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Yellow Gold - Is it making a comeback?

By  , Monday, March 04, 2013

Verragio Yellow Gold Ring
Verragio Yellow Gold Ring
Are “yellow days here again”? For the past couple of decades, the traditional look of yellow gold in the world of jewelry has been largely out of fashion, at least in the U.S. market. But jewelry fashion tends to move in cycles. What was once the obvious choice began to fade from sight in many parts of the world. The only yellow gold jewelry you could find in recent times was probably at the bottom of your grandmother’s jewelry box!
Platinum and white gold have dominated the jewelry industry since the mid 1990’s. And ever since, white metals have been the mainstream for both designer rings and most other jewelry accessories.  But like changes in fashion, trends in jewelry have their ups and downs. Recently yellow gold engagement rings have been making a big comeback. Vintage is in, and designers such as Verragio with their intricate and artistic elements are offering their creations in yellow gold, as well as mixtures of yellow, rose and white gold. The “elite” members of our society have recently been confirming the trend back to yellow gold.  Movie stars are seen on the red carpet with all the allure and glamour that luxurious gold accessories create.  Historically speaking, yellow gold never really went out of style in many countries like Italy, Turkey, China and India.  
Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring
Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring
Because pure gold is a soft metal, alloys are used to add hardness for use in jewelry. Gold purity is expressed in “karats” with 24K being pure gold.  The higher the karat the more pure gold there is in the metal, and the softer it will be.  At the same time, the higher the karat, generally speaking, the more yellow it will be.  The color of an 18K yellow gold ring will usually be noticeably richer than one made of 10k or even 14k gold.  The most popular alloys used in the jewelry industry in the U.S. are 14k and 18k. Many countries require hallmarking (stamping) that must be imprinted on each gold jewelry piece. A typical hallmark would be 18 or 14 followed with a “K” or “KT”. Different countries have different hallmarking standards so the one you see on a piece of jewelry may differ from another piece. When in doubt about the purity of a gold item have your local jeweler test it.
Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
It is a pretty safe bet that you will see more and more yellow gold items in magazines and jewelry cases in the years to come. The natural richness of gold is simply too hard to resist! Yellow gold also has the advantage of not requiring plating, as do white gold alloys in order to keep their bright white luster.   Also, some skin tones are more complimented by the rich color of yellow gold. The tradition of gold and its association with wealth and royalty, along with its outstanding durability and resistance to tarnish, will insure that it always has a place in jewelry.
The cold steely look of white gold and platinum will likewise always have a place. The purity of white metals make them excellent for setting white brilliant diamonds. However, there is no doubt that the warmth of yellow gold is timeless and classic and will continue to be captivating and desired.
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