The Top 12 Engagement Ring Designers You Don't Want to Miss

The very best engagement rings designers are innovators in their field. They are artists, philosophers and architects who understand ring making as a craft as well as the relationships and stories behind ring selection.
Our list of the top 12 engagement ring designers brings together ring designers that have made their mark on the industry over a number of years and up and coming designers who are starting to make waves.

1. Veraggio: Where the Mounting is as Important as the Diamond

Verragio Designer Rings founder – Barry Verragio, has been making jewelry since the tender age of 14. He dedicates all of his attention and creativity to the bridal market, making unique engagement rings and wedding bands. He’s known for his love of curves and decorative elements that are staples in European design and creates modern and elegant antique style jewelry.
Verragio 905R6
Verragio 905R6
He makes a point of placing the beauty of diamonds on display such as the creation of the Lumino setting that exposes all the facets of a stone to the light. He once said: “I would never make a mounting that’s going to take away from the intrinsic beauty of the diamond, so we emphasize the main and side stones.”

2. Simon G: Traditional Elegance meets Modern Flair

Beirut-born designer Simon G has said: “Designing jewelry is an all-consuming passion, it is my hobby. It’s my life.” While many designers now work completely on computers, this design devotee still sketches by hand before moving on to the computer.
Simon G TR431
Simon G TR431
Simon G is known for his signature style which combines vintage artistry and contemporary trends and while he works predominantly with platinum, his work also features 18-karat yellow, white and rose gold. Simon G is a well-known name that continues to win recognition; he received a nomination for the Jewelers’ Choice Awards just last year.

3. Danhov: Unique, Handcrafted, Award Winning

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Danhov was only established by Jack Hovespian in 1984. The brand’s fashion forward designs are fuelled by the interest in fashion Jack developed under the influence of his father, a 'tailor to the stars'.
Danhov AE100
Danhov AE100
Innovative processes create stunning pieces that don’t just look beautiful but also have wearability and durability factored in. The brand is particularly known for the range of fabulous platinum engagement rings. Last year Danhov rings featured in the Entry Platinum Jewelry category at the Jewelers' Choice Awards with the Platinum Eleganza solitaire engagement ring.

4. Tacori: Artisan Jewelry

Each Tacori engagement ring is handcrafted through many hours of work by a skilled crafts team. Each piece passes through dozens of hands at the California studio before it is deemed perfect. Centuries old skills meet 21st century science with the use of 3D technology and computer aided design programs. Diamonds are hand selected for their cut, clarity, color and carat and some pieces have 100 gemstones carefully set into them.
Tacori HT2326
Tacori HT2326
The Tacori family is passionate about every ring created and hope that each piece will become a much treasured family heirloom. Their diamond melee is ethically sourced and each one is certified as Conflict-Free as approved by the World Diamond Council.

5. Ritani: Refreshing Styling and Setting Designs

This thoroughly modern jewelry design house opened in 1999. Ritani engagement rings are items of beauty that blend technology and old world craftsmanship.
Ritani 1RZ2490
Ritani 1RZ2490
There are many diverse collections of Ritani diamond engagement rings but one feature common to many is the technique known as "micro-pave" consisting of many small diamonds set very closely together. Ritani has perfected this technique which creates the maximum amount of sparkle and reduces the amount of metal that can be seen in the ring.

6. Vatche: Rings which Reflect Passion and Philosophy

Another jewelry master who cut his teeth at a young age, Vatche Aghajayan was set on the path to design when he saw a jewelry maker working with fire and gold when he was just 14. By 18 he had mastered the art of cutting rough diamonds. Vatche engagement rings are often sleek and streamlined, which is thought perhaps to have come from his personal love of flying. He was placed first in the Platinum Guild International Retailers' Choice Awards twice in just three years.
Vatche 180
Vatche 180
Vatche rings routinely win the industry’s top design awards for their renowned classic styles that are unique and innovative as well as timeless treasures. Vatche rings contain high quality G-H color and VS clarity diamond melee.

7. A.Jaffe: Heritage and Quality Since 1892

The philopsophy of A.Jaffe is to create artisan rings which have everyday chic combined with heirloom style.
A.Jaffe MES433
A.Jaffe MES433
With all engagement rings fully customized to the wearer, the lucky recipient of jewelry from A.Jaffe will know they have a unique and lifelong piece of beauty they can wear at all times. The design focus is firmly on each piece being much admired from every angle and they offer a range of styles from the most contemporary cuts through to vintage and classic looks.

8. Nikos Koulis: Greek Culture Reflected in Jewelry Excellence

The distinctive style of Nikos Koulis is instantly recognizable. In his work he frequently plays with contrast, matching white diamonds with black enamel and brightly coloured gemstones. Having won celebrity fans such as Jennifer Lopez and Daphne Guinness for his jewelry lines, Koulis turned his hand to engagement rings just last year and was rewarded with a win in the Bridal category at the Couture Design Awards.

9. LX Antwerp: Luxury, Creativity, Inspired by Love

A relative newcomer, LX Antwerp was a nominee in the Platinum Innovation Awards in 2014 and in 2015 was a winner in the Entry Platinum Jewelry category. Taking her brand name from her base in Antwerp. Laurence Bruyinckx studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In her work she aims to “enable women to express their life’s milestones […] in a personalized manner.”

10. Jack Kelege: Four Decades of Jewelry Perfection

“Uncompromised quality remains my number one priority,” said Jack Kelege, a designer who is a known for his vibrant pieces. From his Los Angeles studio his focus is on creating heirlooms. His work is old-school in the attention to detail but can be playful too – he’s modernized old motifs and also created a stir with ballerina pink diamonds when last year he won the Best Bridal Design in the over $10,000 category with his Blushing Bridal ring.

11. Michael M: Rings for the Modern Princess

Founded in 2008, Michael Meksian quickly made ring-design waves with his launch of Michael M. All pieces are fashioned from only the highest quality materials such as platinum and 18-karat gold and the diamonds set into each piece are hand selected.
He insists on the gemstones being only the best available; nothing is lower in color quality than a 'G' on the grading scale and Michael is passionate about producing rings which are beautiful and wearable.
To quote the development of his collections since he launched “Sophisticated, fashion-forward and modern: those are the characteristics of the woman who will immediately recognize the value of a Michael M jewelry design…We are catering to a consumer who desires nothing less than the very best.”

12. Gabriel & Co. New York; An Engagement Ring for Every Woman

Gabriel & Co. firmly believe that a once in a lifetime love deserves to shine and that their engagement rings are made for that moment of proposal which can be revisited time and time again with just the raising of the hand.
Gabriel & Co have redefined the term 'engagement' as being more than a stone, a ring or a wedding date. They feel it's a time of sensual, enchanting exhilaration which captures the magic and beauty of commitment and this is reflected in their designs. As well as the popular styles which include solitaire diamond rings and halo set pieces, they also offer incredible contemporary statements with their free-form engagement ring collection.
All these designers offer truly stunning engagement rings which are given with love and worn with pride. If you seek your own piece of jewelry to be worn for a lifetime and want to see more designs, then visit our superb selection of designer engagement rings here.

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