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Five Ways to Get the Engagement Ring You Want (Plus Five Must-Have Rings!)

By  , Wednesday, December 08, 2010

You already know what engagement ring you want –the perfect ring that reflects your taste, represents your personality, and symbolizes your love. But if you are expecting your guy to propose to you, how can you make sure that he chooses that ideal ring, the one that isn’t too big or too small, too simple or too ornate?


1. Browse your favorite jewelry website to find the perfect ring; say, a glamorous three-stone setting with a simple band. Then just walk away from the computer with that page open when you think your guy might want to use the computer soon....a surefire way to plant some ideas...But you want to be sure that he’s ready to propose; a really obvious method like this could scare some guys!

 Diamonds For An Eternity 3/4 Engagement Ring

2. Veer into a jewelry store on your next trip to the mall, under the guise of getting a necklace for yourself, or better yet, some cufflinks for him. While you’re there, let your eyes stray toward some pretty engagement rings...or if that seems to obvious, point out what you like about another piece of jewelry. For example, “Look at this necklace, I really like the way it has a few small diamonds surrounding the center stone without going over the top, and I love the white gold.”

 Custom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

3. Your boyfriend may have already dropped some hints about getting engaged; chances are he’d love to get your input on the engagement ring itself. If he brings it up, mention a few things you like, like setting styles or specific design elements, but then don’t push the issue. If he wants to surprise you, he’ll appreciate the tips, but also appreciate being able to find that perfect engagement ring on his own.

Legato Sleek Line Solitaire Engagement Ring

4. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book—talk to a close friend or sibling about what you’re looking for, or even show her a picture of your dream ring. Then either wait and hope that your boyfriend goes to her for help with the engagement ring, or drop the hint that you would that person’s opinions. Then sit back and wait for the proposal!

Platinum Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

5. Consider custom designing a ring with your boyfriend, if you’re both artistic and you think he might enjoy having that kind of input. Then you know that it will be the perfect expression of your relationship and your style. Consider including personal elements like birthstones, or use the same number of stones as an important number. For example, one couple used four stones to commemorate the day of their first date, April 4. For this one, make sure that your boyfriend is really ready for you to bring up the big “E” word; or better yet, wait until he does!

Platinum Pave Engagement Ring

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