for sale, the first question you must ask yourself is whether the diamonds are certified. All of our diamonds carry GIA or AGS certification; as the world’s leading gem labs, their grades are accurate and consistent – settle for nothing less. For customers interested in obtaining in-depth information related to the cut quality and light performance of their diamond, the AGSL report provides a far better analysis.
Providing the diamond is certified, your next step is applying The Four C’s. This is where personal preference and budget will come into play, but here is our advice for conducting your search.

Loose Diamond Color

Color Slider
Color Scale
Color is often considered the most subjective diamond quality; some buyers are particularly sensitive to yellow or brown hues in a diamond, while others barely notice it at all. The beauty of using our website filter tools is you can select diamonds within a range of color grades and make direct comparison. If you are highly sensitive to color or simply looking for ‘the best of the best’ you can view diamonds within the colorless ‘D-F’ bracket, instantly ruling out diamonds which don’t fit your requirements.

Loose Diamond Clarity

Clarity Slider
Clarity Scale
When it comes to buying a loose diamond, clarity is one area which highlights the benefits of buying online. Using a jewelers loupe may seem simple enough, but faced with a handful of loose diamonds, you may find yourself struggling to identify which inclusions are problematic. This is where high-res diamond images and videos come into play. Looking at a high-res image is easier than using a loupe and allows our customers to closely analyze their diamonds, observing sparkle and brilliance.

Loose Diamond Cut

Cut Slider
Cut Scale
Cut is the most important factor of buying diamonds and at Whiteflash we place cut quality front and center. If you are beginning your diamond search, our simple filter tool will allow you to select your cut quality – a good starting point.
Cut is an area worth researching in order to get the most from your diamonds – fortunately, you are in the right place. Our extensive education pages and A CUT ABOVE® specifications offer thorough, straightforward explanations about cut quality and our focus on super-ideal cut diamonds.
If you are a little further into your diamond education, you can use our advanced search filters to further refine your search, paying close attention to the specifics of the cut.
Advanced Diamond Search

Diamond Light Performance Reports

A question we are often asked by first time buyers is how they can truly get a sense of sparkle and brilliance when they buy loose diamonds online. Isn’t it all about what the eye can see?
In addition to our videos (which demonstrate brilliance and sparkle) we also provide light performance reports and comprehensive diamond imaging for all of our in-house diamonds. Ideal-Scope, Hearts and Arrows and ASET images together give a definitive view of how effectively a diamond is handling light. And light performance is the most important aspect of diamond beauty.
Whether you choose to embark on your diamond journey with us, or venture elsewhere, the best places to buy loose diamonds will always provide you with the tools and diagnostics you need to make a decision.

1 Carat Loose Diamonds

A sparkling, one carat diamond continues to be the most sought-after weight, particularly for engagement rings. You can refine your loose diamond search and view diamond weights expressed to three decimal points for complete accuracy. With so many of our customers seeking beautiful, loose 1ct diamonds we are proud to offer an exceptional inventory of these stones.

The Best Place to Buy Loose Diamonds…

The best places to buy loose diamonds will only offer diamonds certified by the AGS and GIA. Details of the four c’s is a minimum requirement when it comes to buying loose diamonds, and the best of the best will go beyond this to provide extensive information about light performance and an in-depth diamond education.
Our extensive inventory of loose diamonds and our in-house A CUT ABOVE® range of super ideal cut diamonds alongside our education pages. We also provide free personalized service for customers, allowing our GIA and AGS trained diamond consultants to offer you the support you need to shop with confidence.
Whiteflash proudly presents some of the most beautiful loose diamonds on the entire market, and a level of service to match.

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