A Complete Guide to Planning a 2020 Valentine’s Day Proposal

The new decade is upon us and the air is thick with possibility and romance. Valentine’s day is a fantastic time to stage a proposal and 2020 is a year that is sure to stay in your minds and hearts for the rest of your lives.
Whether you are planning a grand gesture or a romantically relaxed moment, our complete guide will ignite the fires of love and give you plenty of inspiration for your Valentine’s proposal.

Practical Planning Tips

We have a few simple tips to help your 2020 Valentine’s proposal go as smoothly as possible.
  • Call a manicurist! If your intended visits a manicurist or paints her nails, book her an appointment a few days before your proposal. This way, she can comfortably show off her ring with a fresh manicure.
  • Have the ring ready: If you are proposing with a ring, try to make sure you have secured this well in advance. There are many ways to approach the purchasing of an engagement ring, but if you are going for a traditional surprise proposal, having the engagement ring sorted in advance will ease any anxiousness and allow you to focus on planning the moment.
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  • Book in advance: Valentine’s is a busy month for romance! Restaurants, hotels and bars can become fully booked very quickly.
  • Capture the moment: Whether it’s a professional photographer, or a highly covert family member, some couples like to capture this moment to cherish for the rest of their lives.
  • Think Ahead: Morning proposals are popular as you won’t work yourself up into a cold sweat throughout the day. Whatever time you choose to propose, be sure to plan the whole day. You want to ride the euphoric wave of your big news – whether its dinner together, a surprise party or a night in with a bottle of your favorite wine and a home cooked meal, keep the momentum going to truly make the most of this incredible moment.

Classic & Classy: A Restaurant Proposal

Your favourite restaurant can make the perfect backdrop to a Valentine’s proposal. Restaurants are likely to be busy at this time of year so be sure to book ahead and ask the manager if they will take special requests to make your moment perfect. Proposing in a restaurant can be quite daunting – if you’re nervous about popping the question in front of strangers, consider an establishment with a garden; you could take a stroll before dessert and share a quiet moment together.
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Nature Lovers Outdoor Proposal

A new decade and a fresh new year are all about blowing away the cobwebs and embracing the future. What better way to reflect this than with a beautiful proposal in the great outdoors. Setting up candles, flowers or a picnic can help create ambience, but sometimes there is nothing greater than using the simple beauty of the nature around you. A Valentine’s morning walk and a peaceful proposal against February frosts will give you the rest of the day to celebrate together.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

A private proposal from the comfort of your own home can be full of sentiment and will naturally result in a laid-back experience. Rose petals, champagne on ice and your favourite treats all make for a cosy Valentine’s and a beautiful engagement ring will make for an unforgettable moment.

The Power of Words

Some of our favorite proposal stories from our customers centre around personal gestures. A handwritten letter or a photobook of the memories you have shared will beautifully set the tone for your proposal. Valentine’s Day is a time to let loose your inner writer and dedicate something special to the one you love. Conclude your creation with the big question and complete with a stunning engagement ring. Simply perfect!

Something Unusual

Perhaps you want to break with Valentine’s tradition and go for something different altogether. From cookery courses to hot air balloon rides, we are constantly inspired by our customers’ creative approach to wedding proposals. Try not to put too much pressure on bucking trends – choose something that works for yourself and your partner.
We might not be there when you pop the question, but we will be there throughout your engagement ring planning process. As experts in diamonds and engagement rings, we have helped thousands of proposers get a joyful ‘Yes!’ and we cannot wait to help thousands more in 2020.
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