When is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

Learning the 4C’s, choosing a knockout ring, planning a proposal…an engagement requires a lot of research and some diligent planning. Whether you are preparing way in advance, or taking a more relaxed approach to your engagement, it is likely you are wondering when you should be buying an engagement ring.
Based on our years of experience ensuring our customers engagements go smoothly, we can offer first-hand advice and help you decide on the best time of year to buy an engagement ring.

Discounts and Sales – Beware!

As a modern shopper, it is only natural that you will be seeking the best prices, discounts and sales when you look for diamonds. Typically, Black Friday and the January sales offer the best discounts on clothing, electronics and other items, but does this apply to diamonds and engagement rings?
There is no such thing as a bargain diamond; the goal is a beautiful diamond for a reasonable price. For this reason, you will not find high quality diamonds at big discounts, except when the seller ‘marks up to mark down”. But do you really want to buy from a company that plays those kinds of games? Especially with something as financially and emotionally important as a diamond. At Whiteflash, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most beautiful super-ideal cut diamonds in the world. We do so at a variety of price points, all of which reflect the specific qualities of each diamond. Our philosophy is based upon value and not on price alone. Therefore you will not see many “Whiteflash discounts” on our products, although we do provide a variety of attractive credits and incentives.
While some diamond shapes may rise and fall in popularity, a diamond never goes out of style. There is no ‘dead stock’, nor are there out of season diamonds. They retain the same allure from January to December, just as they have done for hundreds of years.

Bricks and Mortar Stores

There is a pressure for jewelry stores to match the discounts offered by other high-street stores. You may see bricks and mortar jewelers offering seasonal sales, but we advise caution when looking at heavily discounted diamonds. There should be very little wiggle room on a diamond that was fairly priced in the first place, and there will be even less on high quality diamonds.
There is a little more flexibility on settings, with many vendors offering savings on engagement ring settings to keep up with discount demands. The best designer settings are unlikely to be discounted at any time of the year; a well-made setting transcends buying trends and the price reflects the time and craftsmanship that has gone into its creation.


Value and price are two very different aspects of diamonds and diamond jewelry. At Whiteflash, we believe in adding value to high quality diamond engagement rings, rather than sacrificing quality to offer lower prices.
Our promotions and promises demonstrate our confidence in our diamonds and their pricing, while offering our valued customers a little something extra. We also understand and respect that our customers are very astute and are interested in educating themselves fully on their major purchases. That is why we provide an information-rich website and full diagnostics and light performance images of all our diamonds. Whatever time of the year you buy, you know you will be getting the highest quality, complete information, and excellent customer care at the best possible price.

When to Buy an Engagement Ring

Waiting for sales and promotions will likely lead to missing out on the diamond of your dreams. Instead, follow our tips for a flawless proposal with the perfect engagement ring:
  • We generally advise purchasing an engagement ring two months prior to proposal (though many people will choose to buy a ring long before this).
  • November to February are peak times for the jewelry and diamond industry, so if you plan to propose during these months, plan accordingly.
  • If you have chosen to wait and need a ring quickly, Whiteflash are here to help. We have thousands of in-stock diamonds and settings that are available immediately exclusively at Whiteflash. If you have any concerns, or need an engagement ring quickly, speak to one of our experts who can advise you on the best course of action.
  • Set your budget and work within it. Sales won’t get you a better-quality diamond for your money, but using our loose diamond filter tools to play with diamond qualities and price will get you a superb diamond, specifically tailored to your needs, at a suitable price.

Our Final Thoughts

An engagement ring is a sentimental, lifetime purchase. A thorough diamond education and a realistic budget is the key to finding the perfect engagement ring. Our experts are on-hand to offer personal advice, and you will find in-depth diamond resources across our education pages.
The best time to buy an engagement ring is when YOU are ready. When that exciting time comes, we will be here for you!

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