Think Outside the Jewelry Box: Six Unique Engagement Rings

The rings that have become de riguer for engagements—the Diamond Solitaire, the three-stone setting—have become so popular because they are masterworks of beauty and sophistication. But sometimes you want to move beyond the classics and find an engagement ring that is truly one-of-a-kind. These six rings, culled from the selection of Whiteflash rings and the Whiteflash custom design archives, should serve as an inspiration to help you find the out-of-the-box ring that will express your individuality.


0.50ct Custom Skye Setting with Cushion Cuts Glam, wonderful diamond ring

Although three-stone rings and eternity rings are both popular for engagement rings and wedding bands, the five-stone ring, is an unusual cross between the two. Consisting of five stones of approximately the same size set in a shared prong setting similar to an eternity ring, the five stone ring is a unique departure from the classic solitaire that is still subtle and classy. For women looking for a subtle sparkle over an impressive single stone, the five-stone ring is the perfect fit. A five-stone ring also makes a great five-year anniversary gift, or a gift for the birth of the third child.
A rose gold ring set with a single brown diamond is an exotic spin on the classic solitaire.Rose gold is an alloy of gold that uses small amounts of copper to lend a pink sheen to the metal, while brown diamonds are rare Australian diamonds with a character all their own.Combining them in a single ring, with a dramatic half-bezel setting, creates a conversation starter of a ring that will have total strangers stopping to ask about your ring.

Rosegold, golden wedding band

Although pearls have lately come back into style, few people consider the “diamond of the sea” for an engagement ring. But this Tahitian black pearl and diamond ring may change all that. The combination of the crisp white gold and sparkling diamonds with the depth and luster of the black pearl creates a stunning visual contrast and a unique alternative to the traditional center stone.
 Colored stones are one way to take a simple engagement ring from ordinary to extraordinary. Although rubies and sapphires are the most common colored stones used in jewelry, due to their beauty and durability, this ring combines yellow gold with a single incredible aquamarine stone to unbelievable effect. While yellow gold is not as popular for diamond rings, colored gemstones can match the classic metal much better. This ring was created with a matching wedding band that incorporates diamond and emeralds for a combined look that sparkles with color and glamour.

custom ring

Besides for the common round and princess-cut stones, there are the diamond shapes that most people are familiar with—pear, marquise, heart, etc. But to create a ring that is truly unique, you might want to pick a diamond shape that most people have never seen—like this triangle-cut diamond. Triangular diamonds are usually very small, used as accent diamonds in three-stone settings. This ring has one large triangle diamond as its centerpiece, and complements it with a geometric pavé setting and a channel-set matching wedding band. The combined look is sleek, modern and truly out-of-this-world.
An unusual setting can elevate a simple diamond and a platinum band and turn them into something no one has ever seen before. This incredible diamond engagement ring has a larger than average shank profile, meaning it stands out from the finger. It also has a raised shoulder, allowing the center stone to be sunk directly into the metal of the band. Unlike a bezel setting, this ring does not have a collar surrounding the stone, using a side-profile cutaway view of the stone to highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of the cut. With a ring this simple, the center stone must be absolutely perfect to achieve the desired look.

Trillion Diamond Engagement Ring

Modified Honey Diamond Channel Set

Tension Set Engagement Ring

Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring

Diamond Tsavorite Engagement Ring Set

Skye Tsavorite and Diamond Band


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